Best Bone Broth for Weight Loss: Sipping Your Way to a Slimmer You

Bone broth is riding a wave of popularity in the health and wellness community, and for good reason.

Have you ever wondered what makes this savory elixir a go-to for those looking to shed a few pounds?

It’s all about the rich minerals, amino acids, and proteins extracted during the slow simmering process of animal bones, which can be key to boosting your metabolism and aiding in weight loss. Additionally, the inclusion of apple cider vinegar enhances the flavor and provides extra health benefits.

Deciding on the best bone broth for your weight loss journey can feel overwhelming with so many options on the market. Beef bone broth and chicken bone broth are popular options, each offering distinct flavors and health benefits.

Don’t worry, though; it’s all about finding the one that fits your taste preferences, nutritional needs, and lifestyle.

Whether it’s a low-sodium organic chicken broth or a high-protein beef bone concoction, the right choice can support your diet in more ways than one.

So, let’s talk about what to look for in a bone broth and how you can seamlessly incorporate it into your daily routine to support your health goals.

Our Recommendations

CategoryProductCheck it Out Here
Best OverallKettle & Fire Bone Broth Variety Pack (Beef, Chicken, Mushroom Chicken)Amazon
Best for Flavor VarietyFOND Pasture-Raised Regenerative Chicken Bone Broth, 14 Fl OzAmazon
Best for Sipping/TravelSwanson Sipping Chicken Bone Broth with Ginger & Turmeric, 10.75 oz. Sipping CupAmazon
Best Powdered OptionAncient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein Powder, Vanilla FlavorAmazon
Best Value OptionPacific Foods Organic Unsalted Chicken Bone BrothAmazon

Review Guidelines

man scooping protein powder into a bottle

Let’s cut straight to the chase and check out how to zero in on your perfect match.

Criteria for Evaluation

Nutritional Content

  • Protein: Essential for your muscles.
  • Collagen: Great for your skin and joints.
  • Calories: Lower is better for weight loss, generally.
  • Sodium: Too much? Not so good for your heart.

Ingredient Quality

  • Organic: Pesticide-free? Check!
  • Grass-fed: For beef broth, this is a healthier bet.
  • Free-range: Chicken roamed around? Good stuff.
  • Beef bone broth concentrate: Rich in flavor and nutrients.
  • Organic apple cider vinegar: Adds a tangy taste and health benefits.

Flavor and Taste

  • The yum factor: Taste tests matter.
  • Variety: Boredom’s a no-no, so look for flavor variety.
  • Organic chicken bone broth: Mild flavor and high nutritional value.

Value for Money

  • Compare cost per serving.
  • And, the cost per gram of protein? Critical.

Brand Reputation

  • Customer reviews can be eye-opening.
  • A brand’s history says a lot about its reliability.

Sources of Information

  • Expert Reviews: Names like EatingWell and Verywell Fit serve up the knowledgeable lowdown.
  • Customer Feedback: Amazon’s reviews and social media shoutouts offer unfiltered opinions.
  • Comparative Analysis: Let’s talk facts. We need a face-off of nutrient content, ingredient quality, and taste profiles.

The 5 Best Bone Broths for Weight Loss

When you’re on a journey to shed some pounds, nutrition is key, and bone broth can be a helpful ally.

Packed with protein and nutrients, these broths can curb your hunger while offering a wealth of health benefits.

But with so many options, how do you choose the best bone broth for weight loss? Let’s break it down.

Best Overall – Kettle and Fire Classic Beef and Chicken Bone Broth

kettle and fire bone broth soup packages

You’re likely looking for something that offers high protein content, alongside essential nutrients. The best overall for your needs packs a punch in both.

  • Protein Content: Exceptionally high, ideal for muscle maintenance during weight loss.
  • Key Ingredients: Quality bones (typically from grass-fed sources), herbs, and vegetables, including grass-fed beef bones.
  • Unique Selling Points: The broth is slow-cooked to ensure maximum nutrient extraction.
  • Customer Reviews: Stellar reviews highlighting the broth’s rich taste and health benefits.
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If you’re aiming for weight loss and overall health, we highly recommend this bone broth as a daily staple.


