Pre Workout…It’s like the Cadillac of bodybuilding supplements. Although pre-workout is its own category, not all pre-workouts are the same. They vary in formula, quality, dosages, and taste.

While pre-workout supplements can be an effective tool to utilize in certain scenarios, you must first identify if those scenarios align with your needs. Secondly, you must do your own research. The last thing you want to happen is to invest in a product that has too much caffeine, or not enough, lacks beta-alanine, or has too much, the list goes on.

If you’re already familiar with the supplement industry, you likely already understand that many brands market false promises, stating that it solves all the world’s problems and more.

In this article, we’ll be doing a deep dive into the pre-workout – Nitraflex by GAT Sport. It contains a number of notable and trusted ingredients and does a great job at doing what it promises.

In this nitraflex review, we’ll be taking a look at all the features of Nitraflex Pre Workout. Hopefully, by the end of it, you’ll discover whether or not it’s the right pre-workout for you.

What to Consider Before Buying

So, why does one opt for a pre workout supplement in the first place?

If you’re looking for energy and heavy focus, you’ll likely stumble upon a number of pre-workout options. While supplementing with such a product can certainly assist you in said promises, it is not a magic potion.

In contrast to the effectiveness of high-quality pre-workouts, some supplements in this category can be quite dangerous, OR the opposite, just downright ineffective. Why dangerous? Well, for starters, if you’re an avid coffee drinker, you’ll have to be very careful as to the amount of caffeine you’re consuming daily in conjunction with your newfound love of pre-workout.

If your goal is to merely increase energy and focus, while potentially adding a “pump”, Nitraflex is a great supplement of choice. Bonus points, it also promises to increase testosterone and strength. The latter two bonus benefits you may want to take with a grain of salt in my opinion. Nonetheless, I personally put my trust in this brand, and moreover, in this product.

In the supplement industry, reputation is everything. Luckily GAT Sports has a great reputation with a number of notable ambassadors and athletes to back their claims.


A large majority of pre-workouts are dosed with 3-5 grams of creatine, a very desired ingredient. If this is something YOU desire, Nitraflex, unfortunately, comes creatine-free. This could be a deal-breaker for some, and a big sell for others.

Caffeine Consumption

As mentioned previously, if you consume caffeine throughout the day, and you enjoy doing so, you may be limited in the safe amount of caffeine you can spare in a pre-workout product. Nitraflex has 325 mg of caffeine per serving. This dosage comes out on the high side for a pre-workout.


This product can command a big price to pay when you consider the fact that it’s just a supplement. In other words, a replacement for energy. If you’re on a tight budget, maybe try mustering up your own mental energy from the energy gods.

NitraFlex Review

So what is Nitraflex?

In short, it’s a pre-workout supplement by GAT Sport, marketed to offer total focus, energy, testosterone boost, and a mean pump to boot! Taking Nitraflex (in conjunction with a sufficient intake of water) will likely improve your overall workout, providing you with the necessary energy and mental acuity to tackle each workout, day in and day out.

We often talk about questionable claims in the supplement industry. Because it’s not regulated by the FDA, company’s and brands alike can get away with a lot. That’s why you should conduct your own research to ensure you are getting quality. Luckily, Nitraflex is approved by many, I included.

Below are some of the ingredients in the Nitraflex formula:

  • L Arginine HCL & Arginine AKG (For the PUMP!)
  • Citrulline Malate & L-Citrulline (again, for the PUMP!)
  • CFB (Without getting into the science, this ingredient is responsible for increasing testosterone)
  • Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (FOCUS)
  • Caffeine (325 mg per serving, you already know what this does)


  • New and Effective Formula
  • Safe & Trusted Brand
  • Effective


  • Wasn’t sold on the flavor
  • Cost, dependent upon your budget
  • Proprietary blends

Purchasing Nitraflex will give you 30 servings, that’s 30 workouts. Cut each serving in half due to the caffeine content and you’ve got yourself 2 months of pre-workout!

This product is for those not only looking to change their body composition, build strength, and get through each workout with more energy but for those truly ready to take their intensity to a new level.

