PlantFusion Reviews – Features, Benefits, Alternatives

You want to include a protein powder into your daily diet to ensure you are meeting your protein requirements, but whey proteins have been upsetting your stomach. That, or you are looking for a plant-based protein powder option that still provides a quality amount of protein.

This PlantFusion reviews will give you some insight into the PlantFusion Pea Protein Powder.

Things to consider before buying

Including a protein powder to your daily nutrition can come with a lot of benefits to your health and muscle recovery. It can help reduce food cravings, help regulate blood sugar, and even aid in weight loss.

If you are simply trying to find a weight-loss shake, this might not be your best option as it packs 120 calories per serving. If you are looking for a plant-based protein that will help you reach your daily intake recommendations then this would be a good choice.

Before you buy this product, ask yourself a few questions to determine if it is going to provide what you need and potentially give you the results you are after.

How much protein are you trying to supplement in your day?

This protein does offer 21 grams per serving, which is right in the mix with what most protein powder would give you. However, if you are trying to supplement more than this, you may want to search for a higher gram of protein per serving count.

Are you calorie counting?

Protein shakes and smoothies work well as a meal on their own or as a snack. However, this particular protein gives you 120 calories per serving, which is on the higher side for protein powders. If you are trying to lower your calorie count, then you have to be cautious about what you add to make it into a smoothie.

PlantFusion Reviews

This plant-based protein powder contains five plant sources of protein to give you 21 grams of protein per serving. The powder also contains both digestive enzymes, as well as BCAAs. The benefits of this particular protein powder include sustained energy, building muscles, repairing muscles, and being easy to digest.

With your purchase, you get 30 servings per tub. If you have one protein shake per day, that will easily get through a month.

Designed for both men and women who may have specific food allergens, this product could work well for anyone who is trying to build muscle or regulate their cravings but are struggling to stomach a whey-based protein powder. This product is also vegan-friendly for anyone who wants to make the switch to being more plant-based with their foods and supplements.

If you are already eating a well-balanced diet and are consuming enough protein for your body and fitness goals, then you probably do not need to supplement with more protein.


  • No artificial flavors or sweeteners
  • Vegan
  • Free of most food allergens like dairy, soy, wheat, tree nuts, gluten, shellfish, and eggs


  • This product is not approved by the FDA
  • Higher calorie count with 120 calories per serving
  • Contains Stevia extract powder

Features & Benefits

21 grams of plant protein per serving

For being made from plants, this protein powder offers a decent gram count per scoop. Most protein powders will give you anywhere from 16-30 grams of protein per scoop.

The recommended daily allowance of protein for an average sedentary woman is about 46 grams. For a man, this number jumps to 56 grams. With a scoop of protein powder giving you 21 grams, you are almost halfway to your protein needs.

The plant proteins included in this particular protein powder are a blend of peas, artichokes, algae, amaranth powder, and quinoa powder.

Plant protein is also beneficial to your body as it increases your fiber intake for the day. This will keep your body regular, help control blood sugar levels, and possibly help lower cholesterol. A word of warning when you increase your fiber, even in a protein powder form, is to also increase your water intake. Without enough water in your system, your body may not be able to process all the fiber and can cause you to feel a bit backed up.

Increases energy

Between carbohydrates and protein, protein takes the body longer to digest. Having enough protein during your day means your body has a sustained source of energy to fuel your activities.

By including a protein powder into your day in the form of a shake, smoothie, or added to other recipes, you can have an increase in energy.

Helps build muscle

With protein being the main way your body builds, repairs, and works its muscles, it is no wonder that you need it every single day.

This protein blend includes amino acids, which are the compounds that combine to form proteins. These amino acids are what your body actually uses to build and repair muscles.

Ensuring that you are consuming enough amino acids each day, especially the ones your body cannot make itself means you are giving your muscles what they need and will be able to reach your strength goals more easily.

Includes digestive enzymes

Digestive enzymes are naturally found in the body and are used to break down the food you eat. Your body’s production of digestive enzymes can be slowed, so taking digestive enzymes as a supplement helps your body digest better and avoid stomach issues like bloating, cramping, and gas.

