Pre-workouts are the new rage in the active workout community. In this six star pre workout explosion review, we will discuss the potential benefits of pre-workout supplements and see if the six star supplement is worthy enough.

What are Pre Workout Supplements?

Pre-workout supplements are a relatively new concept in the bodybuilding and exercising community but a trendy one indeed. As the name suggests, you consume these supplements, usually in the form of a drink around twenty to thirty minutes before hitting your workout session.

These supplements are aimed at providing a burst of energy, improving stamina, focus, and energy. These are especially beneficial for people who find it difficult to move and need motivation and extra energy to continue their routine.

Are Pre Workout Supplements Safe?

Well, this is a tricky question as it depends on several factors. According to research published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, pre-workout supplements are supportive as an ergogenic aid for active individuals. However, they suggest researching the ingredients before use because some manufacturers may use banned or harmful substances to give a false image of productivity and benefits.

Therefore, it is essential to find each ingredient’s appropriate dose and its immediate and future effect in every supplement you intend to use. A slow and effective supplement is far better than a quick but damaging one.

Some potential disadvantages of pre-workout supplements include insomnia, hypertension, fatigue, after workout crash, and failed drug test. Any of such post supplement conditions means either this is not the right supplement or dose for you or this is not the right supplement at all.

Keeping these conditions in mind, I always research and study a great deal before using any supplement. In this six star pre workout explosion review, I will brief you about every ingredient in detail to help you decide the best for yourself.

Six Star Pre Workout Explosion Review

Everyone may have different expectations from a supplement. Since I am a fitness freak and workout for my passion and health, the safety and health perspective is the most important. My expectations from a pre-workout supplement are an energy boost and a boost in strength to push me more in my workout sessions.

Improved Focus

At the start of my six star pre workout explosion review, I must declare that I am a very physical and mental health-conscious person. I have always been skeptical of quick working magic kinds of supplements because I believe they can have harmful effects in the future. Therefore, I constantly research the supplements and the ingredients for their health effects.

I am glad that this supplement has a great combination of ingredients in optimal quantities. They provide focus and mental strength, which helps me in my daily activities. For example, before using this supplement, I used another which had a high amount of caffeine. Now, this was great during the workout session, and I was so thrilled and energized, but later I used to crash as the high of caffeine wore off. I could not focus; my head felt like it was on a swivel. I just wanted to drop myself in bed. I had to stop that supplement.

Six star pre workout explosion, on the other hand, has very appropriate quantities of all the ingredients. However, it may not be the best supplement for the competitive and seasoned bodybuilders and athletes looking for a high dose of everything. But for an average and health-conscious trainer like me, it can be perfect.

Help With Muscle Fatigue

Caffeine and creatine are the ingredients in six star explosion pre workout that help with muscle fatigue. Other ingredients that are supportive in this regard are nitrate compounds and 1500 mg of Beta-Alanine. Beta-Alanine combats the lactic acid that starts building up in your body when you exercise intensely. Citrulline is also responsible for less soreness in muscles even after long sessions.

My experience with this supplement is relatively positive in this regard. I felt less soreness and fatigue even after increasing time and magnitude in my lifting routine. However, last month, I attempted to increase weights while already using this supplement for five weeks. It went very smoothly, which is excellent for me.


Many supplements usually use ergogenic aid from caffeine for providing endurance and fighting against fatigue and exertion. The low side of caffeine is that many supplements tend to overdo this ingredient in hopes of giving a more significant punch of energy and alertness. I admire the fact that six star pre workout contains a humble 135 mg of caffeine which is the perfect low to moderate dose for a person weighing around 190 – 200 pounds like me. So I am glad that this is within healthy limits and provides me enough benefits.

As they say, excess of everything is bad; it is also valid for caffeine use. Overdose of caffeine can cause serious health issues like insomnia, hypertension, and anxiety. I would recommend reading the labels for the amount of caffeine in every supplement you buy.

Another popular ingredient for endurance is creatine which is available in ample quantity i.e., 1500 mg. This is one ingredient you will always find in bodybuilding and workout supplements. The reason is that creatine supports muscle growth, strength, and performance, especially in high-intensity interval training (HIIT). My particular interest in lifting attracts me to creatine again and again. My six star pre workout explosion review is mostly positive because of this one ingredient. I can feel the difference and the burst of quick energy. You may also favor creatine because of its ability to build muscle mass. However, I am not particularly interested in this aspect. Sometimes this muscle gain is because of water retention because of creatine.

Exercise Performance

As I already discussed, performance is improved with caffeine. Other ingredients I found during my six star pre workout explosion review are nitric oxide boosters. These compounds improve blood flow, enhance oxygen, and nutrient delivery.