  • Rich in collagen and protein
  • Organic ingredients enhance the flavor
  • Compatible with multiple diets like Keto and Paleo


  • Some may find the flavors mild
  • Quantities might appear small for daily use
  • Premium ingredients may not fit everyone’s budget

Ever had one of those mornings where you crave something soothing yet nourishing? Well, we’ve been there.

Which is why we reached for Kettle & Fire’s Classic Beef and Chicken Bone Broth.

Starting a day with a warm cup of this broth not only fuelled us with energy but also kept us full, aiding in our weight loss efforts.

Our family has a range of dietary needs, and this broth fits right in. Whether we’re doing intermittent fasting or sticking to a low-carb diet, a quick heat-up of Kettle & Fire’s broth delivers all the nutrients we need.

There’s no questioning the quality – those free-range chicken bones and organic ingredients can be tasted in every sip.

Now, let’s chat about body benefits. Ever wondered why everyone sings praises of collagen? We sure did.

But after incorporating this broth into our routine, the results spoke for themselves.

Our skin got that much-coveted youthful glow, and the joint aches from our morning runs started to subside – a full thumbs up in our book.

Although perfect for us, every product has its drawbacks. The subtlety of the flavor left us wanting at times – a punch of herbs might do the trick.

And while we appreciate the commitment to high-quality ingredients, it does mean having to ration the sachets for daily use, lest you run out prematurely.

To sum it up, Kettle & Fire’s offering has been a game-changer for us. Its natural goodness delivered in a convenient, sippable form has made us loyal fans, and we’d suggest you give it a try to kickstart a healthier, more balanced routine.

Best for Flavor Variety – FOND Pasture-Raised Chicken Bone Broth

fond chicken bone broth bottle

Who says a diet has to be boring? The best thing about this one is that it comes in several flavors.

  • Protein Content: Adequate for keeping you satiated between meals.
  • Key Ingredients: Chicken bones, sea salt, carrots, onions, lemon juice, celery, red radishes, and green onions
  • Unique Selling Points: Regeneratively sourced chicken bones to create a nutrient-dense, flavorful broth that is suitable for Paleo, Keto, and gluten-free diets
  • Customer Reviews: Many love the option to switch up tastes while sticking to a health regimen.
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This bone broth is a must-try if you’re looking for a flavorful weight-loss aid.


  • Loaded with protein and collagen
  • High-quality, organic ingredients
  • Versatility in cooking


  • May be too salty for some tastes
  • Instances of packaging issues reported
  • Higher cost compared to homemade variants

Bright and flavorful, the Fond Pasture-Raised Regenerative Chicken Bone Broth infused with Organic Lemon & Garlic truly delivers on taste. It makes you feel nourished and revitalized after you’ve had a mug. You can tell the chicken used in this broth is of superior quality, and those conscious about their food sources will appreciate the pasture-raised, regenerative farm origination.

Sipping on this bone broth, you’ll catch the hints of organic lemon and garlic. The flavors are bright, unlike the often bland options out there. It elevates the sipping experience, making this broth perfect as a standalone warm drink. It’s especially comforting on chilly evenings.

When used as a base in recipes, this bone broth comes alive. It doesn’t just linger in the background; it takes center stage, enhancing whatever dish you are creating. Whether it’s a hearty stew or a light vegetable soup, the broth infuses the meal with proteins, collagen, and essential amino acids while keeping it keto, paleo, and low-carb friendly.

Yet, even the best products have their downsides. Some might find this broth a tad salty, affecting its versatility for those on a low-sodium diet. Additionally, there have been mentions of jars not being sealed properly, which is concerning given the product’s premium position in the market. These issues, however, are outweighed by the clearly outstanding quality and taste of the broth.

We love cooking and have integrated this bone broth into various dishes, noticing how it complements spices and vegetables beautifully. It’s also reassuring to know that the company is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Now, let’s talk numbers and key takeaways. The protein content bolsters your diet, aiding in weight loss and muscle maintenance. The collage and amino acids support skin, joint, and gut health, which I felt firsthand after incorporating it into my daily regimen. The commitment to quality with fresh, organic ingredients and no added preservatives is clear from each delightful sip. The broth also fits right into a variety of healthy diets.

Best for Sipping/Travel – Swanson Sipping Bone Broth

swanson sipping bone broth bottles

Need something on the go? This broth is designed for sipping anywhere, anytime.

