Are you finding it challenging to consume enough grams of protein throughout the day? Even when you calculate out your macronutrients for the day and break it down into 4-6 meals, consuming adequate amounts of protein can be difficult.

Maybe you are in need of a quick breakfast that is packed with protein to start your day. If you’re looking for a protein shake that takes little time to make and is high in protein, you may want to check out Biotrust protein powder.

Things To Consider Before Buying

First and foremost, what is your reason for finding a protein supplement? Many people keep track of their macros and find that protein powders are a high-protein, low carbohydrate way for them to hit their target grams.

The caloric value of protein powders is easy to track as well, with each serving measured and the nutrient label clearly displayed. This is helpful for people looking to lose weight, since knowing the exact amount of calories you are consuming is difficult throughout the day unless you make consistent use of a food scale and nutritional database.

For those seeking to add muscle mass to their frame, consuming protein is essential and must be done in higher amounts than those looking to maintain their current weight.

Vegetarian or vegan bodybuilders often struggle with getting enough protein and find supplementation to be an ideal way to gain mass. Vegan weightlifters will want to steer clear of whey and casein protein supplements, as those are dairy-derived. Pea, hemp, or soy protein powders would be more ideal for those avoiding animal bi-products.

Some may look for protein supplements for early morning breakfasts or quick dinners before bed. Keep in mind that most protein supplements are generally not designed for meal replacement, only supplementation as their name suggests.

Meal replacement shakes are subject to different requirements and typically have a higher amount of calories as well as a decent amount of protein, fiber, and fat.

BioTrust Low Carb Protein Powder Review

BioTrust strives to live up to its name by being a company that values integrity, excellence and giving back. Their products do not contain rBGH/ rBST, which is shorthand for recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone or recombinant Bovine Somatotropin. This is essentially a synthetic growth hormone that is injected into cows to increase milk production and growth rates and is frequently found in some milk by-products.

This protein powder also features an enzyme blend called ProHydrolase. Studies have been done on this protease enzyme blend that indicates it aids in protein absorption, and may reduce the bloating that some experience when consuming whey protein.

This protein powder contains 20 grams of protein, with 2.5 grams of fat and 7 grams of carbohydrates per 2 scoops. There is 1 gram of sugar and only 150 calories per serving.


  • Free of synthetic hormones
  • Multiple flavors to choose from
  • Contains ProHydrolase to increase protein absorption
  • Third-party tested to ensure consumer quality
  • May be a good supplement for those on the Keto diet


  • Potentially high price point
  • Not vegan friendly
  • May not be ideal for a post-workout supplement due to lack of carbs

Features and Benefits

Contains Multiple Kinds Of Protein

This protein powder contains four different time-released proteins, including whey protein concentrate and isolates, and micellar casein. Whey protein is a fast release protein, meaning it typically gets digested within 2 hours. Micellar casein, on the other hand, is a slow-release protein and can take up to 7-8 hours to become fully digested.

This is important for athletes or people who work out consistently as the different types of protein will break down at different times and keep you fuller for longer. This supplement can be consumed before exercise to fuel the workout, or before bed to promote recovery after a workout.

Free Of Artificial Hormones

Notably, this protein powder is not produced from milk containing rBGH/rBST. While cows naturally produce some amount of bovine growth hormone, just as humans produce human growth hormone via the pituitary gland, the synthetic production of the hormone has only been in practice for a few decades.

There is varied evidence on whether rBGH/rBST is harmful to humans who consume milk products. Regardless, if you do not wish to consume synthetic hormones or ingredients, it is helpful to know that this protein powder does not contain them.

It is also free from artificial sweeteners, colors, and preservatives, and BioTrust only works with manufacturers that adhere to FDA guidelines called Good Manufacturing Practices. This protein powder does not contain soy or gluten, which are two common allergens.

Ease Of Absorption

BioTrust protein includes an ingredient called ProHydrolase. This powerful enzyme blend is important for a variety of reasons. First, it aids in the absorption rate of whey protein, meaning that more of the protein will be utilized by your system.

It can also ease bloating and discomfort some experience when consuming whey protein supplements, often confused with lactose intolerance. Whey isolate has actually been found to be lactose-free, meaning the intestinal discomfort is caused by peptide sensitivity.

Essentially, the large building blocks that make up protein must be broken down into their smallest parts to be used, and if it isn’t, the large blocks (peptides) create discomfort. Prohydrolase ensures whey protein is broken down into small protein peptides. This is helpful if you have experienced a negative reaction to whey but still want the positive effects of this kind of protein supplement.

Low Carb Protein Option

One of the appeals of protein supplements is that they tend to be high in protein, with various amounts of the two other macronutrients. Some diets require macronutrient restriction, including the Ketogenic diet. This protein powder is labeled as a keto-friendly option due to the low amount of carbohydrates as Keto requires avoidance of sugar.

Many protein powders have much higher amounts of carbohydrates as some athletes prefer a different macro balance.

Keep in mind that the absence of carbohydrates makes this an inappropriate post-workout supplement. Ideally, you would consume a 3:1 ratio of carbs to protein immediately post-workout for optimum results.

