Recently, we’ve been looking for a dependable protein powder blend consisting of different protein sources. We wanted to find a multiple source protein powder because of the potential benefits associated with it.

MuscleTech Phase 8 Protein was one we found quite interesting. It helps feed your muscles post- and pre-training, therefore, helping in lean muscle growth and quick recovery with multiple protein sources. Let’s delve into it some more in this phase 8 review.

Things to Consider Before Buying

With many scammers out there, buying a protein supplement requires thorough market research to identify the superior brand. First, you should outline your reasons behind the use of the supplement.

Are you looking to build lean muscle mass or strength? If your goal is to increase muscle weight, then go for protein supplements with higher calorie content. However, if you want to lose weight while building your physique, consider protein powders with low carbs and fats.

The other factor to look out for when shopping for a reliable protein powder is the type of supplement. You will come across whey protein, casein, and protein blends. Whey protein is the most popular as it comes with a higher biological value and is easily absorbed.

It is available as whey concentrate, hydrolysate, or isolate. Whey concentrate is the most common and cheaper option for lean muscle gain and increased body weight.

As you consider the cost of the protein supplements, whey isolate happens to be more costly, yet valuable. Spend your money on a protein supplement that offers the most benefits and the highest protein content. To reduce your expenditure, you might want to buy the protein supplements in bulk.

The supplement consumption time and how you intend to use it will also impact the type of protein you buy. Post-and pre-workout protein supplements should absorb readily while meal replacements are mostly slow absorbing.

Finally, do thorough market research to identify and differentiate the true and false brands. Avoid brands that oversell their products since the claims and testimonials might be false.

MuscleTech Phase 8 Protein Powder Review

Phase 8 is a protein supplement with clean macronutrients, low carbs, and calories. The formula can supply you with energy for over eight hours after use, therefore, promoting muscle growth and repair. This brand comes as a blend of seven protein types with varying absorption rates. It allows for continuous amino acid absorption for prolonged metabolism and protein synthesis after intake.

Phase 8 protein is specially processed to provide the lowest fat content, making it superior over some alternatives. Since its range of proteins digest at varying rates, you can use this supplement at your convenience despite living a busy lifestyle.

MuscleTech also features block chain amino acids (BCAAs) that stimulate recovery post-workout, while increasing muscle growth.

Furthermore, the supplement contains 97 percent whey isolate, which is a superior form of whey protein.


  • Taste is popular among its users.
  • Packed with BCAAs.
  • Effectively suppresses your appetite.
  • Offers varying protein digestion rates: fast, medium, and slow.


  • It can be chalky and dissolve slowly.
  • The protein powder is ultra-fine.
  • The protein suspension can be extremely thick.

Features and Benefits

The Ingredients

When buying a protein supplement, the ingredients of the brand will be of utmost significance in determining if it’s right for you.

MuscleTech uses whey protein isolate along with hydrolyzed whey protein isolate to create a natural-tasting supplement. Milk protein concentrate, whey protein concentrate, calcium casein, and micellar casein help make it an effective protein powder. It also includes digestive enzymes that add to the health benefits of the supplement.

The variety of proteins in Phase 8 can give you a continuous energy supply as they digest at different rates. The brand also features some artificial and natural flavors that you’ll have to choose from as per your taste and preference.

Phase 8 Protein supplies you with as 26g protein blend in every serving, providing you with multiple protein sources at once. What’s more, Phase 8 offers you 5.6g of BCAAs for recovery. The supplement also provides 5g of glutamine and precursor per serving.

Taste and flavors

Phase 8 protein supplement is available in five unique flavors that include:

  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla
  • Milk Chocolate
  • Peanut Butter Chocolate
  • Cookies and Cream

According to many reviews, the Peanut Butter Chocolate option tastes great, and it’s ideal for users looking for a protein that isn’t very sweet. Regardless, the availability of a variety of flavors addresses the needs and preferences of the majority of users.

Phase 8 also can be too chalky and too thick for some users. However, personal preferences will help you determine whether or not you like the suspension.

MuscleTech Phase 8 also comes in different serving sizes that range from four servings to two pounds, four pounds, and ten pounds.


The variety of protein isolates and concentrates in Phase 8 give a rapid burst of amino acids eight hours after use. BCAAs are essential for muscle growth, and they help provide users with a much-needed recovery boost.

The range of protein isolates and concentrates give slow, medium, and quick-absorbing protein options. The protein source variety helps the body to repair and recover effectively post-workout. Despite how challenging your training routine is, MuscleTech Phase 8 might help enhance your exercising endurance.

One can, therefore, take this supplement at any time of the day to build more lean muscles and gain strength. The slow-release proteins come in handy for night use, and the medium-digesting proteins are for between meals. The quick-release protein sources allow for post-training amino acid supply.

What’s more, Phase8 features premium quality casein protein that has a high biological value and the lowest fat content. Although the manufacturer does not make this protein supplement for weight loss, it can help with dieting and fat loss.

