Woke AF Pre Workout Reviews: Worth the Buzz?

Ever had one of those days where you just can’t muster the energy to conquer your workout? We felt that way too until our team put Bucked Up’s Woke AF Pre Workout to the test. There are plenty of options when it comes to getting that extra kick, but this high-stimulant pre-workout, specifically the Blood Raz flavor, caught our eye with its combination of pump, strength, and focus-enhancing properties.

Our go-to for those sluggish mornings or after long days at work, Woke AF certainly made a difference in our gym performance. It’s not just about a temporary energy boost; we were genuinely impressed with the sustained focus and the added nootropic support that seemed to dial up our concentration during workouts. Despite the intense name “Woke AF,” it’s not all about hardcore stimulation—there’s also a noticeable improvement in muscle pumps and endurance.

While taste is subjective, our team can vouch for the Blood Raz flavor, which strikes a fine balance between fruity and refreshing. Considering its strong profile, the 4.5-star rating across nearly 2500 reviews seems to reflect well on its popularity. But of course, no product is perfect. Some may find the high caffeine content a bit overbearing, especially for those sensitive to stimulants. And, like with most supplements, the effects can vary from person to person.

Bottom Line

If your workouts are begging for that extra spark, Woke AF by Bucked Up is a solid choice. With our hands-on experience and the overall positive feedback from users, it’s positioned as a formidable ally for your fitness goals.

Interested in taking your workouts to the next level? Get your hands on Woke AF here and see if it’s the power-up you’ve been searching for.

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Woke AF Pre Workout Reviews

woke af pre workout reviews bottle

When we’re looking for that extra kick to conquer our gym sessions, Bucked Up’s Woke High Stim formula surely doesn’t disappoint. Packed with a punch of 333mg of caffeine, it feels like downing about four cups of coffee, but without the jitters you’d normally worry about. Trust us, our energy levels were through the roof!

Not only does the product boost energy, but its addition of Theobromine really kicks our brain into gear, improving motivation when we need it most. Couple that with Huperzine A and we’re talking about some next-level focus that helps us stay dialed in throughout our entire workout.

The brand stands behind its formula, offering a solid money-back guarantee. It’s a nice safety net, but considering the rave reviews – nearly 2500 of them averaging 4.5 stars – it’s clearly working wonders for many. And let’s talk about the taste for a second: Blood Raz flavor is a standout! We appreciate that it’s sugar-free and keto-friendly too.

Bucked Up doesn’t just focus on the stimulants. We noticed improved stamina and endurance, thanks to the 3.2 grams of Beta Alanine. Furthermore, the L-Citrulline comes in strong with a full 6 grams for that boost in nitric oxide production, maximizing our blood flow, and boy, could we feel the difference!

They’ve also included some truly premium ingredients, like ACTIGIN for performance, ASTRAGIN to boost absorption, and ALPHASIZE for that mental edge. All this without any Deer Antler Velvet Extract, keeping it compliant with Amazon’s regulations. And we can’t forget it’s made in the USA in a GMP Certified Facility.

So why consider this pre-workout? It’s simple – for that undeniable surge of energy, sharpened focus, tasty flavor, and a formula that seems to back up its claims, Bucked Up’s Woke is definitely a contender on our gym supplement shelf.

Product Quality and Brand Reputation

We stumbled upon Bucked Up’s “Woke” pre-workout and it’s been a game-changer for our gym sessions! Feeling skeptical at first, we weren’t sure if it could beat our old favorite, yet it packed a punch with a 4.5-star rating from over 2,400 reviewers highly praising its flavorful kick and effective boost in energy that doesn’t lead to that dreaded itchy skin sensation.

Sharing a short backstory, Bucked Up hit the fitness scene to make waves. The company sprouted from a commitment to helping athletes achieve their peak performance without compromising on quality ingredients. Their mission shines through a diverse lineup of supplements supporting strength, growth, and focus.

When discussing value and expectations, it’s no secret that ‘Woke’ stands firmly on the pricier end. Some of us definitely felt the higher cost should equal a stronger impact. Nevertheless, while a few among us didn’t feel a significant pump, the majority experienced a noticeable vigor that propelled our daily workouts to new heights.

Whether you’re a seasoned lifter or someone looking to add an extra edge to your exercise routine, Bucked Up’s reputation for quality, coupled with the sheer variety in their product range, might just make “Woke” your next go-to pre-workout buddy – if it matches your taste and fitness goals, of course!

