8 Best Protein Powder Without Artificial Sweeteners 2021

Following my test of the eight products in this guide, I found out that Opportuniteas Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder Isolate to be the best protein powder without artificial sweeteners if you’re looking to build muscle.

Protein powders with no artificial sweeteners are worth incorporating into your workout regime because they offer a healthy addition to your daily nutrition. They are also perfect for fueling your muscles which enhances your workout sessions.

The Opportuniteas Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder Isolate is an excellent choice for muscle building because it contains 19 grams of protein per serving and other essential amino acids that can help fuel your muscles for a better workout.  It also aids in muscle recovery, which is why you should consider incorporating it in your post-workout recovery. 

This product is a perfect choice if you are an athlete or a bodybuilder because of its fast-digesting proteins. Additionally, the powder is stripped of fat and is high in amino acids, ensuring faster recovery after workouts. 

Read on to learn more about protein powders with no artificial sweeteners.

Best For Muscle BuildingOpportuniteas Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder

This protein powder uses high-quality natural food ingredients and its protein comes from grass-fed cows. It contains organic cane sugar as a sweetener and has a chocolate flavor. It packs 19 grams of protein which helps to boost your appetite.  It is also an excellent addition to your post-workout recovery as it helps your muscles to recover quickly.

Thanks to its chocolate, vanilla, and coffee flavor, it’s excellent as a daily snack, especially if you combine it with cottage cheese. This whey protein isolate tastes great when you mix it with water and help you fight the craving for sweets.


  • Flavors: Chocolate, coffee, and vanilla
  • Key Ingredients: Whey protein isolate, Organic Cacao, Organic Cane Sugar, Himalayan Salt
  • Key Features: This protein powder is lactose-free, making it ideal for anyone who’s lactose intolerant.
  • Ideal User: Great for athletes as it aids in muscle recovery and excellent if you want to fight sweet cravings as it tastes great when you mix with water
  • Macros: 1g of fat, 9g of carbohydrates, 8g of total sugar, 20g of protein


  • It contains essential amino acids that support your post-workout recovery
  • This protein powder uses premium real-food ingredients, which means it has no artificial sweeteners that might cause any health hazard
  • Its high protein content helps to boost your strength during workout 


  • Some users say that it doesn’t blend in well with other drinks, especially water
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Best For VeganOrgain Organic Plant-Based Protein

This is a premium quality plant-based protein free of sugars, gluten, and lactose. Instead, it packs 21g of chia seed, rice, and organic pea per serving. It makes a great addition to milk and water if you want a plant-based protein powder with no artificial sweeteners.

You can still use it before and after workouts or throughout the day if you want to boost your energy. It also makes a great addition when baking.


  • Flavors: Creamy Chocolate Fudge, Vanilla Almond, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate Coconut
  • Key Ingredients: Organic brown rice protein, organic chia seeds, organic pea protein, and stevia
  • Key Features: Free of Gluten and Soy, doesn’t contain lecithin for mixability but offers the same smooth results.
  • Ideal User: This product is best for vegans. Not only does it taste good, but it’s also a great way to add protein to your baked goods. It also combines well with water unlike some other vegan options.
  • Macros: 4g of fat, 15g of carbohydrates, 0g of sugar, 21g of protein


  • Doesn’t contain lecithin but mixes just as well with water or almond milk
  • No nasty after-taste commonly associated with stevia
  • Certified organic
  • Vegan-friendly 


  • A little high in fat and carb content
  • It can cause bloating if you consume it in excess
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Best For ValuePure Label Nutrition Whey protein

The pure label nutrition is 100% unflavored whey protein with no artificial sweeteners. This protein powder has grass-fed whey as the main ingredient, which comes from United States dairy farms. It’s also full of amino acids and offers 2 gram of carbs, 2.5 grams of fat, and 24 grams of protein for every serving.

It’s even a perfect keto-friendly supplement thanks to its low carbohydrate and calories content. If you are an athlete and want to build muscle mass, you will benefit from the high protein profile of this product. This protein powder is also great as a pre or post-workout snack. It’s also great for the elderly because they need high protein content to better their connective tissues and bones.