  • Protein Content: Enough to give you that energy boost while out and about.
  • Key Ingredients: Includes bones, herbs, and sometimes a touch of caffeine. Zoup chicken bone broth is a popular choice for its convenience and nutritional content.
  • Unique Selling Points: Comes in easy-to-carry containers.
  • Customer Reviews: Rave about the convenience and satisfying taste.
Buy on Amazon

Our healthy living journey just got tastier with this flavorful sipping broth—perfect for anyone looking to add a protein-packed snack to their diet regimen.


  • Rich in collagen protein, benefiting skin and joint health
  • Contributes to a filling, low-calorie snack with just 45 calories per cup
  • offers the convenience of quick preparation in a transportable cup


  • Some may find the flavor less bold than expected
  • Full-to-the-brim packaging can make the initial opening messy
  • Limited flavor variety within this product line

Lately, we’ve been keen on finding convenient, nutritious snacks that align with our weight loss goals.

Swanson’s Chicken Bone Broth ticks the boxes with its naturally occurring collagen protein and a calorie count that keeps us guilt-free.

At only 45 calories, it’s a snug addition to our diet plan.

We’ve noticed our skin looking a bit more radiant, and it’s a comforting thought to know we’re supporting joint health while sipping away.

It’s impressive how Swanson has managed to bottle up such nutrients into a portable cup—our gym bags now almost always have one stashed away!

The sipping cup heats in a jiffy, making it a fuss-free experience when we’re strapped for time.

This is something we’ve been especially grateful for between meetings when a quick, wholesome boost is much needed.

While we revel in the conveniences Swanson’s Sipping Bone Broth provides, we’ve picked up on a couple of nuances.

Those with a palate for robust flavors might find this broth a tad mild—the subtlety of taste has left us craving more oomph on occasion.

And an ounce of caution for when opening the sipping cup! Its full-to-the-brim packaging can lead to some spills, but once we got the hang of it, it was smooth sailing—or should we say sipping?

Best Powdered Option – Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein Powder

ancient nutrition bone broth protein powder

For those who are always running, a powdered broth that mixes instantly can save the day.

  • Protein Content: Varies by serving, but generally provides a solid protein source.
  • Key Ingredients: Dehydrated bone broth and sometimes additional superfoods.
  • Unique Selling Points: Versatility and ease of preparation.
  • Customer Reviews: Hailed for its convenience and suitability for busy lifestyles.
Buy on Amazon


  • High protein content enhances weight loss efforts
  • Packed with joint-supporting nutrients like glucosamine and chondroitin
  • Easy to incorporate into daily dietary routines


  • Pure flavor might be too bland for some tastes
  • Can be difficult to mix thoroughly without a blender
  • Some users reported digestive discomfort

Starting the day with a scoop of Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein Powder feels invigorating. The Pure flavor is subtle, making it a versatile addition to morning shakes.

This particular powder revs up protein intake significantly, facilitating muscle maintenance and satiety during weight loss endeavors.

What I really admire is how this powder doubles up the protein content compared to other brands.

As someone who keeps an eye on their joint health, the bonus of type II collagen along with essential amino acids that support my immune system is something I can’t overlook.

Incorporating it into my diet is seamless – one scoop in warm water, and a satisfying broth is ready to sip.

Occasionally, blending can be a bit of a hassle. Without a proper mixer, it can get lumpy, but with the right tools, it’s smooth sailing.

Plus, the neutral taste has the potential to blend well with a variety of spices or flavors I decide to experiment with each day.

I’ve noticed some discussions online where a few individuals experienced some stomach upset, so that’s something to consider if you have a sensitive digestive system.

If I were to recommend a tool for weight loss that doubles as a nutrient powerhouse, Ancient Nutrition’s Bone Broth Protein would be high on the list.

It’s not just about dropping pounds; it’s also about nurturing the body, and this product has that dual advantage.

After trying it myself, I find it contributes positively to my overall well-being, bolstering my fitness routine with its substantial protein hit and joint-supporting ingredients.

Why do we root for Ancient Nutrition’s Bone Broth Powder? Well, it’s not just any ordinary protein supplement; it’s a nutritional jack-of-all-trades.

It aids in weight loss, supports our joint health, and boosts our immune system with an impressive profile of micro and macronutrients.

It’s vital, however, to acknowledge everyone’s unique palate and digestive sensitivity when considering this powder.