Explosive Energy and Caffeine Content

Ever felt like you’ve been zapped with a bolt of lightning during your gym session? That’s the feeling we had after a scoop of Woke. Our session was turbocharged! We noticed that our alertness peaked and there was a noticeable uptick in our endurance. This stuff comes packed with a kick for those who thrive on channeling some serious energy into their workouts.

Let’s face it, nobody wants to hit the gym feeling like a zombie. Our experience suggests Woke might be the answer to banishing those lackluster days. However, it’s wise to consider your caffeine tolerance. Some of us felt the full brunt of the caffeine more than others, resulting in a bit of a jittery sensation or a crash post-workout. It’s a double-edged sword – explosive energy for the price of potential overstimulation.

Thankfully, unlike some pre-workouts, Woke didn’t make us feel like our hearts were trying to punch their way out of our chests. Yet, for the sensitive types, it might be best to start with a smaller dose to assess your tolerance. Remember, balance is key – you want to wake up your muscles, not have them bouncing off the walls!

Ingredient Profile and Effectiveness

Ever had one of those days where even your coffee needs a coffee? That’s where Woke AF steps in, acting as your ultimate wake-up call. So let’s break down what’s really inside this tub of workout magic and what it does for us:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (333mg): Imagine the kick from about four cups of coffee – that’s what you get here. It’s our main source of energy and helps us stay alert and focused through the grind.
  • Beta Alanine (3.2 grams): That tingling sensation? That’s beta-alanine, helping to buffer acid in our muscles, reduce fatigue, and let us push a bit harder.
  • L-Citrulline (6 grams): Blood flow is the game, and this ingredient brings its A-game by boosting nitric oxide, giving us those coveted pumps and vascularity.
  • Actigin: Not just a fancy name, but a performance enhancer that supports increased VO2 max, helping us breathe better when we’re sweating it out.
  • Alphasize: A sharp mind is crucial, and Alphasize assists with brain fog, sharpening our mental focus when we need it most.
  • Astragin: Think of this as a helper for L-Citrulline, increasing its absorption and ensuring none of that pump-inducing goodness goes to waste.

It also contains other smaller ingredients such as bitter orange extract, Himalayan rock salt, and synephrine HCL.

What sets Woke AF apart is not just its kick but the synergy of its active ingredients. It’s more than the sum of its parts, working together to ensure we go into each workout session with guns blazing. Sure, there’s no Deer Antler Velvet Extract in the Amazon-exclusive formula, but do we really miss it? With the results we’re getting, not at all.

However, taste and impact are subjective, aren’t they? Some of us may not feel like superhumans, which can be a letdown given the price. Finding the balance between a great taste and a noticeable effect can be tricky. Our advice? Start with a half scoop if you’re new to the pre-workout scene.

Flavor Experience: Blood Raz

When we scooped into Bucked Up’s Blood Raz, the name didn’t initially paint a clear flavor picture. However, one sip clarified everything. Imagine the invigorating punch of ripe raspberries with a slightly tart kick—just what’s needed to shake off the morning grogginess before hitting the weights.

But let’s not just stop at Blood Raz; the Bucked Up lineup is massive, here are a few:

  • Blue Raz: A classic blue raspberry taste that’s sweet and sassy.
  • Strawberry Watermelon: Juicy and refreshing, almost like biting into a fresh slice with a strawberry afternote.
  • Grape: Bold and slightly tangy, it’s like a childhood throwback to grape soda.
  • Rocket Pop: Exactly like a rocket ice pop
  • Blue Raz Lemonade: A sweet lemonade with a nice hint of blue raspberry

Each flavor is carefully crafted to ensure you’re not just guzzling down another bland supplement. The lack of sugar or stevia keeps it Keto-friendly while still delivering a taste that has us actually looking forward to our next workout. Sure, taste is subjective, however, with a variety that caters to various preferences, there seems to be something for everyone.

Now, we must chat about the energy kick—it’s like being jolted awake with approximately four cups of coffee worth of caffeine. It’s not just about jumping out of bed; it’s about leaping into action. The Blood Raz flavor had us buzzing through our sets, and that heightened focus? Thanks to nootropics like Huperzine A and Theobromine, our minds stayed as pumped as our muscles. It’s a careful balance of flavor and function that makes Blood Raz stand out for us.

