Are you looking for a protein supplement to help you build muscle mass? Do you want to cut weight while maintaining muscle? Or, are you looking for an on-the-go meal substitute??

This Body Fortress Whey Protein review is intended to help you figure out if this product can help.

What You Should Consider

The first thing to consider is your purpose in using a protein powder supplement. If you’re looking to add muscle mass, you might want more than just pure protein. In that situation, you might consider a product that also contains minerals. Minerals like zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6, or even creatine will make great additions.

Remember, if you’re using a protein powder to maximize muscle growth, the best time to use it is in a one-hour window after you finish your workout.

If you’re using a combination product (such as a protein powder with creatine that helps you pump out more reps), you’ll want to use it before your workout.

If your goal is a meal substitute, you want more calories. You might prefer a product designed as a meal substitute because it will have more nutrients. If you have a good diet with good nutrients, you can use protein powder as a quick and inexpensive replacement meal.

When using a protein powder for these purposes, you might not be too concerned about the high-calorie count. If you want to cut weight while maintaining muscle mass, then a low number of calories will be very important to you. In that case, an unflavored product or a powder that uses low-calorie flavoring will be things to look for on the label. You also want to look at the amount of fat and carbs the product contains.

(Especially if you’re watching your macro-nutrients, which you should do if your goal is to achieve a low body fat percentage)

Body Fortress Whey Protein Powder Review

Whey is the liquid part of milk that is left behind in the cheese-making process. It has a high percentage of protein, which makes it perfect for people who want to build or maintain muscle. Whey is one of the two different types of protein found in milk. The other is casein, which is particularly good to build muscle overnight while you sleep.

Yet, all whey protein powders aren’t alike. The processing methods can yield quite a bit of difference in the amounts of essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein that your body cannot manufacture for itself) and the amount of fat and carbs in the product. Also, many supplements contain flavoring that can both add taste and affect the nutrient value.

Body Fortress is a well-established brand in the fitness supplement business. Each 50-gram scoop provides 30 grams of whey protein powder, 8 grams of carbs, 5 grams of fat, and comes in at 200 calories. Body Fortress uses flavoring built around sucralose, which is an artificial sweetener.


  • Good value for your money
  • Mixes well with most liquids
  • Includes creatine and provides a good amount of BCAAs (Branch-chain amino acids)
  • A lot of different flavors


  • Uses an artificial sweetener that isn’t Stevia-based
  • Fair amount of fat and carbs in every scoop (40% of each scoop is not protein)
  • Has a bit of a chalky texture

Features and Benefits

Ingredient Breakdown

Let’s cut to the chase. The primary reason you buy a protein powder is that you think that the ingredients will help you meet your fitness goals (whatever they maybe). Many people have different needs so we need to state the ingredients in any protein powder and state the pluses and minuses from it.

The best part of the Body Fortress Whey Protein is that it contains a large amount of protein in each serving (30 grams). Many protein powders range between 20 to 25 grams of protein per serving, and I’ve seen some with as little as 8 grams. Body Fortress gives you a good value per gram of protein coming in at a cost of around 5.5 cents per gram of protein.

On the downside, there are 20 extra grams of non-protein in each scoop. This includes 8 grams of carbs and 5 grams of fat. The container suggests 2 scoops as the recommended serving size, which gives you 60 grams of protein per serving. But, this will also come with 245 mg of cholesterol, which is 82% of the FDA’s recommended daily allowance. The bottom line is that you’ll want to have a very clean diet outside of this if you want to use the recommended serving size.

Another ingredient component you need to consider is the “Super Recovery Blend.” This consists of 1.5 grams of Taurine, creatine, and L-glutamine. Some people believe these ingredients help your body recover from a workout. Others insist that it’s “amino spiking,” which a manufacturer uses to increase the amount of protein. Many believe these added aminos are cheap fillers that don’t help you as much as dietary protein.

The ingredients label also says the product contains magnesium (62 mg), potassium (520mg), sodium (220mg), phosphorus (230mg) and calcium (263 mg). Many of these substances help your electrolyte balance and can help stimulate muscle growth (magnesium).

The bottom line is if you’re looking for a supplement with a lot of protein per serving at a good price, then Body Fortress Protein Powder is a product you will like. Also, many can view the “add-ons” like creatine and magnesium as a benefit that makes Body Fortress Protein powder a multipurpose workout supplement.

If you’re concerned about your cholesterol level or you want to avoid “amino spiking,” then Body Fortress is something you might want to avoid.


Body Fortress Protein powder comes in a wide variety of flavors which include: Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Chocolate and Peanut Butter, and Cookies and Cream.

Of these options, I favor the Chocolate and Peanut Butter. The basic chocolate tastes like an “old school” protein powder in that it’s not so great. The chocolate and peanut butter has a nice blend of the two flavors. Cookies and cream is very sweet, which isn’t my cup of tea but you might like it if you have a “sweet tooth.”