Our diet is as personal as our fingerprint, and while this particular product has done wonders for countless people, including us, it’s important to listen to your body’s individual needs and preferences

Best Value Option – Pacific Foods Organic Bone Broth

pacific foods bone broth packages

Maximizing your investment is crucial when you’re conscious about both health and budget.

  • Protein Content: Competes well with others despite the price tag.
  • Key Ingredients: Quality bones and nutritious herbs.
  • Unique Selling Points: This broth offers a great balance between cost and nutritional content.
  • Customer Reviews: Users appreciate the value for money aspect.
Buy on Amazon

If you’re seeking a convenient and tasty way to enhance your diet, this bone broth is a stellar choice.


  • Rich in protein, ideal for post-workout recovery
  • Organic and non-GMO ingredients, aligning with clean eating habits
  • Versatile use in both sipping and cooking


  • Unsatisfactory for those who prefer a stronger flavor
  • Container size may be small for some users
  • Taste may vary between batches

Sipping on Pacific Foods Organic Chicken Bone Broth becomes a part of our healthy routine with its satisfying warmth and depth of flavor.

We find the 9 grams of protein per cup particularly beneficial after our exercises, aiding in muscle recovery.

As it’s unsalted, we appreciate controlling the seasoning and keeping sodium intake in check, something that not every broth on the market offers.

We value the quality that comes from its organic and non-GMO ingredients.

Whether it’s part of a recipe or enjoyed on its own, it’s reassuring to know we’re consuming a product that’s mindful of our health and dietary preferences.

Adding our own twist with lemon or herbs enhances the natural flavors for an even better experience.

Its utility in the kitchen is indispensable.

It seamlessly substitutes for water in recipes, adding an extra layer of flavor to our soups and casseroles.

However, we do occasionally crave a more robust taste, which we achieve by incorporating fresh garden herbs or a pinch of sea salt depending on our mood.

Not all broths are created equal, and sometimes we’ve noticed a variance in taste between cartons, which can be slightly disappointing.

Plus, those of us with heartier appetites find the 32 oz carton a tad limiting—it disappears rather quickly!

Despite the minor drawbacks, the Pacific Foods Organic Chicken Bone Broth stands out as our ‘best for value’ choice. Each soothing sip reaffirms why it belongs in our pantry.

What Is Bone Broth?

pot of bone broth on the stove

Ever wondered what the buzz around bone broth is all about? Let’s dive into its rich history and how it’s made to understand why so many swear by its health benefits.

Historical Context and Resurgence

Bone broth isn’t a new fad—it has been around for centuries, a staple in traditional cuisines worldwide, revered for its restorative properties.

But, guess what? This nourishing elixir is making a big comeback!

With the rise of wellness trends and paleo diets, your friend who’s into health trends has probably gushed about it at least once.

Understanding the Basics

What’s in this magical potion? Well, bone broth is a rich liquid obtained from simmering bones, typically beef, chicken, or fish, for an extended period. This process extracts beneficial components like:

  • Collagen: The superhero protein that’s all about keeping your skin looking young and your joints feeling spry.
  • Proteins and Gelatin: When collagen breaks down, it becomes gelatin—a gut-healing wizard.
  • Amino Acids: These are the building blocks of proteins, with a role in almost every biological process in your body.
  • Minerals: Bone broth is a treasure chest of minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, to name a few.

Different types of bone broth offer distinct tastes, such as the rich beef flavor and the mild, satisfying chicken flavor, each with its unique nutritional profile.

In a nutshell, your grandma was right—it’s good for you!

If you’re eyeing weight loss, sipping on bone broth might just be the warm hug your diet needs.

What to Consider?

pot of bone broth on a burner

Deciding on the best bone broth for weight loss isn’t just about picking a random jar off the shelf.

Let’s dive into the specifics to make sure your choice is well-informed and beneficial for your health goals.

When Bone Broth May Not Be Beneficial

Bone broth is touted for its health benefits, but it may not be a magic elixir for everyone.

If you have a condition that limits your protein intake or are sensitive to high levels of certain minerals, you might want to consult your healthcare provider first.

Also, if you’re expecting immediate weight loss results just from sipping on bone broth, you might be disappointed—weight loss requires comprehensive dietary and lifestyle changes.

Measuring the Effectiveness of Bone Broth

To measure how effective bone broth can be for your weight loss, keep an eye on how it integrates with your overall diet.

