Are you having difficulty remaining energized while trying to lose weight? Do you find it tough to make it through your workouts without experiencing fatigue? If you desire to shave off excess weight while simultaneously maintaining healthy energy levels, you may want to begin researching some Super HD Extreme reviews.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Before investing in any weight loss supplement, you will want to keep in mind the distinctions between thermogenic fat burning supplements and other traditional weight loss supplements out in today’s market.

The word thermogenic refers to the induction of heat. When comparing thermogenic fat burners to other types of metabolic enhancers, those supplements with thermogenic effects tend to further increase the Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) of its consumers. Because of this, incorporating thermogenesis into your fitness and weight loss journey can help you lose unwanted body fat at a more improved rate.

Essentially, thermogenic ingredients amplify the body’s fat-burning abilities by stimulating the metabolism. It is commonly referred to as a calorie “burn” because, in order to do just that, your body relies on heat energy. So, if you are feeling sluggish, low energy, or like you may need an extra boost in the right direction to reach your individual fitness goals, a multifaceted approach may be necessary.

Thermogenic supplements incorporate multiple powerful ingredients that are compounded to specifically target fat burning and weight loss. These particular compounds contribute to peak cognitive function and ideal energy levels. So, adding a high-quality thermogenic supplement to your daily health and wellness regime is extremely suitable for those who need that extra support to amp up their metabolism.

When the metabolism is increased in such an effective way, the body’s overall production of energy will also increase. A host of benefits can truly arise when taking such a powerful and fast-acting supplement.

It turns out, losing weight does not have to be so arduous and unpleasant!

Cellucor Super HD Extreme Review

The major fitness nutrition brand Cellucor designed its Super HD extreme dietary supplement with a blend of natural ingredients aimed at generating extremely powerful thermogenic fat burning and energy enhancing effects. Caffeine has been known to magnify thermogenesis. Research indicates that caffeine ignites some of the genes that control metabolism.

Caffeine induced-thermogenesis has been clinically shown not only to stimulate cells influencing weight loss but also aid in keeping that lost weight off in the long term. Accordingly, each serving of Super HD extreme contains 400mg of caffeine, an amount that is sure to rev up your body’s metabolism and significantly increase your daily caloric burn. There is a reason people turn to that morning cup of joe as a way to start their day off strong!

In addition to the incorporation of caffeine, this thermogenic weight loss supplement includes other natural compounds as well such as DygloFit fruit extract, Capros Indian gooseberry fruit extract, and Capsimax cayenne. DygloFit fruit extract originates from the Dichrostachys glomerata fruit, which is native to West Africa. In human clinical studies, this compound has shown magnificent weight loss benefits due to its positive effects on satiety and appetite control. Basically, this fruit extract makes you feel fuller longer by keeping your hunger hormones in check.

Capros Indian gooseberry is commonly used to decrease lipid and blood glucose levels and return them to normal levels. In clinical trials, this native Indian and southeast Asian plant has even demonstrated promising effects in those who are at risk of developing Cardiovascular Disease. In Super HD Extreme, Capsimax cayenne is used in conjunction with Capros Indian gooseberry, thus promoting the mobilization of fats to improve the process of lipolysis. Lipolysis breaks down fats and is multiplied with this supplement due to Capsimax cayenne’s impressive thermogenic effects.

Furthermore, Super HD Extreme reviews rave about the supplement’s specialized nootropics. A nootropic can be defined as a natural or synthetic substance that improves cognitive function and mood. Super HD extreme’s main nootropics are called Zebrine and BioPerine. Both of these potent compounds support brain function, overall mood, and promote the healthy absorption of nutrients within the body.

The Super HD Extreme fat burning and metabolic enhancing supplement contains 60 capsules per bottle, making a total of 30 servings per bottle. It includes a special fusion of both extended-release caffeine and caffeine anhydrous that keep the body energized for a broadened duration of time. Other ingredients found within each capsule include rice flour and vegetable magnesium stearate.

It is made in the USA and its thermogenic matrix is built from clinically tested compounds.

Cellucor promises a 100% satisfaction guarantee, or they will give you your money back in full. The company promises its customers great-tasting and high-quality products. The Cellucor company adopts a constant growth mindset and values efficiency and hard-work. They offer a variety of items for purchase online globally or at thousands of stores within the United States.

Cellucor’s Super HD Extreme product promises to give you the best comprehensive weight loss results by revitalizing the entire body by targeting different areas like metabolism, cognitive function, and energy levels. Thus, it can help you to improve your overall performance.


  • Incorporates methylcobalamin, the active form of B-12 that is easier for the body to utilize
  • Contains 400mg of caffeine, more than their other supplements on the market
  • Contains B vitamins, which a lot of other thermogenic supplements leave out
  • Easy and simple two capsule dose per day


  • Has to be taken with a meal
  • Cannot be taken within six hours of going to bed
  • It is not suitable for those following a vegan diet because it contains bovine Gelatin

Features and Benefits

Thermogenic Effects

The Super HD Extreme supplement is well known for its impressive ability to incite the process of thermogenesis. Taking this thermogenic supplement ensures that you will continue to burn calories even long after your workouts. Studies have demonstrated the association between the process of thermogenesis and overall body fat loss.

When taking this supplement, you will still need to stick to an appropriate exercise regime to maximize its benefits. However, your metabolism is still definitely going to benefit from Super HD Extreme’s thermogenic properties even when you remain at rest. What makes this dietary supplement special is that it is a customized thermogenic matrix which combines just the right amount of caffeine with high-quality extracts that will take your weight loss journey to the next level.