And let us not forget the post-drink experience: no dreaded crash or jitters. It’s smooth sailing from the last rep to the rest of our day. While some might find the boldness of the Blood Raz flavor overwhelming, we think it hits the sweet spot between delicious and energetic. Just remember, taste preferences vary, so dive in with curiosity!

Personal Experience

Ever found yourself yawning through your reps, or just lacking that spark at the gym? We gave Woke AF by Bucked Up a trial run, and let’s just say, it added a serious jolt to our routines. The Blood Raz flavor isn’t just a treat for the taste buds; it’s like a bolt of lightning that shook us out of our workout doldrums.

  • Taste: Rich and fruity without being too sweet, a few of us actually looked forward to gulping it down pre-workout, simply tastes great.
  • Energy Surge: Within minutes, there was a noticeable boost in our stamina levels. It felt like we had extra gears!
  • Consistency: Some pre-workouts can be hit or miss, but this one gave a reliable pump every time.
  • No Itch: Unlike others that can leave you feeling like you need to scratch your skin off, Woke AF delivered focus without the fuss.

Now, not all experiences were praise and glory. One of us didn’t feel that much of an effect and found the price a bit steep for the results. But when it worked, it worked wonders, making those dawn workout sessions less of a drag and more of a blast. Sure, it might not be a miracle worker for everyone, and effectiveness can vary, but the scales tipped towards a thumbs-up for most of us.

Real User Experiences

Ever have one of those days where getting out of bed feels like an Olympic sport? That’s where Woke comes in, getting us up and ready to smash our workout goals. Trust us, with an average rating of 4.5 stars from over 2,400 users, this pre-workout supplement is quite the talk of the gym.

We’ve felt the rush of energy without that notorious skin-tingling sensation, which means pushing those extra reps with less discomfort. And let’s talk flavor – Blood Raz is a crowd-pleaser for sure! Though, let’s be real, taste is subjective, and while many love it, not every sip guarantees a taste bud party for us all.

While Woke aims high with promises of strength and muscle growth, some of us didn’t feel the earth-shattering difference we hoped for, especially given the premium price. Sure, our expectations were as inflated as our post-workout muscles should be, but for a few, it didn’t quite hit the mark. However, for the most part, Woke has become a reliable gym buddy, turning routine sessions into power-packed feats we can’t stop bragging about.

In the end, it’s about finding what works for us. With Woke, the majority of us have found that sweet spot with just enough kick to jolt us into action, making it a beloved addition to our pre-workout ritual.

Alternative Options

While we’ve enjoyed a solid pump with Red Raz by Bucked Up and its hefty caffeine kick, our explorations haven’t stopped there. So let’s talk alternatives! We’ve sweated it out with a few other pre-workouts on the market to give you the low-down.

Alpha Lion’s Superhuman pre-Workout

Alpha Lion’s Superhuman enticed us with its own high-energy blend, boasting a significant caffeine content of its own, but with a tri-source caffeine formula designed for sustained release. The flavor range is also terrific, and we found it hits just as hard on those heavy lifting days. It does come at a price that might stretch some budgets, though.

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RYSE Blackout Pre-Workout

For those late-night gym sessions where sleep is a priority, Blackout Pre-Workout offers a stim-free alternative. Although you won’t get that caffeine rush, it does include innovative ingredients like VitaCholine and Theobromine, which provides a mild stimulant effect and focuses without affecting your shut-eye.

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Here’s a quick comparison we’ve crafted from personal experience and customer feedback:

ProductCaffeineKey IngredientsCustomer Satisfaction
Red RazHighBeta Alanine, L-CitrullineHigh
SuperhumanHigh (Tri-Source)Citrulline, Beta AlanineHigh
BlackoutStim-FreeVitaCholine, TheobromineModerate

Each option has its merits, but it’s about matching your needs. Budget-conscious gym-goers might lean towards Red Raz for its cost-effectiveness and reliable boost. Adrenaline junkies may prize the sustained energy from Superhuman. And for the insomniacs among us, Blackout could be your knight in shining armor.

We reckon the right choice balances effectiveness, value, and how you feel during and after your workout. Red Raz has been great, giving us the zing without feeling wired for hours post-gym. But depending on what you’re after – a price-friendly option, a sustained lift, or rest-friendly gains – you’ve got some choices to weigh up!

