No time? We picked Vintage Blast Pre-Workout as our best pre workout for cardio

Have you been thinking about implementing a pre-workout into your cardio routine, but you’re not sure where to start?

We are here to help!

We have gathered some of the top products to help you find the best pre-workout for cardio sessions.

We reviewed the following best pre workout for cardio:

What are Pre Workout Supplements?

Pre-workout supplements are powdered amplifiers that help you to increase your exercise output. They work with your body to increase your natural fuel tank and push you to put more effort into your workouts.

It enhances your natural hormones and blood flow to give you a boost of power, strength, and endurance. They help you train for longer periods of time, keep you focused and alert, and help you stay at a higher level of intensity.

Types of Pre Workout Supplements


This is a combination of various supplement types mixed into one powdered formula. It enables you to target a large range of energizing and fat burning hormones.

All-in-one formulas are ideal for all types of training due to their ability to trigger many different responses from your body at once. This type of formula is great for beginners who aren’t sure which supplements they need.

Stimulant Free

Stim free formulas are great for bodybuilders and HIIT athletes. They help you increase your body’s capacity without the tremors that come with stimulants.

It enables you to increase the number of reps you can perform without the side effects. Completely avoiding the feeling of an uncontrollable buzz that occurs with stimulants.


This type of supplement is specifically designed to help you lose weight.

It increases the amount of calories that you burn during your workouts to help you cut away stubborn fat. It is ideal for those looking to manage their weight and get rid of excess fat.

Steady Cardio

Some supplements are designed to help you maintain endurance throughout your workouts.

They help you to exercise for longer periods so that you can keep a steady pace during your cardio sessions. This type of formula can also keep you focused. It prevents you from going through the motions of a run, bike ride or other prolonged forms of cardio.

HIIT Cardio

This type of supplement is formulated to help you train in aggressive bursts of energy.

It works best with interval training, energizing you to spend high levels of energy in short bursts. Caffeine, Creatine, and Amino Acids all work together to aid you. They increase your oxygen consumption, improve your running speed and boost your strength.

If you are not sure what type of pre workout is best for you, check out this video. It explains which supplement ingredients are the most essential.

How Do They Work?

Pre-workout supplements are a safe way to boost your energy to get the most out of your difficult workouts.

They help your body increase the production of hormones and adrenaline. While at the same time decreasing fatigue-like symptoms. This allows you to work harder and longer without feeling weakened while you workout.

Their formulas are crafted to increase your body’s hormone and vessel functions to optimize your performance.

Increased production of ATP, the primary source of your body’s energy, will help you feel more motivated. Your blood vessels are triggered to dilate, which increases the number of nutrients sent to your muscles.

How Should I Implement it?

Before you install pre-workout into your routine, you should first determine what you want from your pre-workout. Supplement formulas offer different benefits that strive to help you reach specific goals.

If you are unsure of the specific ingredients you need, you might want to start with an all-in-one option.

You should always be sure to read the instructions of use for each product. In general, pre-workout supplements should not be taken on an empty stomach. They should be ingested about 30 minutes before your workout to ensure the benefits coincide with your workout.

It would be beneficial for you to track how your pre-workout affects you. Your body is unique, so you might need to adjust the dosage to fit your goals and body type. Tracking its effects can help you determine if the formula is helping you to make progress or if it is affecting you in negative ways.

Pre-workout supplements are not designed to be taken every day. You should not become dependent on your pre-workout drink to make it through your weight or cardio session. Not only is becoming dependent on it unhealthy, but it also makes the effects of the product diminish as you become more tolerant.

The 5 Best Pre Workout for Cardio

#1 – Vintage Blast Pre Workout

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The Vintage Blast supplement formula is one of the healthiest all-in-one pre-workout options. It is the first two-stage pre-workout supplement on the market too.

Its ingredients are naturally flavored and sweetened and are free of artificial fillers and dyes. The mixture is keto and vegetarian friendly and is free of gluten, carbs, sugars, and calories. This product is non-GMO and manufactured in an FDA certified facility.

The Vintage Blast company has over 40 years of experience in creating safe and effective workout supplements. They take care of their products, having each of their formulas tested by a third party to ensure accurate results.

This product’s formula includes over 15 amplifiers that work to increase your endurance and boost your energy. Each of its 20 servings includes nitric oxide to boost your endurance and vitamin C to increase your body’s immunity.

It is tailored to the needs of both men and women. It helps you to increase your performance during home workouts, cardio sessions, or other routines. Bodybuilders and athletes are allowed to use this product because it is free from any banned ingredients.


  • No carbs, sugars, or calories
  • FDA certified manufacturing
  • Great boost of energy and drive


  • Can last longer than your workout
  • Expensive compared to others

#2 – C4 Original Pre Workout

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C4 Original is one of America’s favorite supplement brands. It offers explosive energy in a large variety of flavors.

