While pre-workout supplements are often grouped into one category or genre of supplement, not all pre-workouts are the same. Some focus solely on providing energy and focus, while others seek to provide a “pump”, an increase in nitric oxide production, or even an improvement in natural testosterone levels.

With that said, it’s important to know what you’re looking for in a pre-workout before purchasing the first “pre-workout” product you see on the shelf. Taking my personal goals as an example, I want to avoid any product that has additional ingredients outside the realm of energy and focus. 

For that reason, B-NOX Androrush is not a product I would personally invest in again. That does not mean, however, that it’s a poor product.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing Betancourt Nutrition’s B-NOX Androrush. Let’s jump right into this bullnox review!

What You Should Consider

As mentioned in the introduction, it’s important to distinguish what you’re looking for in a pre-workout. Myself? I don’t want any part in androgen blockers, testosterone boosters, or the like. On the other hand, YOU may be looking for just that.

With that being said, the first thing you need to consider when purchasing this product, or any supplement for that matter, is the ingredient profile.

Ingredient Profile

If you do any bit of research on B-NOX Androrush, you’ll notice fairly quickly that it promises a lot. From energy and focus, to an increase in testosterone and nitric oxide production. Where do all of these promises come from? The formula. B-NOX Androrush comes equipped with Maca Root and Tribulus for Testosterone (among other ingredients), 200mg of Caffeine for that stimulation of energy, creatine for the strength and pump, and more. 

b nox androrush reviews

Caffeine Consumption 

Like all pre-workouts, it’s important to bring forth some awareness as to the amount of caffeine you’ll be consuming in the run of a day. Because many pre-workouts, including this one, are dosed with a high amount of caffeine, you’ll want to be careful as to the amount of caffeine you’re consuming outside of supplementing with this product. It’s worth noting, however, that in my opinion, their dosage of 200mg of Caffeine is perfectly reasonable in comparison to some more highly-dosed products on the market.


This product comes packaged with 35 servings and in comparison to its competitors, I would say it’s a fair price if not, a competitive price!

Bullnox Review

So what is B-NOX Androrush? 

Well, to be honest, it’s apparently a long list of things according to their marketing team…

At its most basic, sure, it’s a pre-workout supplement. However, it’s been formulated and marketed to offer total focus, energy, testosterone boost, and a pump, among other things.

Below is the B-NOX Androrush formula (note that this product is dosed with so many ingredients, I’m not going to list them ALL):


  • Offers a host of flavors (8 to be exact)
  • Offers a Total Package (energy, focus, testosterone boost, etc.)
  • Affordable
  • Dosed with creatine (A pro in my books)


  • Poor packaging
  • Does not pertain to a large demographic (if taken by the wrong individual, could be dangerous)
  • Formula can be excessive for some

Purchasing B-NOX Androrush will give you 35 servings.

This product is for those that are experienced, intensified gym-goers (likely hardcore bodybuilders) looking to build strength, increase testosterone, and experience a boost in energy and focus during their workouts. A female does not fall within this product demographic. 

Features & Benefits

In this section, we’ll be reviewing all the features and benefits of the B-NOX Androrush:

Energy & Focus

Thanks to a properly dosed amount of caffeine, theobromine, and beetroot extract, you can be sure to experience the right amount of energy and focus during your workouts. Talk about peak exercise performance! To touch on the ingredient profile, much like caffeine, theobromine acts as a stimulant in the body. As for beetroot, it increases blood flow, and improves exercise performance!

bullnox review


I am not a part of the demographic seeking an increase in testosterone, but for those that are, this product is effectively dosed to do so. The combination of Stinging Nettle Root Extract, Maca Root, and Standardized Tribulus help to maintain, protect, and produce healthy testosterone levels within the body. Without getting into the science, just know that this is a great stack of ingredients to promote healthy testosterone levels.

The Pump We’ve All Been Waiting For

If you haven’t heard about nitric oxide, it’s largely what is attributed to the pump. It increases blood flow to the muscles, and in turn, provides you with a killer pump. This is also in conjunction with a number of ingredients to accomplish such. Oh, and we can’t forget about creatine. With this product, you won’t have to supplement creatine separately. A huge plus in my opinion.

What Do Others Say About B-NOX Androrush?

This product has been reviewed almost 2000 times on Amazon, with an overall rating of 4.6/5. 

In addition, by feature, it boasts a 4.7/5 in ingredient quality, 4.4/5 in flavor, and 4.3/5 in value.

Below are a few examples of positive b nox androrush reviews on Amazon that I came across in scouring the internet:

After reading this article, be sure to do your own research before purchasing! You may come to a slightly different opinion than myself. With that said, while I haven’t heard of this product, or brand/company for that matter, until I tried it, I was surprised to see the number of reviews this product had. The good news? It was overwhelmingly positive. 


As you likely know, the supplement industry is flooded with products and brands. It’s like a new company comes on the scene every day! So, it’s important to compare for quality assurance. Below are a few alternatives of similar stature to B-NOX Androrush:

N.O. Xplode Pre Workout

Funny enough, I grew up on this product. During my first year of college is when I first came across this company. So to say I’m a little bias towards this product may be somewhat of an understatement. However, this product is of the highest quality, bias or not. A fantastic pre-workout that offers a killer pump.


  • Highly effective, no BS.
  • Flavour (in my opinion)
  • Industry-trusted brand.


  • Too many ingredients in the formula. Hard to decipher.
  • Dosages not totally transparent.

If you are intrigued by this all round pre workout option, check it out here.


This is a stim-heavy pre-workout. I’ve never heard of this brand either, however, when I took a look at the formula, I knew it wasn’t for me. With that said, I have tried it before. Jitters were through the roof, and I took half a scoop. Nonetheless, the rocket pop flavor was pretty good.


  • Taste
  • Effective (for those that have high tolerance to caffeine) 


  • Stimulant level way too high
  • Jitters

Try it out and see if you enjoy the high stimulant option, here.

Legion PULSE

Trusted brand, great product. If you take a look at this product on Amazon, you’ll notice that it has over 10000 reviews! This brand has been around forever and it leads the charge in much of the supplement space. Can’t say enough good about this product.


  • Trusted brand
  • Effective formula
  • Taste


  • High caffeine content (350mg) 
  • Price is a little steep

If you are interested in an all round pre workout with high stimulants, you can check it out here.


Assuming that this product category is for you, I would conclude by saying that there might be better, more trusted, and reliable products out there on the market today. On the other hand, B-NOX certainly holds its own and I can see the value in investment when this is just the type of supplement you’re looking for.

Nonetheless, this product was effective overall, I’ll give them that! If you want a pre workout with great pumps and a testosterone boost, you can try it out here.

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