We’ll make it short. We picked Honey Badger Vegan Keto as the best natural pre workout.

If you go to the gym several times a week for your routine workout, then you know how important it can be for you to prepare.

Doing so will ensure that you make it through unscathed, without feeling tired during and after. Many people rely on pre-workout formulas to do this. There are many good brands, but have you tried one that contained all-natural ingredients?

Sure, it might sound a bit far-fetched.

Many pre-workouts are loaded with ingredients that’ll give you a pump, but with added anxiety and jitters. None of that is the case here. Below are the best natural pre workout powders, with a detailed analysis of each product. Look further to see which one you wish to try for your next gym visit. Let’s begin!

We Reviewed these as our Best Natural Pre Workouts:

Important Info to Know

This covers all the things you should be familiar with before make your decision.

Choosing the Best Natural Pre Workout

A pre-workout powder can boost energy in the body, resulting in better gym performance. The ability to complete the intended number of sets is in mind when such products are being made. Many are pump enhancers, or formulas able to boost the body’s blood circulation in the muscles. If oxygen-rich blood is hitting your worked muscles, you’ll feel pumped throughout your workout. This is why pre-workouts are so popular.

But, there are some downsides to this. Many pre-workouts contain high levels of caffeine and ingredients that lead to side effects. Some like anxiety, jitteriness, and crashing. Whatever the reason, natural pre workouts can get rid of most of these unwanted feelings.

Looking deeper into the ingredients, some of them may contain caffeine. Some even contain caffeine anhydrous, made from the leaves and seeds of coffee plants. Since caffeine is naturally occurring, you can still find it in this category of pre-workouts. But like the normal formulas, there are non-caffeinated alternatives. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, be sure to look at whether your product-of-interest contains it.

It’s important that you understand what’s in the ingredients.

Some popular pre-workouts have proprietary blends. Proprietary blends are usually a mix of ingredients made by the company. Some proprietary blends won’t list the ingredients within the mix. Instead, they show the total amount of the blend taken per-serving.

With natural pre-workouts, this isn’t a problem. Most ingredients are harvested by the brand or trusted sources in the industry. There are no “redactions” so to speak.

Natural Pre-workout Benefits

The major benefit of natural brands is their ability to reduce the chances of irritating side effects.

No one likes shakiness and the tingles.

Furthermore, the mixture is usually non-habit forming. You won’t wake up and feel as if you need to take a pre-workout to get an energy boost for your normal day.

If you tend to visit the gym on the same days that you work a job, a mild formula might be what you need. This can help you run a tight schedule without feeling antsy after it’s done. Many products won’t even disturb your sleeping pattern if you work out later in the day.


Anyone that’s planning a diet will love the way that natural pre-workout blends can work well with theirs. There are even formulas that cater to specific diets. For instance, the ketogenic diet’s low carb, high fat, and reduced protein are easy to find options for.

Some of them will list on their labels whether their product is friendly for certain diets. And if you’re a vegan, your options are even bigger. Most natural brands have no dairy products or amino acids taken from anything, but plant material. Still, check the label’s ingredients before buying anything.

Taste and Consistency

Most natural pre-workouts will taste the same as the intended flavor. Yet, remember that a lot of brands have less sugar or sugar substitutes. If you’ve just gone off a long consumption of sugar-laden pre-workouts, then the taste of natural brands might be a little bitter to you. You may notice the faint taste of plants.

It isn’t recommended for people who are coming into natural brands for the first time to mix with something else.

For example, add a bit of coconut milk into the drink as it absorbs. But stick to the theme of natural sugars and sweeteners; that means no piles of sugar to hide the taste. After a while, you’ll find the taste of such pre-workouts better than what you had, and less “artificial.”

Planning Ahead

As their name suggests, pre-workouts are to be taken before going to the gym. Each product’s onset, or the time it takes for you to feel the effects, can be different. With some, you’ll begin to feel it after about 15-20 minutes. Others might take a bit longer. Always wait at least one hour or longer before increasing the dosage if you don’t feel anything.

If you’re working around a tight schedule and need something that’ll give you a quick pump, try out the products with more caffeine. Just remember that one dosage could be equivalent to drinking more than 1 cup of coffee. If you’re sensitive, always pace yourself before taking in more.

The 5 Best Natural Pre-Workouts

1. Honey Badger Vegan Keto Pre Workout

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The Honey Badger Vegan Keto comes in three flavors: peach mango, wild berry, and lemon-lime. It’s filled with lots of natural amino acids. Whether you’re a vegan or on a temporary/permanent diet, this can easily be the pre-workout for you. You’ll feel the effect after about 15 minutes, ten minutes longer if coming off a stronger pre-workout. Still, most people will feel their body’s energy begins to increase without needing to up the dose.

