With what seems to be an infinite number of supplements, and in particular, fat burners, on the market today, it can be difficult to decipher what works and what doesn’t, what’s safe and what’s dangerous, and so on.

In addition to finding the right product for you, it’s important to note that supplements are just that – supplements. They aren’t intended to be taken as magic pills, but instead an addition to the many avenues you may take towards achieving your desired results (i.e. exercise, nutrition, supplementation, etc.).

Unfortunately, many brands will market to you the opposite, stating that it’s the one-stop-shop for burning off all of that stomach fat without any extra effort or research on your part.

Luckily, I came across Performix SST. It contains a number of notable and trusted ingredients and does a great job at doing what it’s meant to do as a thermogenic fat burner.

In this Performix SST fat burner review, we’ll be taking a look at all the features of Performix SST Thermogenic Fat Burner, and assist you in discovering whether or not its the product for you.

What to Consider Before Buying

The first thing you need to ask yourself is: What are my intentions behind utilizing a fat burning supplement?

If you’re looking to burn fat, you’ll want to consider more than just a fat burner. While supplementing with such a product can certainly assist you with the bigger picture, it will not work if used in isolation.

In the case of fat loss, you’ll also want to consider your nutrition, exercise regimen, sleep schedule, water intake, as well as supplementation, and vitamin/mineral intake.

If your goal is to merely lose fat and increase perspiration and appetite suppression, Perfomix SST is a great supplement of choice. As an added benefit, It has also been shown to enhance focus, increase energy, and support overall mood!

In contrast, if you’re one who IS looking for a mental boost, an energy boost, and/or a mood boost, however, your fitness goals don’t align with fat loss, Performix SST is likely not for you. In this case, a good supplement category to browse would be nootropics or pre-workout!

sst fat burner review

Deciding whether or not this product is for you will take some inflection. As mentioned above, if fat loss is your ultimate goal, Performix SST aligns greatly with your intentions. However, before making the purchase, here are a few last things to consider:


Price and budget will play a huge factor in your final decision. Supplements are expensive. In addition, they tend to need to be taken over time in order to be effective. In short, this means you’ll likely need to invest in multiple bottles of said supplement.

Time Constraints

As mentioned, results take time. Only invest in a supplement like Performix SST if you’re truly prepared to put in the time and effort to seek desired results.

Allergies or Ingredient Sensitivities

This product contains ingredients like caffeine, theacrine, ashwagandha, black pepper extract, and more. Some individuals may either be allergic and/or sensitive to such products. Be sure to do your due diligence prior to purchase.

To help you feel at ease, in this sst fat burner review, I will everything in detail to help you make your decision with confidence.

Performix SST Fat Burner Review

So what is Performix SST?

In short, it’s a thermogenic fat burner supplement marketed to offer total focus, energy, and fat metabolization. Taking Performix SST (in conjunction with a proper diet & exercise regimen, and a sufficient intake of water), can increase daily productivity, providing you with the necessary energy to tackle each workout, day in and day out.

With the majority of supplements, however, this product too comes with its own questionable claims. This is not to say it’s not an effective product. Simply take them with a grain of salt and lower your expectations with any supplement you ingest. Again, there is no magical pill for hard work.

Nonetheless, in comparison to its competitors and taking into consideration industry standards, Performix SST does come stacked with a number of patented ingredients, including:

Purchasing Performix SST will give you a 60 capsule product, with each serving equating to 2 capsules. If I know first-grade math, that comes out to a 30 day supply!

This product is for those not only looking to change their body composition, lose weight, and trim the fat, but ready for what it’s going to take to do so! These goals are not to be taken lightly, much like this product is not to be taken as an out to avoid the handwork and discipline required in conjunction.

Features & Benefits

In this section, we’ll be reviewing all the features and benefits of the product, discussing why it is effective, how it works, and what you can come to expect if this product is taken correctly and consistently.

Energy & Focus

In part and thanks to the following ingredients, Performix offers a tried and true formula that lends itself to greater energy, focus, and mental fortitude. Utilizing caffeine to stimulate alertness, Teacrine to increase mental focus and energy, and sensoril to support overall mood, you can be sure to experience a “level up” on your day, and most of all, your workout.