Variety Of Flavors

Protein supplements are notorious for how they taste, with some lacking any flavor while others stick with the standard chocolate or vanilla. BioTrust protein has six different flavors to choose from, making it easier for those with discerning tastes to find a protein powder suitable for them.

The myriad flavors also make it easier to mix the powder with other ingredients, such as a smoothie in the morning. Let’s be real, sometimes chocolate and spinach just do not go together.

Along with chocolate and vanilla, they have peach mango, cafe mocha, chocolate peanut butter, and strawberry banana. Each flavor has a slightly different nutrient profile, with cafe mocha having the fewest calories due to the half gram less of fat. Peach mango and chocolate peanut butter have the most sugar, at 2 grams per serving. All of them have 24 grams of protein per serving except for chocolate peanut butter, which only has 23.

Suitable For Many Demographics

Protein supplements have long been used by the athletic community, but anyone looking to add protein to their diet can benefit from them.

Protein is essential for many different functions in the body and promotes the repair of muscles and tissues. This means in order to have healthy hair, skin, nails, and even bones you have to consume an adequate amount of protein.

BioTrust protein powders may be ideal for aging populations in need of more protein, those with a fast-paced lifestyle and little time for food, or anyone on a diet looking for protein with few calories.

What Are Others Saying

BioTrust protein has fifty-six ratings on Amazon and nine hundred seventy-four on the BioTrust website. It has a 4.5 star average on Amazon, while the BioTrust website has a 4.9 star rating overall.

A customer named Rayanne said, “the vanilla is so delicious.” Barzac said it was their “favorite low carb protein powder.” Audrey said it had “great taste, clean ingredients, and low carbs.” while Jumpy said it was a “delicious protein powder and great with smoothies.”

Similar Options

Naked Protein Powder Blend

Much like BioTrust, Naked protein powder contains both micellar casein and whey protein allowing for higher levels of satiety. However, as its name suggests, Naked protein is composed of only 4 ingredients versus fifteen in BioTrust. This may be important to those wishing to consume only minimally processed products. This protein supplement does not contain flavoring of any kind.

While the lack of flavor may be an issue for some, it does make it an easy additive to any drink or preexisting ingredients.


  • Contains fewer ingredients, calories, and carbs than BioTrust
  • Lower price point per serving may make it more ideal for some
  • Has twenty-five grams of protein per serving
  • Soy, gluten, and hormone-free
  • Uses cold-processing, meaning it is never bleached or treated with unwanted chemicals


  • Lack of flavor may make it unappealing for some
  • Contains egg whites, so those who suffer from allergic reactions to eggs cannot consume this product
  • Low carbohydrate content makes it ill-suited as a post-workout supplement

For those looking for an all-natural, stripped-down protein powder, check out Naked Protein Powder Blend.

Genius Protein Powder

This protein powder again combines the fast and slow-acting proteins of micellar casein and whey isolate just like BioTrust. Genius protein powder has natural cane sugar and cocoa powder to lend a sweeter chocolate flavor. It has a lean nutrient profile with 24 grams of protein, just 3.5 grams of carbs, and 0 grams of fat. This protein powder contains dairy and soy.

This may be suitable for those who want maximum protein with little to no other macronutrients.


  • Fewer calories, fat, and carbs when compared to BioTrust
  • Lower price point per serving
  • Strong ratings on Amazon


  • Only one flavor, lacks variety
  • Contains soy which poses a problem for those with allergies to soy
  • Has slightly more sugar than other protein supplements

If you are looking for a protein powder with no fat and few carbs, or enjoy a protein supplement with natural cane sugar, you may want to try Genius Protein Powder.

John’s Killer Protein Nighttime Blend

Formulated to be consumed before bed, John’s Killer Protein Nighttime Blend has only one ingredient: microfiltered milk protein. It contains 80% casein and 20% whey protein, meaning it breaks down slowly while you sleep. This protein is soy, gluten, egg, and GMO-free. Interestingly, it does not use sunflower lecithin like many other protein powders. Lecithins are typically used to aid in mixing.

This protein has twenty three grams of protein and little else. It endures minimal processing, meaning it is never bleached, acid-washed, or chemically processed. A single serving has the fewest amount of calories when compared to other protein supplements, coming in at only ninety two calories.


  • Very few calories may make it ideal for those trying to lose weight
  • Low price point per serving
  • Ideal for muscle recovery overnight
  • Can be easily combined with other ingredients due to lack of flavor


  • Only forty-three reviews on Amazon
  • No flavor may make it hard to consume on its own
  • Lack of other macronutrients may make it ill-suited for some

If you are interested in a pure and simple form of protein that you can take for overnight muscle recovery, you may want to look at John’s Killer Protein Nighttime Blend.


If you are looking for a protein that has a variety of benefits, using one that has four different kinds of protein may be an optimal approach. If you want a protein powder that has several different flavors and contains an enzyme that can help with protein absorption, look no further than BioTrust Protein Powder.

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