  • Flavors: Unflavored, chocolate, and vanilla
  • Key Ingredients: Whey protein concentrate, stevia
  • Key Features: No colors and preservatives, it’s non-GMO, Gluten free, and Soy free
  • Ideal User: This product is great for those just testing out protein powders and may not want to invest in a more expensive option to start. It offers decent macros so you can test how it works with your body, and if it doesn’t work out, it offers a money-back guarantee. 
  • Macros: 2.5g of fat, 2g of carbohydrates, 2g sugar, 24g of protein


  • Excellent results for post-workout recovery   
  • This product offers a money-back guarantee
  • It doesn’t have chalky residue or bitter aftertaste
  • Perfect for different recipes


  •  Some users have noted inconsistency in taste from one purchase to the next
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Best For Variety – Levels Grass Fed Whey Protein

The great thing about the Levels grass-fed whey protein is its natural ingredients, including decaffeinated coffee powder, cold-pressed cocoa, sweetened with stevia, and monk fruit extract. The protein comes from 100% pasture-raised cows, and it’s keto and paleo-friendly. Every scoop packs 5.4 grams of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and 24 grams of protein.

This protein powder also has 60 mg of sodium, 3 grams total carbs, and 2.5 grams of total fat. Each 30 gram serving of this protein powder has 130 calories. You should note that this powder contains lactose, so you should avoid it if you’re lactose intolerant. Some users say that they sometimes experience digestion issues when using this powder. If this happens to you after using this product, continue with caution or stop using it altogether.

This powder has the ideal ingredients for those who want better performance enhancement and fast post-workout recovery.  This grass-fed powder comes in many flavors, so you can incorporate it in different beverages like coffee or vanilla smoothie.


  • Flavors: Chocolate, Chocolate Mocha, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Strawberry, Vanilla, Vanilla Cinnamon, Unflavored, Strawberry
  • Key Ingredients: Monk Fruit Extract, Cocoa Powder, Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Key Features: Lab tested for harmful contaminants, free of Gluten, no artificial flavors or sweeteners, no bleach, no hormones
  • Ideal User: If you’re picky about flavors and want your protein powder to also be delicious and fun, this product is a great option for you. Besides choosing from eight flavors, they also blend well with coffee, milk, or smoothies. 
  • Macros: 2.5g of fat, 3g of carbohydrates, 2g of sugar, 24g of protein


  • Cold processed which helps to protect the bioactive ingredients
  • No GMO or added sugars
  • Lab-tested for heavy metals
  • 5.4g of BCAAs per serving


  • Can cause digestive issues like gas or bloating if you’re lactose intolerant
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Best For Meal Replacement – Garden of Life Meal Replacement

This is an excellent protein powder to consider if you are looking for a meal replacement. It tastes good and has a range of nutrients to ensure you’re getting your basic nutrition from a regular meal. Though you may need to adjust the serving to cater to your calorie intake.

I love this product mostly because it’s free from harmful ingredients like lactose, soy, gluten, and GMOs. This powder contains 20 grams of protein in each serving.

It also has an organic vanilla flavor, 13 grams of carbs, and is naturally sweetened with organic stevia. This protein powder still consists of an organic greens blend, probiotic blend, and whole-food mineral/vitamin blend. All these blends are an excellent nutrient meal replacement full of high-quality plant protein.

As a vegan protein supplement, it can boost your plant-based diet intake. It can also help you to build muscle mass and enhance your performance. This is your ideal powder when searching for a healthy supplement to boost your energy.


  • Flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla Chai, Vanilla, Lightly Sweet
  • Key Ingredients: Vitamin A , E , D and K, Brown Rice, Chia Seeds, Organic Stevia, Sea Salt
  • Key Features: Gluten free, raw plant based protein, non GMO verified 
  • Ideal User: This protein powder is great for anyone looking for organic whole food replacement. It includes a variety of nutrients necessary in a meal, including a range of vitamins and minerals. 
  • Macros: 2.5g of fat, 13g of carbohydrates, 20g of protein


  • Most users say that it has helped them in their weight loss journey
  • Free from soy, GMO, lactose, and gluten
  • 1.5 billion enzymes and probiotics
  • 21 different types of minerals and vitamins


  • If you’re using it as the only meal replacement, you’ll need to use at least 3 scoops to make it a viable replacement
  • More expensive than other options
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Best For Gluten Free – Muscle Feast Grass Fed Whey Protein

This powder has low sodium, cholesterol, fats, and carb levels. Some of its top ingredients include stevia, sunflower lecithin, whey protein isolate, and natural flavors like strawberry cheesecake, vanilla, and chocolate. It also contains 4.5g of branch chain amino acids that can boost your workout performance.

