Are you having difficulty putting muscle mass on your body, and keeping it there? Even when you hit the gym 4-6 times a week, the gains seem to come slower than expected while your body takes longer to recover.

Are you looking for a way to recover faster from your workouts? You may want to check out this Clear Muscle review to better understand whether this is a product for you.

Things To Consider Before Buying

Firstly, what is your goal behind purchasing a strength-building supplement? There are many kinds of muscle-enhancing products on the market, and most of them work in different ways.

Strength-builders can oftentimes get confused with weight-gainers. Weight-gainers aid in putting mass on your frame by being extremely calorically dense, sometimes hundreds of calories per serving. This is particularly helpful if you are aiming for hypertrophy, or bulking up. This supplement will not help you gain weight; opt for a specific weight-gainer supplement instead.

If you are looking to get stronger and build bigger and better lifts, then there are a variety of factors involved, including your nutrition, workout regimen, and overall recovery time needed. This supplement aims to reduce the recovery time needed before hitting the next hard workout, and as such is ideally suited to people who want to make quick strength gains.

Keep in mind that this will not replace a protein shake or supplement, as it does not have all the required essential amino acids. If you already have a great protein supplement, this will act as a complement to it, not a replacement.

Consider whether or not you need faster recovery time between your workouts; are you sore for several days afterward? If so, this may be a good supplement for you.

MuscleTech Clear Muscle Review

As its name suggests, Clear Muscle is a clear pill that is labeled as the most advanced muscle and strength builder available. Clear Muscle by MuscleTech utilizes HMB Free Acid, or better known as BetaTOR. Studies have shown BetaTOR to be anti-catabolic. What this means for you is this product can aid in recovery, allowing your muscles to recover faster and get you to the next big strength gain quicker. Clear Muscle is third-party tested for quality assurance too.

You would have to drink 200g of high-quality whey protein to get the same amount of BetaTOR found in Clear Muscle’s two capsules. Keep in mind that Clear Muscle cannot work unless you are exercising regularly. This is not a supplement that will aid in creating muscle mass without proper resistance training and thoughtful muscle overload.


  • Allows for faster recovery between workouts
  • No caloric value, so it won’t throw off macros
  • Can be stacked with any other supplements
  • No need to cycle


  • Will not add muscle mass on its own, requires exercise regimen
  • Does not provide all essential amino acids, and as such is not a replacement for protein
  • Pills must be swallowed as it’s not a powder supplement

Features And Benefits

Utilizes Free Acid HMB

This sounds long and complicated, but it’s actually fairly straightforward. Free acid HMB acts to produce muscle protein synthesis via heightened anabolic signaling through the mTOR pathway. What this means for a bodybuilder or someone who exercises regularly is this supplement can actually help to build muscle.

Additionally, it can act as an anti-catabolic, meaning it can slow muscle protein breakdown and aid in recovery from a hard workout. Pretty great if you’re feeling the effects of leg day long after you actually worked out. This also means you may be able to hit your next benchmark lift quicker and easier than if you do take Clear Muscle.

Can Multiply Muscle Gains

Several researchers conducted a Clear Muscle review at the University of Tampa which found that utilization of the Clear Muscle supplement over a span of 12 weeks led to an increase in muscle mass of 16 pounds, while the group that was given a placebo only gained 4 pounds.

Similar studies have been done on the effects of creatine, BCAA’s, and protein, and these strength increases were found to be more profound than any of the other studies.

This is especially important to know if one of your goals is rapid strength increase, and you’ve been searching for a way to make it happen.

Quick Absorption

Clear Muscle was found to have a superior level of absorption when compared to regular HMB-calcium salt. In fact, there was a 97% increase in absorption, which means the supplement is introduced to the bloodstream and utilized that much quicker.

Supplements in pill form can take longer to be absorbed and utilized by your body; the water like viscosity due to the free-acid nature of Clear Muscle minimizes how long you have to wait for the supplement to work. It hits your bloodstream and starts working fast. This is helpful because it means you don’t have to wonder and wait all day to see if your supplement is working.

Third Party Tested

Supplements are not regulated by the FDA due to the fact that they do not cure or treat a specific disease. As such, products can go live on the market without any form of quality assurance. Clear Muscle utilizes a third-party to test each batch and ensure top-quality production, keeping you safe and healthy.

Without federal regulation, it is a good idea to make sure all products you consume go through some sort of third-party testing to make sure what you are consuming is actually good for your body.