These nitric oxide compounds are vasodilators, to be exact. They expand the arteries and veins to facilitate better flow of blood. This phenomenon improves heart health in the long term and delays fatigue to enhance performance during the workout. Now, I rate every supplement on its health value. Therefore, this pre-workout supplement is a success in this regard.

Muscle Strength

I am more interested in muscle strength than muscle gain. If you want to gain muscles as in weight and size, even then, six star explosion pre workout can be good for you. This supplement helps in muscle gain through ingredients like L-tyrosine, ACP, Taurine, L-citrulline, L-citrulline malate, and L-arginine HCl.

My six star pre workout explosion review is based on benefits in muscle strength, though. I feel the boost of energy during the workout and my muscle strength during my sessions. Though, I would suggest not expecting a phenomenal change overnight because this supplement has ingredients in very moderate amounts. I have a positive six star pre workout explosion review for this reason too. I am a health-conscious person and try to keep my supplements more on the moderate end of the spectrum.


Since I work out nearly every day and I don’t earn a single penny from it, price is a deciding factor. I am glad to have found out that six star explosion pre workout is an affordable supplement. I honestly could not afford the big guns in the market. If I had not found six star supplement, I might’ve just had cup of coffee.


These supplements may contain some allergens that are also stated clearly by the manufacturer. People with milk, soy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, and fish allergies are advised to avoid this product.

I expected a more comprehensive range of flavors for a supplement drink. It has some innovative flavors, but regulars like blue raspberry are not available. Being a blue raspberry lover, I am disappointed.

Last Words

This supplement has a good combination of ingredients in optimal concentration. It has 1500mg of creatine, a humble 135mg of caffeine, the all rounder Vitamin C, the heart lover nitro compounds and all. It is great value for money because I have yet to find any other supplement in the market that has this great mix of ingredients at such an affordable price.

I have used the supplement for around eight weeks before writing this six star pre workout explosion supplement review. I have felt a difference in my energy levels, power, and muscle strength. My workout routine time has increased by twenty minutes without extra fatigue. My focus and mental peace have improved to a little extent but not a very big change in this department. On a side note, my skin is glowing these days but I have yet to find if this is because of pre workout supplement.

Though the concentration is moderate, which is excellent for health, it may not be very reassuring for the miracle expecting lot. I must say, the manufacturers have done a good job in the formulation of the supplement. It is safe, has no banned substance and is available at a great price.

The downsides of it are the limited variety in flavors, the presence of potential allergens, and if you are looking for something strong then this might not work for you.

If you are interested in it, check it out on here!

What Others Are Saying

Six Star Pre Workout Explosion is Amazon’s choice product among the pre workouts available there. Out of over eight thousand reviews available, this product has got 4.4 stars and 68% of the users give a 5-star rating.

The most detailed review is from Annabells who is a former athlete & gym trainer. She claims that it works and she loves it for the value of the price. She also loves the ingredients and the pump and energy boost it gives her.

Lance claims he bought it to see the difference between it and the big boys before he splurged. He says the taste is alright and it reminds him of kool-aid.

Alternative Options

MuscleTech Neurocore Pre-Workout

MuscleTech is a familiar name in the supplements market. This pre workout supplement claims to provide muscle strength, pump, energy, and motivation for the workout sessions. It also contains all the popular ingredients for a pre workout like Caffeine, Creatine, and nitro compounds.


  • Contains the vital ingredients caffeine, creatine, and nitro compounds.
  • Helps with physical and mental stress.
  • Well known brand


  • Contains some unnecessary ingredients like Yohimbe Bark.
  • The creatine hydrochloride version is used instead of creatine monohydrate(can be a pro or con).

You can check out MuscleTech Neurocore pre workout here.

C4 Original Pre-Workout Powder

C4 original pre workout powder has the same ingredients as Six Star explosion but has some added vitamins too. It labels itself as a supplement for both men and women to emphasize the safety of the ingredients however, pregnant and lactating women should be careful. This supplement helps promote energy, pumps, and performance. It provides energy that is quick yet long-lasting.


  • Stimulates and provides energy
  • Has added vitamins
  • Wider flavor variety


  • Some reviewers believe it caused allergic reactions.
  • Very strong flavor

Choose your favorite flavor here but make sure you check the allergens information to be safe. 

MusclePharm Assault Pre-Workout Powder

This pre workout supplement is tested and has been found safe from any banned substance which is very assuring as it is certified by Informed-Choice.. It contains caffeine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Vitamins B6 and B12 and creatine for a punch of energy and strength without adding up any calories.


  • Contains the most popular ingredients like caffeine, creatine and nitro compounds
  • Tested for banned substances.
  • Support strength and performance goals.


  • Caffeine is slightly higher than the recommended dose of 135 mg for an average size person.
  • Less variety in flavors.

You can raise the bar for your performance in serious athlete and workout sessions with MusclePharm Assault Pre-Workout Powder.

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