It’s rich in protein, which can help with satiety; however, bone broth should complement a balanced diet that includes a variety of nutrient-dense foods.

What to Look for on the Label

Analyzing the label is crucial:

  • Nutritional Content: Look for a high-protein option like Kettle & Fire, boasting 10g of protein per serving. This supports muscle repair and may help you feel full longer. Ensure it’s low-calorie—Pacific Foods offers a bone broth with just 40 calories per serving.
  • Ingredient Quality: Organic and grass-fed, such as Osso Good Bone Broth, indicates higher nutrition and ethical sourcing. Steer clear of unnecessary additives.
  • Flavor and Taste: Don’t forget the taste! If it doesn’t agree with your palate, chances are you won’t stick to it. Look for bone broths with a hearty flavor, often achieved with ingredients like vegetables, herbs, spices, and organic apple cider vinegar. These elements not only enhance the taste but also contribute to a rich, satisfying texture and aroma. Check customer feedback for insights on taste.
  • Brand Reputation: Positive reviews can be telling. For example, Bonafide Provisions enjoys a high rating of 4.7/5 stars.
  • Price and Value: Whether you can afford regular consumption is important. A brand like Pacific Foods might suit you at $5.99 per carton.

Bone Broth in Different Diets

Bone broth can seamlessly blend into various diets, from keto to paleo.

Check if the macro ratios align with your specific dietary needs.

Remember that while bone broth can enhance your diet, it should not be the sole element.

Allergens and Intolerances

Verify ingredients for potential allergens like gluten or specific food intolerances.

You’re adopting bone broth to aid your health, not to compromise it. Transparency in labeling is a sign of a trustworthy brand that cares for consumer well-being.

Health Benefits of Bone Broth

pot of bone broth on a platter

Bone broth is more than just a warming comfort food. It’s loaded with a host of nutrients that can support your skin, joints, gut health, and even assist in your weight loss journey.

Let’s dive into how this nutrient-packed liquid can be beneficial to your well-being.

Impact on Skin and Joints

Your skin and joints love collagen—the protein that’s abundantly found in bone broth. Regularly sipping on broths, such as those from Kettle & Fire, means you’re feeding your body something it uses to maintain joint health and keep your skin firm and vibrant.

  • Collagen for Joints: Studies have shown collagen can reduce joint pain and improve flexibility.
  • Skin Elasticity: The collagen peptides in bone broth can lead to noticeable improvements in skin texture and may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Gut Health and Digestion

Would you believe that a simple broth can have profound effects on your digestive system?

It’s all thanks to the gut-supportive nutrients like collagen and amino acids found in bone broth.

  • Gut Healing Properties: A brand like Bonafide Provisions packs a high-collagen punch, aiding in the repair of the intestinal lining.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Benefits: Reducing inflammation in the gut can enhance digestion and could alleviate issues such as bloating and discomfort.

Support for Weight Loss

Looking to shed some pounds?

Drink bone broth daily as it can be a surprisingly effective ally in weight management due to its high protein and low-calorie profile.

  • High Protein and Low Calorie: You’ll feel full longer with fewer calories—opt for brands like Kettle & Fire to maximize this benefit.
  • Supports Metabolism: The protein helps in boosting your metabolic rate, which can be an advantage in fat loss efforts.

What to Look For?

bone broth cooking in a wok

When seeking the best bone broth for weight loss, key considerations include ingredient quality, nutrient density, and sourcing ethics. Each decision contributes not just to your health goals but also to environmental and ethical standards.

Let’s explore what to scrutinize when making your choice.

Ingredients to Look For

In your journey for optimal health, you want a bone broth that’s rich in nutrients and low in additives. Look for:

  • Minimal ingredients, primarily bones, and vegetables.
  • No added sugars or preservatives; these can counteract weight loss efforts.

Organic and Grass-Fed Options

Why go organic? Organic chicken and grass-fed beef bone broths are made from animals that were raised without antibiotics or hormones. Their diet is natural, which often leads to a higher nutrient content in the broth.

  • Choose bone broths labeled as USDA Organic. For example, organic chicken bone broth is known for its mild flavor, smooth texture, and high protein content, making it a nutrient-dense option.
  • For beef broth, seek out 100% grass-fed certifications.