Features & Benefits

In this section, we’ll be conducting a nitraflex review on all the features and benefits of the product, discussing why it is effective, how it works, and what you can come to expect if you take this product correctly and consistently.

Energy & Focus

Thanks to the calculated formula created by GAT Sport, Nitraflex offers a trusted and effective formula that offers relentless energy, focus, and mental acuity. If you’re afraid of a better you, stay clear of Nitraflex. Otherwise, be prepared for some epic workouts.


I’m personally not a huge fan of supplementing to accomplish some type of testosterone boost. In my experience, there are more natural acts that one can do before jumping to supplementation for the matter. A better diet, more exercise, better sleep, etc. just to name a few.


Outside of the obvious energy benefits people seek from pre-workouts, chasing the pump tends to be the second desire. While some find it to be “bro-science”, in my experience, NItraflex kills it in the pump department!

nitraflex review

To Summarize

When taking a pre-workout supplement, your main priority should be ensuring proper dosages and safety. In my experience taking this product, while I have trust in this company, I find it hard to appreciate the caffeine dosage. Because of that, I don’t take a full serving. This means I don’t get the full dosages of other ingredients I would otherwise enjoy. Nonetheless, Nitraflex is a great pre-workout all things considered.

What Do Others Say About Performix SST?

A nitraflex review is really the only source of honest opinion in the supplement industry. You can’t really trust many brands and companies for their own claims of their own products.

In my research, Nitraflex by GAT Sport is a well respected product.

To give you a brief overview, it holds an overall rating on Amazon of 4.6/5. In addition, by feature, It boasts a 5/5 in ingredient quality, 4.8/5 in longevity, and 4.7/5 in value. With that said, this is only based on 240 global nitraflex reviews.

Below are a few examples of positive Amazon reviews that I came across in scouring the internet:

After reading this article, be sure to do your own research before purchasing! You may come to a slightly different opinion than myself.


Below are a few alternatives of similar stature and ingredients to Nitraflex Pre Workout:

Possessed Pre Workout

Not to be judgemental, but just by analyzing the name and look of this product, I’d be averse to trying it. It screams sketchy in my opinion. As mentioned before, when reviewing supplements, one must realize that the industry is not FDA approved. This results in the consumer having to do all the research and necessary due diligence. That’s why branding is so important in this industry. It’s largely a personal opinion, but again, this look isn’t for me.


  • It has a sufficient amount of reviews.
  • Strong formula (though too strong for me in my opinion)


  • Branding is terrible in my opinion. I did not try it for that reason.
  • High caffeine content
  • Not transparent about dosages

If YOU want to give POSSESSED a try, click here!

Mr. Hyde Pre Workout

Mr. Hyde is a classic in the pre-workout department. Tastes great, and gives you an intense buzz during your workout! To piggyback off of the description of Insane Labs, branding and reputation play a huge role in the supplement industry. When you come across a well-known product, it’s well-known for a reason. This just happens to be the case for Mr. Hyde. A tried and true, effective pre-workout.


  • Reputable product historically
  • High Quality
  • Effective


  • Aftertaste can be strong
  • Jitters can be overpowering

If you would like to see more about Mr. Hyde, check them out here!

Nitrotest by Muscle Meds:

I would attest that this product being most like Nitroflex by GAT. I don’t know much about the company, so be wary, however, it seems to be a great alternative. From what I have tried of this product, the flavor profile is standard, and it provides a great workout.


  • Formula
  • Supplements testosterone


  • Caffeine content. Personal opinion, but again, 350 mg is too much.
  • Not a major brand

If you would like to see more about Muscle Meds Nitrotest, check them out here!


At the end of the day, if you are reading this nitraflex review, you’re likely interested in pre-workouts. So assuming that this product category is, in fact, what you’re looking for, I think choosing Nitraflex by GAT Sport would be a great choice.

I feel extremely energized and focus during my workouts when I take them. In short, I simply get great workouts. Do I feel jittery at times? If I take too much, sure. However, If I monitor it correctly, I’m good to go!

So, is this product worth it? If it’s within your budget, I sure think so! You can check it out here.

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