While the taste varies among users, the flavors of this protein supplement are by a leading flavoring house that relies on expert opinion. This brand, hence, has a well-received taste in comparison to others.

One can blend Phase 8 to create flawless smoothies or better yet, include it in baking recipes and desserts to improve the taste.

Possible side effects

Phase 8 Protein has minimal side effects, but they are all common with protein supplements. It can cause gastrointestinal discomfort, bloating, cramps, and nausea as the ingredients work the body. Constipation may also occur, although in a few users.

Lactose-intolerant users or people with sensitive digestive systems should avoid this product as it is rich in milk proteins. You might want to consult with your physician before using this supplement to ensure your health safety.

Lactating and pregnant mothers should avoid using MuscleTech Phase 8.

What Are Others Saying

Of the 2903 MuscleTech Phase 8 global users, 86 percent have given Phase 8 a rating of over four stars. Out of these, 70 percent represents a five-star rating, giving the brand an overall 4.5 out of 5 stars rating.

As per Phase 8 review on Amazon, Josh Worden testifies using Phase8 for several months, and he thinks it’s one of the best options available. Not only is it affordable but also the whey and casein protein are super effective.

Winter, on the other hand, loves the strawberry and vanilla flavors that blend into a perfect smoothie. He also loves the low cholesterol content per serving in the supplement.

Jeff Bedeaux calls Phase8 a “good protein powder” that has undergone improvements over the last years. Other Phase8 users like MattG , Caleb Dragna, and D. Shin also attest to the effectiveness of the product.

Alternative Options

MusclePharm Combat Protein Powder

MusclePharm is a protein formulation for enthusiasts looking to grow muscles, improve support strength, and recovery. Like Phase 8, MusclePharm features five protein sources that are fast-and slow-digesting.

This protein blend features 25g of fast- and slow-release proteins that will fuel the muscles for several hours after use. The protein blend consists of whey protein concentrate, isolate, and hydroslate, egg albumin, and micellar casein. It includes a range of digestive enzymes that help to make the protein powder more effective.

The quality of MusclePharm is Informed-Choice certified for quality and efficacy. Also, the brand has undergone intensive testing and checks for banned substances to guarantee user safety.

Like Phase 8, you can make tasty shakes and smoothies with Musclepharm since it blends perfectly with fruits, vegetables, water, and milk.

MusclePharm is available in limited flavors of chocolate milk, vanilla, and cookies and cream.


  • Gluten-free for healthy use.
  • Rich in BCAAs and glutamine.
  • Gives 25g of protein per serving.


  • The additive acesulfame potassium can be a health concern for some.

That said, MusclePharm can be a great choice for professional athletes looking to get their daily protein intake for meal replacement, pre, and post-workout use.

BSN SYNTHA-6 EDGE Protein Powder

SYNTHA-6 comes with a creamy milkshake texture with a low fat and carb content. It has a 24g protein-matrix to boost training performance and endurance. The 11g of naturally-occurring BCAAs and EAAs will promote muscle recovery even after intense training. Like Phase8, one can use SYNTHA-6 at any time of day or night depending on the fitness goals and personal needs.

SYNTHA-6 comes in the chocolate milkshake, strawberry, peanut butter cookie, strawberry milkshake, vanilla milkshake, sugar cookie, and cookies and cream flavors.


  • It has premium protein blends.
  • Limited fat and carb content.
  • Available in seven flavors for a variety of choices.
  • Absorbs and mixes flawlessly.


  • It has several artificial additives.

Given the lean protein matrix, SYNTHA is ideal for users looking for a lean protein powder with many options.

VINTAGE BRAWN Protein Powder

If you are looking for consistent protein supplementation that will feed your muscles for longer, VINTAGE BRAWN Protein could be the right brand for you.

This supplement comes with a blend of egg protein, USDA beef, and hormone-free milk that add to the already rich flavor and taste. This combination of whey, beef, and casein protein can give consistent protein supply for continuous lean muscle growth.

VINTAGE BRAWN is third-party tested for artificial additives and banned ingredients, hence, providing guaranteed satisfaction. You’ll get it in chocolate, vanilla, and chocolate-coconut flavors for a variety of choices.


  • The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee if the product is unsatisfactory.
  • Has a synergistic protein blend.
  • Mixes fast and tastes great.


  • It lacks essential amino acids.

Considering the unique protein blend, the VINTAGE BRAWN is perfect for users looking to add beef protein into their blend.


Before embarking on a workout routine, you must take in a protein-rich diet for energy, promoting muscle growth, and recovery. Since attaining this can be quite difficult, protein supplements like MuscleTech Phase 8 will help you supplement your needs.

This great-tasting brand has a premium protein blend with BCAAs to help users meet workout goals. With the low caloric content and ability to boost the metabolic rate, Phase8 can also be great for weight management. Users can choose from a variety of artificial and natural flavors to enjoy the protein while gaining strength for training endurance.

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