Fat Metabolization

In addition to the formulation geared towards energy & focus, Performix SST did their research and included Yohimbine in order to stimulate thermogenesis. What is thermogenesis, you ask? At its most basic, it’s the process of heat production in organisms. Thermogenesis plays a huge effect in fat metabolization, perspiration, and ultimately, fat loss.

The TERRA Difference – Intelligent Dosing

TERRA is an intelligent dosing technology that utilizes “time-released delivery” in order to maximize the potential and effectiveness of each ingredient. While you’ll need to do your own research and the true effectiveness of this methodology, you can bet your bottom dollar that the majority of supplements on the market today DON’T take the extra effort to accomplish such a feat.

Patented Ingredients

As mentioned earlier, Performix SST has formulated this supplement with a number of patented ingredients. Unfortunately, many competitors avoid such ingredients because they tend to be costly and, in turn, disrupt maximal profits. To see a company invest in a product like this just goes to show another level of trust that consumers can cling to. Well done, Performix SST.

To Summarize

When taking a fat-burning supplement, much less a thermogenic fat-burning supplement, you want to have a sense of safety in taking the product. Because the supplement industry is not FDA approved or tested in any way, consumers must put their trust in the company they are purchasing from, while ensuring to do their own research on what they are about to consume.

In my experience taking this product, I feel safe in its recommendation. In comparison to its competitors, Performix SST seems to be backed by science, technology, and research. This, in my books, is what you should look for in a supplement. None of that filler garbage!

What Are Others Saying?

While you can’t trust everyone’s word, especially when it comes to supplement reviews or an sst fat burner review on Amazon, you can come to your own conclusions based on a large sample size of data.

In my research, I have found that though there is a fair share of “negative” reviews on this product, the overwhelming majority steer positive.

To give you a brief overview, Performix SST holds an overall rating on Amazon of 4.2/5. In addition, by feature, It boasts a 4.6/5 in packaging, 4.5/5 in value, and 4.1/5 in flavor.

In short, it’s helpful to scan reviews of products on the internet. Just be careful not to take them to heart in totality.

Alternative Options

While all products AREN’T created equal, it’s always good to compare. Below are a few alternatives of similar stature to Performix SST:

Animal Cuts Fat Burner

An all-in-one fat-burning supplement and a great alternative to Performix SST. If you know supplements, you probably know Animal. The number of reviews that this product alone has blows Performix SST out of the water. Animal Cuts also boasts a larger amount of caffeine, in addition to its nootropic formula, more heavily focused than Performix SST.


  • Trusted brand with endless reviews.
  • Cheaper Option.


  • I personally resent the amount of caffeine in this product. It’s just too much.
  • Doesn’t list specific ingredient amounts.

If this sounds like something you would like, check it out here.

Inno Shred Fat Burner

Another great alternative! The cost is hefty, however, so buyer beware. With that said, if you’re not a caffeine buff, this product may be for you. Finally, a fat burner without the caffeine…


  • Lack of caffeine. This comes down to preference.
  • Night and day options.


  • On the more expensive side.

If you want a day or night fat burner option, check it out here.

Thermo XT Fat Burner

Jacked Factory Supplements are arguable one of the best options on the market today. Their prices are unbeatable in comparison to their competitors, and their products are properly dosed, including Thermo XT, their newest fat burner. You won’t regret checking them out at:


  • Price
  • Overall good quality
  • Trusted brand


  • People have reported becoming sick after taking.

If you feel more comfortable going with the trusted brand, check it out here.


Because I am someone that falls within the proper target audience for this product, I have found it quite effective and true to what it promotes.

I feel energized and awake, it suppresses my hunger to an honest degree, and I’ve noticed an increase in perspiration during exercise due to its thermogenic properties.

In contrast, however, I have decreased my intake of coffee and caffeine in general for a number of obvious reasons. Coffee is something I do miss consuming.

So, is this product worth it? Sure! Is it the only reputable option on the market? No, of course not. Do your own research, and make sure that it’s a product that is right for YOU. If you are interested, check it out here.

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