The 5 Best Pre Workout for Weight Loss 2021 – Which Actually Work?

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The 5 Best Pre Workouts for Weight Loss Are:

Are you struggling with weight loss? Do you feel like nothing you have tried is giving you your desired results? It was the same for me, but not anymore. Let me briefly share with you my weight loss story.

When I started my weight loss journey, the results seemed negligible even after spending endless hours on my workouts. I followed my trainer’s advice as if my life depended on it, which resulted in too much stress when the process seemed to yield no results. This was before I learned about the benefits of using pre-workouts for weight loss.

When you are trying to lose weight, most workout coaches will advise you to follow specific instructions that include working out regularly, sticking to a diet, taking a lot of water, and resting sufficiently.

Having pre-workout supplements for weight loss, however, will accelerate the results and help you to maintain your ideal weight for longer. I’m sure you’re now asking “what’s the best pre workout for weight loss?” Read on to know more about the best pre workout for weight loss.

What are the benefits of a pre-workout for weight loss?

Here are some of the benefits that your pre work out supplements will give you:

Preventing premature exhaustion

Pre-workout supplements boost your energy levels and inhibit the production of chemicals that trigger fatigue. This is the best method of delaying exhaustion so that you can last longer on your work out.

Boost physical performance

Your muscle cells need protein and simple carbs to function well. When you take pre-workout supplements, you boost the supply of these crucial nutrients to the muscles. They will be able to relax effectively, thus allowing you to perform well during the workout.

Decrease protein breakdown

Protein stored in the muscle cells power the muscles and help them to endure physical exertion. When you take supplements, you supply more protein for the body to use, thus lowering the need to break down the protein in the muscles. This is good because it keeps the muscles strong and healthy for long.

How to choose the best pre workout for weight loss

Alignment with your workout goals

If you are out to lose weight, avoid pre-workouts that come loaded with sugars, calories, and carbohydrates. Go for those that support your weight loss goals.

Presence of nourishing ingredients

Read the label and see if the supplement has ingredients that support your overall health. The ingredients should be listed in a simple language to help you understand what you are putting into your body.

Exclusion of unsafe substances

Get a pre-workout that does not contain substances that will harm your body. Some manufacturers will include substances that will give quick hype using substances that have negative long-term effects on your health. Additionally, do not pick a pre-workout that contains banned substances.

What is the best way to use pre-workout?

Keeping Hydrated

Taking enough water in and out of the gym will help your body to absorb the pre-workout and flush out all the toxins that might hinder your performance.

Having a Proper diet

Be on a proper diet when taking a pre-workout and as you work out. You should time your meals well too so that you do not take the supplements on an empty stomach or just after a heavy meal. Moreover, time your meals well to avoid working out on a full stomach.

Recommended Serving

Take the right doses of your supplements. If you are starting on pre-workouts, take a slightly lower dose and increase it gradually to the recommended dose. This will help your body to tolerate it more than when you introduce heavy doses at once.

Getting Adequate sleep

As you sleep, your body resets its hormones, invigorates itself, and revives the mind. If you do not get enough sleep, you will struggle to lose weight since your body will tend to store more fat. You will also feel more fatigue, a feeling that is likely to reduce your desire to workout.

Avoid over-using them

If you overuse your pre-workouts, your body develops resistance, which means that they cease to have any effect on you. Always use the right dosage of the product only when it is necessary. It is ok to take a break after a month and continue later on.

Are pre-workouts safe?

Pre-workouts have gained popularity and are now almost a must-have for gym enthusiasts and sports personalities. But how safe are they? The safety of your pre-workout depends both on the ingredients used to formulate it and how you use it.

As pointed out earlier, always know what is in your pre-workout and avoid those with potentially harmful substances. It is advisable for you to familiarize yourself with most of the banned substances so that you can identify them if you see them on the label of your supplements.

The Best Pre Workout for Weight Loss

#1 – NITROSURGE Shred Pre Workout Supplement

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This supplement is ideal for both men and women. It works by boosting your metabolism so that you can lose weight faster in addition to supporting the development of lean muscles. This pre-workout is made from natural ingredients and contains zero artificial substances like food color, preservatives, and fillers. The product is made in the USA under strict hygiene standards and following stringent manufacturing principles.

It contains vital ingredients like L-Citrulline, L- Carnitine, Beta-Alanine, Theanine, and Theobromine that boost protein synthesis and reduce muscle break down. These ingredients elevate fat loss in your body, boost your endurance, and keep you energized, which is helpful in weight loss.