Nutritional Profile of Bone Broth

Nutrient density is where bone broth shines for weight loss. Aim for:

  • High protein content: 10-20g per serving to keep you full and support muscle maintenance.
  • Rich in collagen: to help with skin, joint, and gut health.

Brands and Product Reviews

Picking a reputable brand can be a game-changer. How would you know? User reviews are your best friend here. They can be a goldmine of information about:

  • Flavor and satisfaction.
  • Digestive comfort.
  • Results relating to weight loss and other health metrics.

Ethical Sourcing of Ingredients

The way your bone broth is sourced matters for both ethical and environmental reasons. Look for brands that:

  • Utilize humane practices; ethically treated animals often produce more nutrient-dense bone broth.
  • Are transparent about their sourcing and production processes.

How to Incorporate Bone Broth into Your Diet

Incorporating bone broth into your diet can be a delicious and nutritious way to boost your protein intake and support weight loss. Whether you prefer it as a simple sip or a base for complex recipes, bone broth offers versatility and health benefits that align with many dietary approaches. Some easy ways to add bone broth to your diet include:


  • Bone Broth Soup
    • Ingredients
      • 2 cups bone broth, 1 cup vegetables (carrots, celery), herbs.
    • Instructions
      • Simmer all ingredients for 20 minutes, season to taste.
    • Nutritional Information
      • Approx. 150 calories, 15g protein per serving.
  • Bone Broth Smoothie
    • Ingredients
      • 1 cup bone broth, 1 banana, 1 cup spinach, 1 tbsp almond butter.
    • Instructions
      • Blend all ingredients until smooth, and serve chilled.
    • Nutritional Information
      • Approx. 250 calories, 10g protein per serving.
  • Bone Broth Risotto
    • Ingredients
      • 1 cup bone broth, 1 cup Arborio rice, 1/2 cup Parmesan, 1/2 cup white wine.
    • Instructions
      • Cook rice in broth and wine, stir in Parmesan, and season to taste.
    • Nutritional Information
      • Approx. 300 calories, 12g protein per serving.

Frequently Asked Questions

bone broth cooking in a glass pot

Navigating the world of bone broth for weight loss can lead to a lot of questions. Whether you’re curious about the ingredients that support weight loss, how to incorporate bone broth into your diet, or the benefits of collagen, the answers below can help guide your journey.

What ingredients should you look for in a bone broth to support weight loss?

To support weight loss, your bone broth should be high in protein and low in calories. Ingredients like lean chicken bones or beef bones, rich in collagen and amino acids, are fundamental. Look for broths that are free from added sugars and low in sodium to keep your diet on track.

Additionally, leftover bone broth can be a versatile ingredient that you can store and reuse in various recipes. Consider freezing leftover bone broth in portion-sized containers to minimize waste and ensure you always have a nutritious option on hand. This approach not only supports weight loss but also aligns with environmental concerns by reducing packaging waste.

How can bone broth be incorporated into a diet plan for weight loss?

Incorporate bone broth into your diet plan by sipping it daily or several times a week. It’s perfect as a midday snack or pre-meal appetizer to curb hunger and boost satiety.

Remember, it’s a supplement to a balanced diet, not a replacement for whole meals.

Are there any specific bone broth recipes that can aid in weight loss?

Yes, there are recipes specifically designed for weight loss. These recipes usually feature a variety of non-starchy vegetables and herbs to enhance the flavor without adding significant calories.

Some may include spices like turmeric and ginger, which can support digestion and metabolism.

What are the benefits of drinking bone broth with collagen for weight loss?

Drinking bone broth with collagen can support weight loss by promoting fullness and reducing the likelihood of snacking between meals.

Collagen is also celebrated for its potential skin benefits, additive to the satisfaction of seeing weight loss results coupled with a healthy, glowing complexion.

Yes, store-bought bone broth can be effective for weight loss. When shopping, choose brands that prioritize natural ingredients, minimal processing, and provide a decent amount of protein.

Brands like Fond or IonoLife have been recognized for their quality and flavor.

Is there a difference in weight loss benefits between homemade and store-bought bone broth?

The weight loss benefits between homemade and store-bought bone broth can be similar if the store-bought option is of high quality.

Homemade broth allows for full control over the ingredients, ensuring there are no added preservatives or sugars.

Store correctly by refrigerating for up to 5 days or freezing for later use.


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