Side Effects

We’ve all been there, brimming with excitement to try a new pre-workout and then—boom—unwanted surprises. Well, we’ve navigated through the experiences of several gym buffs with our Red Raz pre-workout and here’s the scoop on side effects:

  • Mild Itches: Some folks get a little tingly, especially when they’re pushing the dosage up. It’s that ‘skin itch’, not quite a “bug-under-the-skin” feeling, but noticeable.
  • Energy Crashes: A few users mentioned that the surge in energy sometimes drops off, leaving them feeling more drained than before. We’re talking about those moments when you feel like you’ve hit a wall.

Now, are these deal-breakers? For most, nope. However, it depends on how your body dances with the high-stim formula. As far as safety, the ingredients have been scrutinized by the pros and they’ve tipped their hats to the safety profile, when taken as directed.

Just remember, we’re all different and while some can guzzle this stuff with the giddiness of a kid in a candy store, others might find it’s a bit much. So, think of it like a spicy food challenge; some handle the heat, others…well, let’s just say they experience it differently.


Wonder how well it stacks up to other pre workouts? Let’s break it down. We’ve taken our time to really work through our sessions with this one, and it’s a bit of a mixed bag, honestly.

Here’s how we see it:

CriteriaRating (out of 5)ProsCons
Ingredients4.2High-quality, no fillersCould have more diverse aminos
Effectiveness4.5Great energy kickEffects may vary
Safety4.6Reliable, well-testedHigh caffeine for some
Value3.8Good amount per servingSlightly on the pricey side
Customer Satisfaction4.5Flavor rave reviewsSome expected stronger impact

After going through pots of this to fuel our workouts, the energy burst is real — you feel like you’ve got a second wind when you didn’t realize you needed one. The Blood Raz flavor? Tasty enough to look forward to. No icky aftertaste either. But hey, value for money is important too, and that’s where opinions split a bit.

Overall, we’re giving Woke a solid 4 out of 5. It’s a heavy hitter where it counts, but remember, no pre-workout is perfect for everyone. If your workouts need a jolt and you don’t mind investing a bit, this could be the wake-up call your routine needs.

After spending some quality time with the Woke pre-workout, we’ve noticed a fair mix of highlights and drawbacks. Let’s dive into what makes this product stand out and where it falls short.


  • Highly Potent Formula: Woke is loaded with a serious caffeine kick—333mg to be precise. It’s like chugging four cups of coffee, which is perfect for days when we’re dragging our feet to the gym.
  • Effective Ingredients: Those ingredients aren’t just for show. Between the Beta Alanine for endurance and the brain-boosting duo of Theobromine and Huperzine A, our workouts felt powered up at every level.
  • Risk-Free Trial: We’re all for trying before fully committing. It’s reassuring to know that if this pre-workout doesn’t live up to our expectations, we can get our money back.
  • Delicious Taste: We’ve downed our fair share of pre-workouts, and believe us, “Blood Raz” is as refreshing as a morning breeze. No sugar, yet sweet enough to get us excited for the next sip.
  • Transparent Labeling: With Woke, what you see is what you get. The fully transparent label means no nasty surprises. It’s a win for everyone on a strict diet or those of us who like to keep things Keto.


  • Pricey Proposition: Easy to like, hard to afford. If you’re on a budget, Woke’s price tag might make you think twice before adding it to your workout routine.
  • Can Be Too Intense: Some of us felt the rush, but for the caffeine-sensitive, this might be just a bit too much caffeine. A pre-workout that leaves you more jittery than energized isn’t doing you any favors.
  • Flavor Fatigue: Blood Raz is great, but we can’t help but crave variety. Reaching for the same flavor tub after tub could dampen the excitement.
  • No Deer Antler Velvet Extract: For those specifically searching for this ingredient, note that it’s absent in the Amazon exclusive formula. We know how important a comprehensive formula can be for serious athletes.

In the end, Woke is a powerful companion for long gym sessions and when we need an extra jolt. But remember, it’s not for the faint-hearted or light-walleted. We love charging into intense workouts with the backing of Woke, but we’re always mindful to listen to our bodies and budgets.



After putting the Woke pre-workout from Bucked Up to the test, we’ve come away with a pretty clear picture of what it offers. With a solid 4.5-star rating from a total of 2,477 reviews, it seems we’re not alone in our findings.

Firstly, let’s talk flavor—Blood Raz, in this case. Pleasing our taste buds, it’s clear that this isn’t just another bland supplement to choke down. It really does have a delicious taste that makes you look forward to your next workout.