  • Made in a GMP licensed facility
  • Highly effective
  • Boosts hydration
  • Vegan friendly
  • No banned substances
  • Affordable


  • Mild side effects for first-time users
  • Causes minor burping in some users

#2 – Evlution Nutrition ENGN Shred Pre Workout

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This is a no sugar, no calories, and no carbs supplement with a promise to take your workout to the next level. It comes packed with ingredients that will boost your energy levels, put you on the right frame of mind for enhanced workouts, and prevent muscle crashes. It is a complete pre-workout formula because it will increase your endurance and give you explosive power and intense energy.

The caffeine and Vitamin B complex will energize you and the VitaShure will sustain your elevated energy levels. Beta-Alanine, Agmass, L-tyrosine, and Betaine will keep you focused and increase your endurance. With it, you can enjoy long training sessions since its ingredients will also delay feelings of fatigue.


  • Supports muscle expansion, cognitive functions, and enhances mood
  • Variety of flavors
  • Packed with ingredients that will boost your general health
  • Boosts hydration
  • Fast-acting and highly effective
  • Fairly priced


  • May cause unpleasant reactions because it contains Beta-Alanine
  • Not suitable for nursing mothers, pregnant women, or women contemplating getting pregnant

#3 – C4 Ripped Pre Workout Powder

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If you are looking for a clinically tested pre-workout, this is the best choice for you. The supplements come packed with power and performance-boosting ingredients that will also help you build lean muscles. It will deliver amazing fat loss results in both men and women. It has no creatine; instead, it is blended with green coffee extract, Coleus Foskohliii root, and Capsimax Cayenne Fruit Extract that helps your body to absorb the L- Carnitine and C4.

This combination of ingredients is perfect for increasing your endurance so that you can work out longer without feeling exhausted. Additionally, they invigorate your mind and work to keep you focused. After your work out, you will experience less soreness and you will rejuvenate fast so that you can be ready for your next workout.


  • Made by America’s leading pre workouts’ brand
  • No calories, carbs, or sugar
  • Blended with other ingredients for effective weight loss
  • Helps with hydration
  • Available in different flavors
  • Reasonably priced


  • Doesn’t taste well when mixed and left to sit for long
  • It may cause tingling or elevated heart rate in first-time users

#4 – Betancourt Nutrition B-NOX Ripped Pre-Workout

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This pre work out has three main groups of ingredients and it will help you achieve three things. The first group comprises L-Citrulline and CarnoSyn to improve your endurance. The second group is Teacrine and Caffeine that will energize you. The pre-workout also has Capsimax, L- Carnitine Tartrate, GBB, and Green coffee beans to help you burn fat faster, lose weight, and grow lean muscles.

It is keto-friendly in addition to acting as a metabolism igniter. It also has other blended ingredients like zinc, vitamin B6, potassium, and magnesium to boost your general health. Its caffeine level is moderated to avoid giving you a quick surge that fades too fast. This product is effective because it releases pre-workout energy in sustained amounts to help you keep working for longer without losing energy.


  • Blended with health-boosting ingredients
  • Fast-acting
  • Highly effective
  • Keto-friendly
  • Helps improve hydration
  • No sugar, carbs, or calories
  • No artificial substances such as fillers, preservatives, or food dye
  • Reasonably priced


  • Might have a bad after taste
  • Can have a burning sensation on the tongue and throat
  • May cause side effects like diarrhea, skin reaction, and nausea

#5 – Muscle Tech Vapor x5 Next Gen Pre Workout Powder

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This is a complete pre-workout with scientifically certified muscle-building ability. It has all the ingredients you need in a pre-workout and does not contain fillers, preservatives, or dyes that may lower the quality of your supplements. It is highly effective in energizing you, boosting muscle performance, enhancing your cognitive performance, and helping you to perform better in the gym, court, or field.

Theanine, Alpinia Officinarum, and choline work in combination to give you an exclusive sensory experience. It also has correct doses of caffeine to keep you focused and give you a surge of energy. If you take it at least 30 minutes before your workout, you will get to the gym more invigorated and you will stay strong for long.


  • Contains scientifically validated ingredients and dosage
  • Comes in a variety of flavors
  • Effective
  • Delivers quick results
  • It is a hydration booster
  • Affordable to many


  • May cause headaches, cramps, and diarrhea in some first-time users


Pre-workouts will boost your energy level, keep you energized for long and condition your body to delay fatigue. This is necessary when you want to lose weight fast and sustain your lean muscles. If you get one that comes loaded with other ingredients, it will boost your overall health and help you to recover fast after each work out session.

To get the best out of your supplements, combine them with a proper diet, take more water, and get sufficient sleep. Moreover, do not overuse them. Although they are safe to use, be sure to take the only ones without harmful ingredients.

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