Are you searching for a trustworthy bodybuilding supplement that will grow your muscles, reduce fatigue, and promote fast recovery while burning calories? Then the XTEND Original BCAA is worth considering since it offers the supplementation you need. Besides enhancing your endurance, this Scivation product stimulates muscle protein synthesis for improved muscular functionality. Read on to learn more in this extend bcaa review.

Considerations Before Buying BCAAs

Although BCAAs have plenty to offer to the user, one can only get the most out of the supplement by choosing a reliable and reputable brand. The presence of many scammers in the market makes decision making difficult. However, with proper market research and analysis, one can identify the effective product.

First, consider the amino acid ratio in the chosen product. While there are nine block-chain amino acids, leucine, valine, and isoleucine are crucial for muscle growth. Of the three BCAAs, leucine plays a greater role in bodybuilding as it promotes muscle protein synthesis. So, aim for a supplement with a ratio of 2:1:1, with leucine being double the quantity of the other two amino acids.

Also, check out the serving size of the supplement to determine the grams each scoop gives you. Too many BCAAs can overload your system, so aim for around 7 grams per serving.

Once you analyze the BCAA content in the supplement, consider the other ingredients it contains. Look out for additives and fillers that could compromise the quality of the supplement. Does the supplement have electrolytes, sweeteners, carbs, fats, or flavors? Understanding the ingredients in your BCAA supplement will help you identify the positive and negative effects of the product.

To be on the safer side, go for BCAA supplements that are third-party tested for efficacy. You also have to decide between BCAA powder and tablets since both options are available.


XTEND Original BCAA Powder is an intra-workout supplement that claims to speed up muscle recovery, build lean muscle, and improve endurance by enhancing ATP production. It is ideal for athletes looking to stay hydrated since it contains electrolytes too.

Featuring natural ingredients that are research-proven, XTEND Original can be the ideal BCAA supplement for professional athletes, fighters, bodybuilders, and workout enthusiasts. It can enhance the users’ stamina to exercise with more intensity for longer.


  • It’s third-party tested and certified for quality assurance.
  • It’s sugar-free, has zero carbs, and zero fats for efficient grinding.
  • It contains electrolytes that induce healthy hydration.
  • It is available in an array of flavors.
  • It contains a clinically-proven BCAA content ratio.


  • It has soy, hence, unsuitable for users with a sensitive digestive system.
  • It features some artificial flavors that may compromise the quality.

Features and Benefits


This XTEND Original BCAA powder contains a 2:1:1 ratio of l-leucine, l-isoleucine, and l-valine. The dietary supplement also features:

  • L-Glutamine
  • L-Citrulline Malic Acid 1:1
  • Sucralose and other artificial and natural ingredients.

All these ingredients are NSF Contents Tested and Certified as well as Informed-Choice Certified for quality and safe use.

It also features 230 milligrams of vitamins and minerals along with electrolytes to keep the users hydrated during training. This BCAA is also sugar-free, calorie-free, and has zero carbs, so users can have a healthy, delicious serving with every scoop.

Taste and Flavor

The XTEND Original BCAA is available in 15 mouth-watering flavors like Mango Madness, Blue Raspberry Ice, and Watermelon Explosion.

With this variety, one can choose the flavor that fits individual taste and preference. What’s more, when mixing with water for consumption, one can keep adding to adjust the taste to personal liking. I have a weakness for sweet things, so the watermelon explosion is a preferable choice for my taste.

Improves Performance

The XTEND Original BCAA features citrulline malate that enhances the body’s circulatory system for improved performance. Used alongside other workout supplements, this BCAA will promote endurance and power to help users reach the toughest fitness goals. It also stimulates ATP production for more workout energy.

Men who use this dietary supplement also report reduced erectile dysfunction due to the citrulline malate. This ingredient is also a precursor of nitric oxide production that stimulates the release of muscular nitrogen for:

  • Increased fluid and gas circulation
  • Better blood vessels dilation
  • Improved translocation of nutrient-rich blood

Promotes Lean Muscle Growth

XTEND Original BCAA comes with sufficient levels of vitamin B6 that will prevent catabolism for muscle growth and retention. Catabolism occurs when muscle tissue breaks down. Remember that intensive exercising leads to increased loss of B6 that this dietary supplement will replenish.

L-Glutamine also refills muscle glycogen, allowing for lean muscle growth without carbohydrates.

Enhances Muscle Repair and Recovery

This BCAA stimulates fast muscle protein synthesis to trigger tissue repairs and formation for quick recovery post-workout. L-Glutamine boosts the immune system to prevent diseases and enhance muscle recovery. Athletes or bodybuilders don’t have to be bound to the chair or clutches even after intense training.

