Our Story

Established in 2020, SupplementSavant.com has a heart that beats with the rhythm of weightlifting passion. Our founder, Nick, embarked on this venture after a transformative journey into weightlifting six years ago. As he delved deeper into the supplement industry to support his workouts and recovery, a stark realization unfolded.

Many supplements in the market fell short, either providing ineffective dosages or relying on non-science-based ingredients. What was even more concerning was the lack of comprehensive, unbiased reviews. Existing online content seemed more focused on selling products than shedding light on potential drawbacks.

Fueled by the desire to bridge this gap, Nick launched SupplementSavant.com. It wasn’t just about creating another review site; it was about building a sanctuary of information, a hub where fitness enthusiasts could navigate the supplement maze with confidence.

Since then, our journey has been one of steady growth and learning, fueled by the invaluable feedback and reviews from our readers. What started as a personal mission has evolved into a community-driven platform, helping thousands make smarter decisions on their fitness journey.

Who We Are

The Team

  • Nick D – Founder & Editor-in-Chief
  • Navigating the intersection of weightlifting and supplement scrutiny, Nick is the driving force behind SupplementSavant.com. His journey from weightlifting enthusiast to supplement investigator sparked the creation of this platform. With an unwavering commitment to transparency and a passion for evidence-based content, John leads the charge in simplifying the complex world of fitness supplements.

Our Responsibility

Our commitment to transparency goes beyond the virtual pages of SupplementSavant.com. We’re on a dual mission – to increase trust within the industry and to address climate change concerns.

Industry Transparency:

  • We stay true to our unbiased approach by refraining from sponsored posts that could compromise our integrity.
  • Rigorous scientific research forms the backbone of our reviews, ensuring you get the full picture.

Environmental Responsibility:

  • Climate change is on our radar. We consider the carbon footprint of companies and their manufacturing practices when crafting our reviews.
  • We’re not just reviewing supplements; we’re endorsing a lifestyle that’s mindful of the planet.

As a reader, you’re not just navigating the world of supplements; you’re joining a community committed to ethical practices and informed decision-making.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns, here!