Energy-wise, Woke packs a punch. Many of us felt a significant boost that carried us through some grueling sessions without that dreaded crash. Although a few among us didn’t feel a huge effect, adjustments in dosage could tweak that experience.

However, expectations must be realistic. Despite high hopes tied to price, remember that individual reactions to pre-workouts vary. While Woke satisfies in flavor and energy for most, the effects might underwhelm for some, which doesn’t exactly line up with the premium cost.

We’ve had previous experience with the Bucked Up brand, so we can say that the performance is consistent with their reputation. If you’re on the fence about trying Woke, consider your priorities—great taste and a good buzz? Then, you might have found your match. Searching for that explosive, intense effect? You might want to start with a sample.

In summary, Woke seems to be a hit for those seeking a tasty and energetic addition to their workout. Will it revolutionize your routine? Perhaps not, but it could be the flavorful kickstart your exercise regimen needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re eyeing up a new pre-workout like Woke AF, it’s natural to be curious about how it’ll affect you, right? We’ve all been there, asking if it’ll turn us into workout warriors or leave us feeling like we just rode a rollercoaster—minus the fun. Let’s tackle these questions together!

What are the potential side effects of taking Woke AF pre workout?

Ever downed a pre-workout and felt like your skin was playing host to a troupe of tap-dancing ants? With Woke AF, that tingling sensation might just be the beta-alanine kicking in. But hey, it’s not all jitters and itches:

  • Feeling tingly or a bit prickly (hello, beta-alanine)
  • Elevated heart rate (the caffeine’s got you buzzing)
  • Some risk of crashing when it wears off (blame those high stimulants)

If you’re like us and sensitive to stims, start with a half scoop to test the waters.

How does Woke AF pre workout compare to Bucked Up in terms of formula and effects?

It’s like comparing a high-octane sports car with a tricked-out muscle car—all about personal preference. Both will get you revved up, but Woke AF’s enthusiast’s choice has that extra ‘oomph’:

  • Woke AF cranks up the stimulants, amping the caffeine to 333mg.
  • Extra nootropics in Woke AF mean sharper focus compared to Bucked Up.
  • They share some core elements, but Woke AF’s got that extra-strength badge.

For us, Woke AF’s the big brother who’s got that edge in the gym. Just saying.

Can you provide details on the caffeine content in Woke AF pre workout?

We’re not strangers to a good caffeine kick, right? Here’s the scoop:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous: a punchy 333mg, nearly quadruple a coffee’s caress.
  • Theobromine and Huperzine A toss in a supporting buzz.

Our advice? If your caffeine tolerance isn’t sky-high, take this powerhouse mindfully.

What benefits can I expect from using Woke AF pre workout during my training sessions?

Imagine strapping a jetpack to your gym session. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

  • Elevated energy levels (thank you, caffeine payload)
  • Laser-sharp focus (the nootropics are the real MVPs)
  • Endurance that keeps you going (beta-alanine’s your endurance sidekick)

We’ve been there, mixing the Blood Raz and feeling like gym titans. It’s sweet (taste-wise too) and potent.

Are there any safety concerns associated with Woke AF pre workout for long-term use?

The path to gains should be a safe one, so let’s keep it that way:

  • Overdoing it on stims isn’t great for the ticker over the long haul.
  • Cycling on and off can help prevent tolerance build-up.
  • Always chat with a healthcare pro before becoming a Woke AF devotee.

What specific ingredients are included in the Woke AF pre workout supplement?

Here’s the nitty-gritty for all the detail diggers:

  • L-Citrulline: 6 grams for max blood flow—hello, nitric oxide!
  • Beta-Alanine: the endurance booster at 3.2 grams.
  • Actigin & Astragin: for that extra performance and nutrient uptake.

These are just highlights, and we’re fans of this no-BS, transparent mix.

Woke AF vs C4 pre workout

Choosing between these two is kinda like deciding between chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Both good, but different vibes:

  • Woke AF is the heavyweight, more caffeine, more stimulants, more “let’s crush it.”
  • C4 is the everyday go-to; it’s reliable but not as intense as Woke AF.

Depends if you want a big adrenaline push (Woke AF) or a cool, collected boost (C4). Our team likes to have options depending on the day.

And there you have it, pals—our lowdown on Woke AF. Whether you’re about to lift, sprint, or simply crush your goals, knowing what you’re diving into makes all the difference.

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