Have you been looking for a new clean pre workout to help you through your workout regime? Naked Nutrition’s pre workout may be the answer you are looking for. This pre workout provides clean energy with an even cleaner ingredient profile. Find out if this is the right pre workout for you in this naked energy pre workout review.

About Naked Nutrition

In 2014, Stephen Zieminski created Naked Nutrition. He was a former track and cross country All American with the goal of creating a brand of clean and minimalist supplements. With an array of over 50 products that have 3 or less ingredients, he has made great effort in achieving this goal.

Naked Nutrition did supply the product to be reviewed in this article. However, this article is our unbiased opinion on their product and in no way sponsored.

Naked Energy Pre Workout Review

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  • 4 ingredients (the flavored and stim free contain flavoring ingredients)
  • Certified Gluten Free and Certified Vegan
  • 0g Sugar


  • Some Ingredient Amounts May Be Underdosed
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Improved Exercise Performance

The blend of B vitamins, beta alanine, and caffeine help to provide a boost of energy and power to perform at a high level in your workout. Beta alanine helps with endurance and the delayed onset of lactic acid within your muscles, which essentially means that your muscles can go the extra mile without fatigue. The caffeine amount of 200mg will also help you stay alert and give you the energy to complete your workout.

Improved Mental Focus

The addition of caffeine and in combination with the rest of the ingredients, can help you really focus on your workout. Being in the right mental mindset when working out is important to effectively maximize your workout and this can help ensure that.

Faster Recovery Time

Ingredients, such as L-Arginine, help your body recover faster from a demanding workout. This can help you in both growing your muscles, and being recovered for the next time you workout.



Beta alanine is a non-essential amino acid, which means it is not a required factor in building muscles within your body. When this amino acid combines with histidine, it creates carnosine. Carnosine is the difference maker because it decreases the lactic acid buildup within your muscles when working out. Essentially, your muscles will feel less fatigued when in a demanding or long workout.

This pre workout supplies 2g, or 2000mg, which is a strong amount. The effective dosage of beta-alanine is 3.2g, but this is still a strong dosage that you will feel.

If you haven’t taken this ingredient before, beta-alanine creates a “tingle” feel in your extremities, such as your ears, feet, etc. Some people, including myself, like this feeling when they workout, but some people don’t. This is just personal preference.

Creatine (Replaced by elevATP in Stim-Free)

Creatine is a naturally occurring substance in your body that creates adenosine triphosphate, or ATP. To summarize, this ATP, that creatine produces, is the energy within your muscle cells. Therefore by taking creatine, you produce more ATP, you have more energy in your muscle cells, and you are able to perform at a higher level.

Creatine has grown very popular in the fitness industry recently, due to it being credited for massive increases in muscle mass. While it is true that it can help you gain muscle mass, it will only work with the proper diet and workout regime.

Another side effect of creatine is weight gain from water. You retain water at a higher rate when taking creatine, so plan to track your daily water intake, if you plan to supplement this.

Now onto the creatine in the Naked Nutrition pre workout. They supply 1g, or 1000mg, of creatine monohydrate. This is the best form of creatine, but for most people this is below the daily value you will need. It is generally accepted that 5g of creatine monohydrate per day is the effective dosage, but this varies by bodyweight. Despite that, 1g of creatine is low and this will not suffice for your daily supplemental amount.


L-Arginine is another amino acid naturally found in your body that will help with muscle synthesis. It also helps during your workout by expanding your blood vessels and improving blood flow. It can be naturally obtained from your diet, such as dairy and meat, while it can also be supplemented.

Naked Nutrition’s pre workout has 1g, or 1000mg, of L-Arginine. The recommended dosage for this amino acid varies based on your diet. For someone who has an l-arginine plentiful diet, then 1g might be enough, but for people that dont, you might need upwards of 10g.

Your recommended dosage comes down to your personal lifestyle, but for most people 1g of L-Arginine may be enough or just short of what they need.

Caffeine Anhydrous (Also Comes Stimulant Free)

Most people in the world consume caffeine everyday in some form. This pre workout contains caffeine in the anhydrous form, which is a more processed and more potent form.

Naked Nutrition’s pre workout supplement contains 200mg of natural caffeine anhydrous, which is a good amount for a pre workout. This is a great amount to provide you a good amount of energy without a crash afterwards.

L-Citrulline Malate (Only Available in Stim-Free)

L-Citrulline Malate is a combination of the amino acid Citrulline and Malic Acid. Citrulline is an amino acid that is made into another amino acid, called Arginine, which we discussed previously in this article. The addition of L-Citrulline Malate is to help with achieving a bigger pump in the gym, by expanding your blood vessels.

naked energy pre workout review

My Experience

For this article, Naked Nutrition sent me out a tub of their stim free pre workout. Now in this naked energy pre workout review, I will be reviewing my experience based on the effectiveness, taste, and overall experience.


To start off with effectiveness, I must say that the pre workout did give me a clean energy and focus boost. 200mg of caffeine excelled in that regard. I also did feel the effects and the tingles of the beta-alanine, although a slightly lower dosage than I usually consume. On the other hand, for creatine, the dosage was not enough and I had to supplement an additional 4g into the pre workout on the days I used it.

One thing the pre workout was not effective in was a pump. The pre workout contains Arginine and L-Citrulline Malate, but not enough to see a significant difference. This may be different for a beginner, but for a seasoned user of supplements, not as much. 

For this reason, I gave it a 3.5/5 for effectiveness.


The pre workout flavor I received was the stim free unflavored version, so I cannot weigh into this category too heavily. On the other hand, they offer both a citrus and a fruit punch flavor option and both have strong reviews regarding the flavors.

For this reason, I gave them a 4/5.


Based on price, effectiveness, taste, brand, and many other factors, I have given this pre workout a final review of a 3.5/5.

It can be effectively used for the primary reason of the supplement, for a boost of energy/focus before a workout. Although not as effective in helping with a pump and not having effective dosage in many ingredients, it still performed.

Who is it Best For?

Naked Nutrition pre workout is best for, in my opinion, users who are looking for a clean pre workout alternative that they can trust or for beginners. If you are a vegan or are gluten free, it can be very important to have a supplement certified, as not many are in this industry.

On the other hand, beginners can make good use out of this supplement because it is cost efficient and it can perfectly fit their needs for an energy/focus boost.



Does it have creatine?

Yes, Naked Nutrition pre workout contains 1g of creatine in stimulant versions, while it contains 500mg of elevATP in stim-free versions.

How Does It Work?

Naked Nutrition pre workout is most effectively used when consumed 20 minutes before your workout. For the flavored and unflavored versions, you can mix it into water or your favorite drink/sports drink.

Side Effects

There have been no side effects reported while using this pre workout. Although as this does contain caffeine, I recommend consulting with your primary care physician to make sure it is safe to consume for you.

You will experience the tingling sensation from the beta-alanine after consuming this. This is completely normal and it is nothing to worry about.


Naked Nutrition’s pre workout is a strong pre workout for beginners and for consumers who are looking for something like this product. It contains ingredients to help with energy, focus, and a pump while working out. It is priced moderately and is backed by a reputable company with a strong business model.

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