Hydrates Intra- and Post-Workout

XTEND Original BCAA has electrolytes that will prevent dehydration since working out often increases metabolism and sweating. The electrolytes work by balancing the sodium and potassium levels in the body to facilitate better fluid translocation within muscle cells. Hydration in the body allows the nerves and muscles to function adequately. Muscle cramps are less when hydrated, and the muscular contractions are greater for improved functionality.

Possible Side Effects

The artificial sweeteners in some of the flavors may cause stomach problems for users with a sensitive digestive system. Some users argue of experiencing caffeine-like effects that may cause chest aches, arm pains, and other heart attack-related symptoms.

Nausea, excessive sweating, headaches, and sudden chills are some of the potential side effects of using this supplement.

Potential users with pre-existing cardiovascular conditions should avoid XTEND Original BCAA since it has vasodilatory effects. Like any other performance-boosting dietary supplement, pregnant and lactating women should avoid XTEND Original BCAA altogether.

Before using this BCAA supplement, consult a certified doctor to determine whether it is a good option.

What Are Others Saying

The XTEND Original BCAA has registered about 2968 global reviews on Amazon. Of the total, 87 percent have given a rating of over 4 stars. This brings the overall Scivation Xtend review to 4.5 stars out of 5.

I came across Ninja888, a user who attests to the unique ingredients and efficacy of this intra-workout dietary supplement. Users claim the product promotes muscle burn, less muscle stiffness, and reduced fatigue post-workout.

NKB seems to agree with the great taste of XTEND Original BCAA and its efficiency to reduce muscle soreness.

Although Julee Lucero has experienced positive effects with XTEND Original BCAA, he finds the watermelon flavor a bit engulfing with sweetness.

Alternative Options

BSN Amino X

This vegan-friendly BCAA supplement comes with 10 grams of micronized amino acid interfusion in every serving. It has a unique blend of BCAAs that enhance muscle recovery and endurance. BSN features L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Isoleucine, L-Alanine, and other artificial and natural ingredients like the Scivation XTEND. The supplement also has no caffeine, sugars, and carbs, so it’s healthy to use.

It also comes with various natural and artificial flavors to choose from. You can opt for the blue raspberry, fruit punch, strawberry dragonfruit, or grape flavors as per your taste and preference.


  • It comes in nine great-tasting flavors for a variety of choices.
  • It is available in two servings depending on your needs.
  • It provides 10 grams of BCAA per serving.
  • Since it’s micronized, it mixes well in water and other liquids.


  • No information is available about testing and certification for quality assurance.
  • 10 grams per serving might be too much for some users.

Based on these features, BSN X is ideal for multi-sport athletes looking to increase muscle strength and training endurance.

Genius BCAA Powder

This dietary supplement features fermented vegan BCAAs that promote healthy muscle recovery post-workout. It also contains unique ingredients like Rhodiola Rosea, taurine, and Cognizin citicoline for efficient use.

Besides promoting lean muscle growth, the Genius BCAA stacks fast for effective fat loss.


  • It is designed for pre-, intra-, and post-workout use.
  • It’s ideal for vegans.
  • It only features natural flavors for safe use.
  • It’s tested and certified for healthy use.


  • It’s only available in an orange flavor that some users may dislike.
  • Contains a caffeine option that can come with health risks.
  • A more expensive option

That being said, Genius BCAA Powder is suitable for athletes looking to enhance mental clarity and improve focus while gaining faster muscle recovery.

Cellucor BCAA Sport

Are you searching for a BCAA supplement that will provide all-day’s hydration and quick recovery? The Cellucor BCAA Sport is NSF-certified to increase energy, stimulate muscle protein synthesis, and hydrate with electrolytes. It features an effective amino acid blend that works alongside glutamine for efficacy.

It offers 4 grams of BCAAs per serving along with seven other amino acids that support muscle recovery. It also contains electrolytes for hydration to promote intracellular fluid balance.


  • It provides 100 percent satisfaction with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • It comes with popular flavors.
  • It’s third-party tested for quality assurance.
  • It is highly miscible.


  • The red dye 40 ingredient raises concern among users for its immune suppression effects on mice.
  • It only offers 4 grams of BCAA per serving.

With these features, Cellucor BCAA Sport is suitable for athletes engaging in strenuous exercises since it increases energy production and combats fatigue.


After a thorough Scivation XTEND review, it’s clear that the brand can meet the dietary supplement needs of professional athletes and bodybuilders. As an award-winning brand, it features premium quality ingredients that are not only effective but also safe.

With the variety of flavors available, you can choose the taste that meets your preference. Although it lacks beta-alanine and caffeine ingredients that are ideal for pre-workout supplements, it blends various BCAAs, vitamins, and minerals for healthy use. It also features superior electrolytes that support muscle retention and improve circulation.

Although it has some artificial flavors, it’s a great choice if you are not sensitive to the sweeteners. Besides, there are natural flavors to check out too.

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