It’s completely plant-based, having no additives originating from animals. It contains stevia leaf extract as an included natural sweetener. L-Citrulline malate is the primary ingredient. Its tasked with increasing energy into the muscles while staving off fatigue.

The formula is great for people that are sensitive to other pre-workouts but don’t want to give up caffeine. When you’re getting into your sets, you’ll notice a consistent pump that lasts until you’re done. You won’t feel overloaded, mind you, and the effects should taper off when you start recovery.


  • Pumps the body in about 15 minutes
  • Strong enough for a smaller dosage to be taken (with positive results)
  • Doesn’t feel like an overload on the body


  • Can cause stomach aches for caffeine-sensitive

2. Genius Pre-workout Powder

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The Genius Pre-workout Powder is great for people that are worried about getting the jitters. There’s no tingling sensations or pin/needles to throw you off of completing your sets.

This is due to it containing no caffeine. It does however contain beta-alanine and alpha GPC, which work as an energy booster when combined.

Caffeine has the potential to reduce blood flow when taken in large quantities, the Genius formula uses an alternative. The amino acid combination of taurine, l tyrosine, and huperzine will help you to maintain focus, both physically and mentally. Furthermore, each serving contains exactly six grams of citrulline malate and beta-alanine, stabilizing the body’s blood pressure and encouraging muscle growth.

You’ll become focused on your workout and maintain power, but experience none of the negative feelings associated with caffeine overload. And when the workout is over, feel free to rest or continue with your day (or night). Crashing rarely occurs, so consider this pre-workout if you go to the gym in the morning hours.


  • No jitters, shakes, or tingly sensations
  • Doesn’t taste like a “normal” pre-workout formula
  • The comedown involves no crashing


  • Has a short boost if the standard dosage is taken

3. Vintage Blast Pre-workout

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One of the more popular options on the list, the Vintage Blast pre-workout is a flavourful nitro oxide booster. Which is surprising given how balanced and healthy the ingredients are. This one is blueberry lemonade and is quite easy to drink with pleasure.

It contains 2g of d-aspartic acid, 1g of citrulline malate, and 1g of beta-alanine. Which means you’ll get through your sets fast, and keep the pump going during cardio or weightlifting activities.

When you make your drink, check out its fast dissolving rate. Shake it for a few seconds and that’s it, no stirring is necessary. For sensitive users, you could get a bit of a tingling sensation after you’re done at the gym but it shouldn’t be severe to the point of irritating.

The Vintage Blast is a solid pre-workout that is suited for occasional or daily gym-goers.


  • Allows users to perform multiple sets without tiredness kicking in
  • Scoops up easy; no thick lumps to sift through when preparing
  • Easy on the stomach


  • Energy can linger after the workout is over

4. Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer

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This pre-workout is for the weightlifter that looks deeply into the ingredients. When doing this, you’ll find everything inside is blended to give you the jolt of energy you need.

But in a way that comes on gradually. This is because the caffeine present is taken from green tea leaves.

It blends quickly with water after giving it a quick shake. Each of the three flavors tastes great, almost like you’re not consuming a pre-workout at all but a fruit drink.

If you settle with this pre-workout, anxiety might never creep up on you, even in those most sensitive. It might keep you awake at night so try out some of the others listed if your gym activities take place at odd hours.

There are also no GMOs, no gluten, and no hidden artificial ingredients.


  • The pump comes in slowly, not too soon
  • No long wait for the formula to dissolve
  • Pumps up the energy without leading to anxiety


  • Can keep users awake during sleep if taken in the afternoon

5. Organic Muscle Organic Pre-workout Powder

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The Organic Muscle Organic pre-workout Powder finishes off the list with a bang. Vegans will love it for its taste and consistency. Certified organic, everything included in the carton is all-natural.

While there are three flavors for you to choose from, keep in mind that you might experience the tang of bitterness.

You could sweeten it up a bit if you want but try it first to see if you like the aftertaste. Your body won’t feel overloaded here, and the itchy, irritable skin feelings might never happen. Recommended for people that dislike the bold savor of other pre-workout formulas


  • Doesn’t have the taste of chemicals
  • Suitable for strict vegans
  • No overpowering taste of sugar that’s found on ordinary pre-workout formulas


  • Has an acquired taste, particularly for people that are accustomed to sweeter pre-workouts


Which product do you think is the best natural pre workout for your next gym visit? Ingredients and the potential of side effects should be your main concern. From this, the obvious winner is the first formula, the Honey Badger Vegan Keto Pre Workout. It tastes good, carries you strong, and comes down fast when you’re done with physical activity.

But, try out the others if something in them catches your attention more. You don’t have to settle with anxiety or crashing any longer.

Use any of the five pre-workouts and to have a more fulfilling experience in the gym!

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