Long Lasting Energy

Super HD Extreme has been specially formulated to keep your energy levels at their peak for up to a total of six hours. That is why it is not recommended you take this supplement within six hours of your bedtime. Over time, this supplement can improve your overall endurance and eliminate workout fatigue.

Increasing your complete amount of energy may even lead you to be happier and more productive in life. Prior customers have been able to notice the effects of this product almost immediately after consuming it. The product reviewers say that they were able to take this product without any of the jitters that are typically associated with the intake of large amounts of caffeine.

Fat is fundamentally stored energy. So when the Capsimax cayenne in this product is activated, it can mobilize your body’s fat stores to be used for energy production. Capsaicin is the component of cayenne chili peppers that gives Capsimax cayenne its mighty metabolic abilities. A clinical study illustrated the benefits of cayenne’s compounds. The study highlighted the increased energy output associated with using this ingredient therapeutically.

Enhances Cognition

Those struggling to lose weight may often struggle with their mood and memory. Super HD Extreme includes the ingredients Zebrine and BioPerine to enhance the mood and brain function of those who are embarking on their fitness and weight loss journey. These nootropics were designed to combat mental fatigue and brain fog. Adding in these compounds makes Super HD extreme one of the most efficacious products out there.

The Super HD Extreme supplement differs from other weight loss supplements in this way. When designing this particular product, Cellucor took the entire weight loss experience into consideration. Your mental state can directly affect your performance. Peak performance happens when you have reached a state of optimum mental and physical health. Both of Super HD Extreme’s nootropic compounds have been clinically tested to enhance cognition.

Little to No Side Effects

There are very few consumer side effects associated with the consumption of this product. When taking this product, you can refer to the Super HD Extreme reviews that note the absence of adverse effects. Everyone’s body is different and some people have been known to negatively respond to high doses of caffeine. However, many reviewers have positively remarked about Super HD Extreme’s caffeine combination, claiming they handled it well and were pleased.

Moreover, some people have reported digestive discomfort when ingesting cayenne. Individuals with sensitive stomachs may experience a slight burning sensation when the compound enters their digestive tract. Even so, Cellucor has formulated its specialized Capsimax cayenne to mitigate these effects and the chances that you will experience any discomfort in this way is extremely low.

Social Proof

Out of all 376 super hd extreme weight loss reviews listed on Amazon for this supplement, specifically, 75% of them gave the product a four-star-rating and up. Out of these buyers, more than half of all Cellucor’s Super HD Extreme 376 buyers rated the supplement with all five stars. The product’s entire rating on Amazon has been primarily favorable with an average rating of four out of five stars.

Characteristically, Angie Duran states the capsules are “the best appetite suppressant” that she has ever used and others have shared similar positive experiences. For example, other product users, like Dylan Norris, have commented that the capsules keep him extremely focused and alert throughout the day, most likely due to the supplement’s energizing compounds.

Moreover, other users seem to back up these positive claims as well, like Brian Craig and Anthony Johnson.

Alternative Options

Performix SST Extreme

The Thermogenic Capsules from Performix are a suitable alternative to Super HD’s Extreme supplement because of their addition of fat-burning Medium Chain Triglycerides and anti-inflammatory Ginger. Ginger is able to effectively combat any side effects that are commonly reported when taking other thermogenic supplements because of its benefits on digestion and its ability to combat inflammation.

Similarly to Super HD’s capsules, these thermogenic capsules from Performix contain nootropic ingredients, energy enhancers, and B vitamins. Though, they differ in the amount of caffeine they contain. The Performix supplement also contains added sugar as an ingredient.


  • Timed release component extends the benefits
  • Contains MCT oil which reduces craving and improves mental performance
  • Contains Teacrine, a patented energy-enhancing compound


  • Contains added sugar
  • Contains artificial colors
  • Some have claimed it gives them jitters

If you desire a more comprehensive supplement with the added benefits of MCT oil or a timed-released component, this supplement is definitely worth checking out.

Animal Cuts

Animal formulated these thermogenic combo packets to cater to a wide variety of dietary needs. These packets each contain 9 capsules and is customizable. For instance, if someone is sensitive to stimulants and find they make them jittery, they can simply skip that pill for the day.

Animal Cuts is also cheaper than Super HD Extreme and you don’t have to take them all month. This product is designed to be used for three weeks straight and then one week off.


  • Keto-Friendly
  • Contains Compounds to Lower Cortisol
  • Has a water-shedding component to eliminate bloat


  • Requires users to take two packs a day
  • Contains soy
  • Is not vegan friendly

If you want a more flexible, but more pill heavy option then check out Animal Cuts here.

Genius Fat Burner

Last but not least, the Genius Fat Burner supplement is geared towards those who want to enhance their brain health while they burn fat without relying on any added proprietary blends. Genius purposefully leaves caffeine out of this supplement so people can still have their morning coffee if they so desire. Because of this, it also guarantees that you won’t crash later.

Like Super HD, this supplement also contains 30 servings per bottle.


  • Transparent labeling with no hidden ingredients
  • Contains the herb Ashwagandha to help reduce stress
  • All of the ingredients have been clinically tested


  • No caffeine
  • Only 30 servings per container
  • Makes some people nauseous

If you are a vegan who is looking for a thermogenic supplement, you’re in luck. Genius’ Fat Burner supplement is formulated without animal products and uses a vegetable capsule.

Take Away

There are a lot of adequate fat burning supplements out there that will help support you as you embark on your body transformation. Your body can see some real changes if you incorporate a fat-burning supplement that is right for you into your daily routine along with an exercise regime and a healthy diet.

With Super HD Extreme, you have the option to up your energy while lowering your body weight. It is the best of both worlds and over time you can see improvements in your body and in your brain.

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