This protein powder includes the digestive enzymes of Bromelain and Alpha Galactosidase as a way to aid in the absorption of the protein. As a result, you may not experience the same types of stomach pain you might get with other types of protein powders.

Aids in muscle recovery

Another job that protein has is to help your muscles rebuild. When you work out, you are creating tiny tears in your muscles. Making sure you have enough protein in your diet means your body has the nutrients it needs to repair those tears and build more tissues.

You may find that with the addition of protein powder, you are building muscle faster and recovering quicker from your workouts than you would without it.

Does not include major allergens

Those with food allergies might find this product works well for them. It is free of dairy, soy, gluten, tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, fish, and shellfish.

Includes BCAAs

The BCAAs included in this protein powder are Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine for a total of 4,500 milligrams plus 3,500 milligrams of Glutamine.

These essential amino acids are broken down in your muscles and are not naturally made in your body. Your body uses them to build, sustain, and repair your muscles. Knowing that you are getting them from your protein powder means you will have reduced fatigue, more regulated blood sugar levels, and reduced muscle soreness post-workout.

What Others Are Saying About PlantFusion Pea Protein Powder

This PlantFusion review is giving you many of the benefits of the product, but hearing from real people about how it actually works and tastes is key. Take a look at some of the accolades others are giving this plant-based protein.

After a recommendation to try this product, Mikie said he didn’t experience the normal discomfort he usually does after consuming dairy proteins.

Knowing that other protein powders contain ingredients that disagree with her stomach, Tempe loves the PlantFusion Pea Protein Powder. She says, she has difficulty hitting her daily protein requirements and that this is great for recovery after a workout or if you don’t have time to sit down for a meal.

For those who want to know how this protein powder stacks up when you are counting macronutrients, April states, that she loves the fact that it has a low amount of carbs and fats because it allows her to enjoy her other meals more.


Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Plant Based Protein Powder

This plant protein powder hits the plant-based smorgasbord of ingredients. It contains proteins from peas, rice, sacha inchi, amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, and chia. While this does make it 100% plant-based, it also increases the chances for a possible food allergy or upset stomach especially if you struggle with grains.

You can use this protein any time of day whether that is before your workout, in the morning, before bed, or just simply included with a recipe you enjoy.


  • Contains Vitamin C
  • 24 grams of protein per servings
  • No artificial ingredients or added fillers


  • Gluten-free product, but is an all-grain complex
  • 130 calories per serving
  • Claims to have 100% of your daily Vitamin C requirements, but the nutrient label says 0% Vitamin C.

Get all the details on this gluten free protein powder here.

Vega Protein and Greens

This protein powder not only includes 20 grams of protein per serving, but it includes some vegetables as well. With ingredients like spinach powder, broccoli powder, and kale powder, you are ensuring that you are fitting in your greens for the day in addition to meeting your protein needs.

While the product is sweetened with Stevia, which can cause some stomach and hormonal issues for some, the company also makes an unsweetened version. This means you can still get the benefits of plant-based protein powder without putting your body in discomfort.


  • 20 grams of protein per servings
  • Lower in sodium compared to other protein powders
  • Includes greens


  • Contains Stevia
  • Only 25 servings per tub

Take a closer look at the features of this greens filled protein powder here.

Garden of Life SPORT Organic Plant Based Protein Powder

While this protein powder may be higher in calories, it also is denser than your other choices. Not only does it include protein made from peas, sprouted navy beans, sprouted lentil beans, sprouted garbanzo beans, and cranberry seeds, but it also includes a fruit blend to help aid in muscle recovery.

This product was designed to support your body during intense workouts.


  • 30 grams of protein per serving
  • 5 grams of BCAAs per serving
  • Includes a fruit blend for recovery including apples, tart cherries, turmeric, Goji berries, and blueberries.


  • 180 calories per servings
  • Contains Stevia

You can learn more about this protein with a fruit blend here.


PlantFusion Pea Protein Powder offers you a whole list of benefits from weight management and sustained energy to better digestion and building muscles. This vegan protein powder that uses five different plant-based forms of protein may work well for you if you are plant-based and if you have multiple food allergies.

You can read all the details on this food allergy friendly protein here.

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