Each serving of this protein powder packs 20.5 grams of protein and 88 calories. It has a low carb content, which makes it an ideal keto-friendly powder. This protein powder is gluten-free and tested to ensure it is safe for those with gluten allergies to consume. There are options without flavors that you can mix with any beverage or smoothie.


  • Flavors: Vanilla, strawberry cheesecake, unflavored, chocolate, mocha 
  • Key Ingredients: Stevia, Natural Vanilla Flavoring, whey protein isolate
  • Key Features: Doesn’t have any artificial sweeteners, soy free, certified gluten-free, no GMO ingredients, free of added hormones
  • Ideal User: This product is a great option for those with gluten sensitivity or allergies. It’s tested to ensure that the product is safe to consume and has all the perks you want from a regular protein powder. 
  • Macros: 2g fat, 2g carbohydrates, 1g total sugars, 20.5g protein


  • Good mixability
  • Tested for zero impurities in raw ingredients
  • The powder ingredients are passed through micro-filtration processes
  • 4.6 grams of Branched-Chain Amino Acids
  • Certified Gluten Free


  • Doesn’t mix well with oatmeal
  • Flavors can be overwhelmingly sweet for some users
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Best For Dairy Free – Bulksupplements.com Paleo Beef Protein

This protein powder is full of muscle-building amino acids with 90% pure protein. Every serving of this protein powder will give you 110 calories, no fat, 46 milligrams of sodium, no sugar, and 25 grams of protein. This dairy-free protein powder can also add 12% of the calcium you need per day. Other essential minerals you’ll benefit from include magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium.

If you’re a bodybuilder, including this protein powder in your diet can help to reduce post-workout soreness and help repair muscle tissues. If you take it in moderate amounts, it can help you maintain a lean body mass. If you want to avoid milk products or are lactose intolerant, this beef protein is ideal because it is lactose-free.

It also doesn’t contain any carbs, making it a great choice if you’re a low-carb dieter. If you plan to use this protein powder as a supplement, consider taking 15-30 grams every day. As a weightlifter, the ideal usage should be 0.36 per pound of your body weight. Also, you should mix it with your workout drink and take it immediately after working out. 


  • Flavors: Unflavored
  • Key Ingredients: Beef Protein Isolate Powder
  • Key Features: Free of lactose, Keto friendly
  • Ideal User: Ideal for people on Keto diet, paleo diet, or those with lactose intolerance.
  • Macros: 0 gram of fat, 0g of carbohydrates, 25g of protein


  • No bloating or digestive issues commonly associated with whey
  • It has a complete amino-acid profile
  • The powder is lab-tested for its quality and purity


  • Some users don’t find the heavy beef flavor appealing
  • More expensive option
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Best For Brand – Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard

This protein powder contains natural sugar, natural flavors, coconut milk, soy, and a protein blend. It is gluten-free, and every serving packs 5.5 grams of chain amino acids and 24 grams of protein. You will also get 1 gram of fat, 5 grams of total carb, and 130 calories from every scoop.

The Optimum Nutritional protein powder formulation is best for men and women. If you take it before or after exercising, it can help in your muscle recovery process. You can include it in your morning diet, preferably a smoothie, if you want to be full of energy when looking to control your appetite.


  • Flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, French Vanilla, Chocolate Crème
  • Key Ingredients: Whey protein concentrate
  • Key Features: Whey Protein Isolates (WPI) as main protein source, free of gluten, no artificial flavors, tested for purity and potency
  • Ideal User: If you’re concerned about safety and nutritional content, you may want to invest in a reputable brand. This product is produced by one of the best protein powder brands. Popular in over 90 countries, you can expect the product to be well-tested and effective. 
  • Macros: 1g of fat, 5g of carbohydrates, 24g of protein


  • The Optimum Nutritional brand has 30 years of reputability in over 90 countries
  • It is highly nutritious
  • Has amino acids that ensure better muscle building
  • The whey protein significantly improves results from regular exercising


  • Some users report that it has a chalky taste in the mouth
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Valuable Consideration When Buying a Protein Powder With No Artificial Sweeteners

Consuming the best protein powder without artificial sweeteners is vital in boosting your energy and ensuring quick recovery after your workout. This is why you have to be careful when sourcing your ideal protein powder. Here are a few things to take into account:

Brand Reputation 

From my experience, when you buy a protein powder from a brand with many negative reviews, you’ll most likely end up with a substandard product. While reviews are essential in helping you gauge the quality of products, it’s best to settle for brands that offer a money-back guarantee.