Easy To Consume

Each serving is just two small, easy to swallow pills. Beyond that, just 1 gram of Clear Muscle has the same amount of BetaTor as 200 grams of top-quality whey protein.

Consuming 200 grams of whey protein would contain roughly 800 calories, as there are 4kcal per gram of protein. This is important to pay attention to if your goal is to lean out or reduce excess body fat. Clear Muscle doesn’t add any macronutrient value, so it can be added to any meal plan with ease.

Can Be Stacked With Other Supplements

Since Clear Muscle is a streamlined supplement, it shouldn’t interfere with other supplements. You shouldn’t have any issues adding this into an existing program or supplement schedule.

This is helpful if you are currently taking any pre-workouts, other muscle-enhancers, protein supplements like casein or whey, or creatine supplements. Knowing how supplements interact is important, and there are no known negative interactions between Clear Muscle and other supplements.

Social Proof

Clear Muscle has 937 customer reviews on Amazon. A vast majority of those reviews are 5 stars, coming in at 66%. 17% are 4 stars, while only 7% are 1 star. Overall, Clear Muscle has a solid 4.3 out of 5-star rating.

A customer named freaksh0w said they made “huge gains in both weight and reps” with this supplement. Ancient One said it was “good to keep muscle and reduce fat”. Jayce Windsor said it was a “good product”, while Hal D. said it helped with “recovery time both with weights and working cardio”.

Alternative Options

PA(7) Phosphatidic Acid Muscle Builder

This product is similar to Clear Muscle in that it increases the mTOR pathway activation and allows for a rapid increase in strength gains. Unlike Clear Muscle, it utilizes not BetaTOR but PA, or Phosphatidic Acid. PA is found in the immensely intricate structures that make up plant biology and has been found to boost muscle protein synthesis.


  • Double-Blind Study found massive strength increases, including a 47% bench press increase
  • Can aid in lean muscle mass production, up to 200% found by one study
  • Boosts fat loss and muscle enhancement without the negative side effects of steroid use
  • Certified Safe for Sport via the NSF and has been used by Olympic athletes
  • Vegan-friendly supplement


  • More expensive than Clear Muscle
  • Has fewer customer reviews
  • Not immediately clear if it can be stacked with other supplements or not

If you want strength increases but want to pursue a different mTOR pathway stimulator, check out PA(7).

Magnum Pharmaceuticals Hard Muscle Builder

This product is still similar in the effects it produces, and even more similar to Clear Muscle in how it goes about it. Hard Muscle Builder also utilizes HMB to slow muscle breakdown and increase recovery time. Notably, this supplement also includes ashwagandha, as well as another anti-catabolic called PureKIC or ketoisocaproate calcium. This supplement also contains vitamin D-3.


  • Can be an energy-boosting supplement as it contains vitamin D-3
  • Contains ashwagandha. Ashwagandha may be able to reduce stress, potentially leading to reduced cortisol levels overall
  • Contains more than one anti-catabolic, meaning recovery time post-workout may be reduced


  • Higher price point per serving when compared to Clear Muscle
  • Very few reviews
  • Not immediately clear if the product has been third-party tested or studied for levels of effectiveness

If you are looking for a supplement that may be able to reduce post-workout recovery time and potentially mitigate stress, check out Hard Muscle Builder by Magnum Pharmaceuticals.

Redcon 1 Halo Muscle Builder

This is a supplement designed to mimic the anabolic and androgenic effects of standard steroids, especially that of Anavar. However, it is an all-natural supplement that should not show up on a steroid test. This supplement contains smilax sieboldii extract, which is a climbing plant home to mainly East Asia. It differs from Clear Muscle in that it does not seem to act as an anti-catabolic (muscle-wasting) but rather induces an anabolic (muscle-gaining) effect on the body.


  • May help with muscle protein synthesis
  • Can aid in producing the anabolic effects of steroid use, but without the liver toxicity and myriad negative effects of traditional steroids
  • Potentially assists in producing lean muscle mass and losing fat overall


  • Unclear whether this product has been tested or studied via a third party
  • Very few reviews
  • Not sure whether this supplement can be stacked with others

If you are in the market for an anabolic supplement without the negative drawbacks of traditional steroids, you may want to check out Redcon 1 by Halo.

Take Away

If you’re on the hunt for a product that can assist you in post-workout recovery, help you make strength gains faster, and potentially reduce overall muscle soreness, free acid HMB can be an excellent solution. If you want a top-quality anti-catabolic that has been studied by researchers at the University of Tampa, be sure to check out Clear Muscle by MuscleTech.

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