This formula works well for both men and women who are looking to increase their endurance and heighten their performance in the gym. C4 Original offers a powdered supplement that can be adjusted to fit everyone’s personal fitness needs.

The product is rich in Vitamin C to help increase your immune system’s running capacity and it’s 100% sugar-free. Each serving has zero calories, so you won’t have to worry about burning off extra calories.

It has 150 mg of caffeine to help you stay alert and focused during your peak workout window. Each of the 30 servings promises to keep you energized and focused to help you reach your specific fitness goals.

All of its ingredients have been clinically studied, proving that this product is safe to use and it is an effective pre-workout supplement. You can feel confident about the quality of this brand and trust in its ability to get you through tough workouts.


  • Sugar and calorie free
  • Enough caffeine to last through a full workout
  • Safe ingredients


  • Dyes may stain your lips and mouth
  • Flavor can be dissatisfying

#3 – NDS Nutrition Cardio Cuts 3.0 Pre Workout

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The Cardio Cuts formula is an all-in-one supplement powder. It is ideal for those looking to lose weight, burn more fat, sculpt and tone muscles and have a short recovery period.

L-Carnitine, L-Glutamine, CLA, and Safflower Oil work together to enhance your body’s natural ability to burn fat. You can burn off more calories and lose a higher percentage of fat during your workout if you implement this formula into your routine.

Cardio Cuts has included a chart that helps you determine how much powder to use and when to ingest it to optimize your workout potential. The chart explains the finer details of portions and timing that is best for specific workout types and goals.

Each of the 40 servings helps to support your thyroid, which keeps your metabolism running at its peak. The keto-friendly ingredients work together to maximize your energy and help you to lose stubborn inches of fat.

It allows you to surpass your normal threshold during workouts, enabling you to train longer and harder by offsetting fatigue.


  • No jitters
  • Delays onset of fatigue
  • Effective recovery formula


  • Expensive for amount of powder included
  • Dissatisfied with some flavors
  • Moderate side effects after use

#4 – NITROSURGE Shred Pre Workout

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This product is designed for increasing strength and full-body toning. It can help you lose excess fat and increase your muscle mass.

The NITROSURGE Shred formula boosts your energy and enables you to power through more weighted reps. It’s Nitric Oxide booster allows you to focus your energy on each rep and increase your muscle’s power.

You can improve your physique by creating lean and defined muscles. This formula is designed for men and women and can be used to lose weight and sculpt muscle simultaneously.

The ingredients work to fuel you with clean and natural feeling energy to push you through difficult workouts. You’ll experience an increase in blood flow that pumps blood to your hard-working muscles as you increase your standard amount of reps.

Each product includes 30 servings of American made supplements that are free of unnecessary fillers or dyes. NITROSURGE Shred is manufactured in a cGMP certified facility, ensuring that it is both safe and effective.


  • Promotes physique building without losing muscle mass
  • Manufactured in cGMP certified facility
  • Does not contain fillers or dyes


  • Lacks sufficient caffeine to last through your workout
  • Moderate to heavy post-workout crash
  • May cause allergic reactions in some consumers

#5 – Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout

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Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Pre-workout features high dosages of energy-boosting amplifiers. It stores 30 servings of keto-friendly supplements that keep you energized and focused.

It includes rich Vitamin D abstracts to support and protect your immune system. 175 mg of caffeine is added to keep you focused and alert during your peak workout window. Allowing you to focus on targeting specific muscle groups and preventing you from just going through the motions of your workout.

To support and increase your level of endurance, 1.5 g of Beta-Alanine is added. 3 g of Creatine is also included, which supports your performance during your workout and ensures that you put your best foot forward.

Optimum Nutrition has 30 years of experience, ensuring that their formulas are perfectly balanced to aid you in your fitness journey. They produce high-quality supplements, testing all their products for banned or harmful ingredients.

You can be assured that their formula is safe and well balanced to help you reach your fitness goals.


  • Appropriate amount of energy and increased endurance
  • Tastes good
  • Good blend for beginners


  • Jittery
  • Small to moderate crash after workout
  • Lacks a pump fuel supplement


The best pre workout for cardio is Vintage Blast Pre Workout. Its formula is designed to help you increase your speed and endurance during difficult cardio sessions.

Vintage Blast is an all-in-one formula that allows you to get a large range of benefits. It is ideal for both steady and HIIT cardio exercises, offering you enhanced endurance and energy.

The company is backed by a 40-year reputation, ensuring that their products are effective and legitimate. They are made from wholesome ingredients without harmful side effects that prevent you from crashing afterward.

This is one of the healthiest and cleanest pre workout powders available. It is made from natural products and is free from unnatural dyes, ingredients, and fillers.

You can also try and keep it clean and check out The Best Natural Pre Workouts!

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