This is important because it shows that they value your feeling of satisfaction with their products.

Protein Content

Your ideal protein powder should contain the cleanest possible formula and high-quality protein. This means that it should not have additives, fillers, or other artificial ingredients. If possible, you should settle for products with at least 20 grams of protein in each serving. Paying for anything less is not worth it. Before you commit to a product, make sure to confirm that it uses safe and popular natural sweeteners.

Types Of Ingredients

When selecting a protein powder, make sure that it has high-quality proteins with minimal additional ingredients. You should also check on your product ingredients to ensure that they improve your performance or health.

Check on the Flavors

Some protein powders have flavors while others don’t. The flavored options are ideal if you don’t want to mix them with other drinks. If you prefer to have your protein powder in your energy drink or smoothie, the unflavored options are a perfect choice. Some powders may leave a chalky aftertaste when you mix them with other beverages, and this is something not to overlook.

Take Note of the Ideal Thickening Agent

Some protein powders contain substances that make your protein shake thicker. Some of the most common substances include guar gum, Xanthan, and psyllium. These substances are safe when you use them in small amounts, which is why you should use products that have them in moderation.

Evaluate Your Products Quality and Purity

When buying protein powders, you should check on the label and confirm their purity. Some brands conduct lab tests and indicate them on the label. This helps to verify their products are free from contaminants like heavy metals or artificial sweeteners. In most cases, you will pay more for products that opt for their-party testing.

best protein powder without artifical sweeteners

What are Artificial Sweeteners?

These are synthetic substances that taste the same as natural sugars and don’t contain any calories. This means that they’ll have less impact on your metabolism. Many protein powder brands use them to flavor their products, but they are controversial because of their adverse side effects.

Today, plenty of artificial sweeteners are available in the market, but only a few have the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval. They include; advantame, sucralose, saccharin, neotame, aspartame, and acesulfame. Many brands add these sweeteners to their products because they help consumers to lose weight.

However, a study in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics shows how artificial sweeteners cause insulin response to gain weight. Another study shows how such chemicals can cause depression, mood swings, palpitations, chest pain, and skin irritations.

Ingredients to Look for in an Artificial Sweetener Free Protein Powder

There are plenty of ingredients in an artificial sweetener-free protein powder. Here’s an overview of a few you should know:

  • Soy: Some protein powders without artificial sweeteners have soy as an ingredient. But, you should know that soy is highly controversial, and you should avoid it. This is because it has phytates, a compound known to inhibit better mineral absorption.
  • Stevia: This is a safe ingredient you can use in protein powders, but you should avoid it if you take high blood pressure medication. It’s also necessary to ensure that you’re taking pure stevia and not its blends, which can sometimes be processed with chemicals.
  • Lactose and Gluten: Many people prefer protein powders that don’t have the two ingredients because about 70% of people are lactose intolerant, and more people seek products without gluten.
  • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs): The GMOs are ingredients achieved after altering the plant’s DNA to fit the desired result. In most cases, GMOs are harmful because there’s no proper research undertaken on such products.

Natural Sweetener Alternatives

Natural sweeteners are an excellent alternative to artificial sweeteners because they are a healthier option. Here are a few you should know:


Also popularly known as sweetleaf, this is a natural sweetener from extracts of the stevia plant leaves. The extract sugar content is 150 times more than that of sugar due to its glucoside compounds.

Fruit Monk Sweetener

Just like stevia, this natural sweetener is 200 times sweeter than sugar. This product comes from mogrosides, a compound that doesn’t add calories to your body. It originates from Northern Thailand and Southern China.

Raw Honey

Honey is full of carbohydrates and has fructose as the main ingredient. For a long time, many people have used it as a sweetener because it’s nutritious compared to refined sugars. You need to know that honey has a high-calorie count, and you must control your portions.

Agave Nectar

The Agave plant grows in hot and arid regions of Mexico and the United States, and its nectar comes from boiling the plant. While its sugar may not be the healthiest sweetener in the market, it’s a healthier choice than cane sugars.


If you are looking for the overall best protein powder without artificial sweeteners, I would recommend that you settle for the Opportuniteas Grass Fed Whey Protein Powder Isolate. Compared to most of the products in this list, it is an affordable protein powder option.

Additionally, if you love the natural flavor of cocoa powder, you’ll find it a great choice.

Now that you have an idea of the best protein powders without artificial sweeteners, it should be easy to choose from the products mentioned above.

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