The upside here is that with a wide variety of flavors, most users will find one that they like, which is nice if you’re going to be drinking it every day.


Body Fortress Whey Protein mixes fairly easily. Many protein powders require a blender to mix well. But, Body Fortress is a product that you can get a decent result using a shaker or simply a spoon.

The consistency is a bit “chalky,” but it goes into solution pretty well. However, the taste is not so good when you simply use water. It’s much better with milk or almond milk. Adding any type of milk, however, will add more calories and fat (along with protein) to the drink. Not great if you’re cutting.

Best Use

This product’s best use is for people who want to bulk up. It gives you a lot of protein per serving (60 grams in the suggested 2 scoop serving size). Also, Body Fortress contains quite a few essential amino acids in each scoop as well as many beneficial additives. Which makes it a pretty good bang-for-your-buck product if you’re looking for an “all-in-one” supplement.

For a meal replacement, the 400 calories from the full serving size almost come in as an average meal for many people (especially if you add it to milk). But, if you have a problem with your cholesterol level or you’re concerned with “amino spiking,” then this powder isn’t a good fit.

Social Proof

There are 486 user reviews for Body Fortress Whey Protein Powder on Amazon. Of these, 59% of users gave it five stars, while 9% of users gave it one star. Overall, the average user review rates this supplement 4.1 stars out of five.

Clarke considered Body Fortress to be “excellent stuff at an excellent price.” Vivian R considered it a “great product” and particularly favors the vanilla flavor. Mike, however, thought the taste required some getting used to, but noted that it mixed well.


Body Fortress is far from the only whey protein supplement on the market. Thus, this Body Fortress Whey Protein review includes three alternatives for comparison.

BulkSupplements Whey Protein Isolate Powder

This product is made from protein isolate, which is a processing method that yields more protein and less non-protein substances.

Whey protein is considered to have the best bioavailability (the ability of the body to use as a nutrient) among protein supplements and whey isolate is the purest form of whey protein.

Bulk Supplements are also a value brand focused on giving you a high amount of protein and not much else.

This means that this supplement is much purer than Body Fortress, which is made from whey concentrate.


  • 90% protein vs. around 60% protein in Body Fortress
  • Comes at a similarly low price as Body Fortress
  • 1 kilogram tub (2.2 lbs.) instead of 2 lbs. size of Body Fortress
  • Made from USA food sources


  • No “super recovery” formula or other muscle building additives
  • Adds Soy Lecithin to improve mixibility
  • Doesn’t come in a wide variety of flavors

If you’re looking for a pure protein at a good value, then you should consider Bulk Supplement’s Whey Protein Isolate.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder

This product contains a good amount of BCAAs per serving (5.5g) and is made from a blend of whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate. Whey protein isolate yields a higher percentage of protein but can use processing methods that introduce impurities into the product.

While Optimum Nutrition’s protein powder costs more than Body Fortress, it still comes in at a reasonable price.

Optimum Nutrition is also a major supplement brand who have a global fanbase because of their quality.

The biggest advantage of this product is its low percentage of fat and carbohydrates (less than half per scoop compared to Body Fortress).


  • Less carbs (3-4g) and fat (1.5g) per serving than Body Fortress
  • Does not use artificial sweeteners
  • Contains 5.5 g of BCAAs per serving
  • Good consistency and mixability


  • Contains 24g of protein per scoop vs. 30 for Body Fortress
  • 2 lbs. size not 2.2 lbs. like Bulk Supplements
  • Uses sugar as a sweetener which can cause inflammation

If you’re looking for an all-around decent whey protein powder, then you should check out Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder.

MuscleTech Premium Gold 100% Whey Protein Powder

This protein powder is filtered to reduce the amount of lactose, fat, and carbs. It also tastes quite good compared to most whey protein supplements and contains fast-absorbing peptides. Further, the company pledges that the label fully discloses all the ingredients used in the product, which is important for users who are particular about what they put in their bodies.

One of the best features of this product is that it filters out lactose, which is very important for lactose-intolerant people.

What I liked the most about this product is that it’s something you want to drink rather than the flavoring making it tolerable.


  • Good value compared to most supplements
  • Comes in 2.2 lbs. size instead of 2 lbs. like Body Fortress
  • Micro filtered to remove carbs, fat and lactose
  • Outstanding taste


  • No additives that boost muscle recovery or muscle growth like Body Fortress
  • Only 24g of protein per scoop instead of 30 grams

If you’re looking for a good-tasting whey protein supplement that filters carbs, fat, and lactose, then you should consider MuscleTech Premium Gold 100 Whey Protein Powder.


If you want to bulk up as quickly as possible, then Body Fortress Whey Protein Powder is a product you should consider.

This supplement contains additives like creatine and magnesium to help build muscle and a “Super Recovery Blend” to help you recover from workouts.

You can check out Body Fortress Whey Protein Powder here on Amazon.

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