Levate You Reviews: Unveiling Real Experiences

In recent years, the surge in health awareness has made greens supplements a go-to for those looking to boost their nutritional intake. As you seek to incorporate these beneficial powders into your daily regimen, L’Evate You has emerged in the bustling market. Promising a daily dose of nutrient-dense greens, this supplement is the brainchild of none other than Steve Harvey, bringing with it the intrigue of celebrity endorsement. Touted to be packed with over 30 superfoods, fruits, and vegetables, L’Evate You aims to energize your routine while supporting various aspects of your well-being.

Understanding what L’Evate You brings to the table can help you make an informed decision about whether it’s the right supplement for your lifestyle. This comprehensive blend claims not only to invigorate your energy levels and aid in digestion but also to support weight management goals—all within a gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free formulation available in multiple flavors. With your health being a matter of prime importance, you deserve a clear-eyed view of what you’re consuming. That’s why this article sifts through the multitude of LEvate You reviews to lay out the facts, examine customer experiences, and scrutinize the often asked questions, to offer you a verdict that’s as transparent as it is detailed.

Ever wondered how this greens supplement stacks up against the claims, or if it truly aligns with your health aspirations? Whether you’re contemplating its value for money or curious about its taste and effectiveness, you’ll find those answers and more as we explore the intricacies of L’Evate You. So, let’s uncover what this green concoction could mean for you.

Key Takeaways

  • L’Evate You is a popular greens supplement created by Steve Harvey, offering energy, digestion support, and weight management.
  • The product is characterized by its versatile superfood content, gluten-free makeup, and variety of flavors.
  • This overview presents a fact-based analysis of L’Evate You, combining real user testimonials with an objective assessment.

Levate You Reviews

L’Evate You has revolutionized the concept of daily nutrition with its premium greens supplement that makes embracing a healthy lifestyle convenient and enjoyable.

Brand Overview

Steve Harvey’s L’Evate You, a health-focused brand, stands out with its philosophy of making wellness achievable for everyone. Since its inception by Steve Harvey in January 2023, the company has striven to deliver high-quality products that support a balanced diet and healthy routine. Rooted in the understanding that modern lifestyles may lack essential nutrients, the company aims to bridge the gap with its greens supplement, tapping into a bounty of 30 superfoods. L’Evate You operates with a clear mission of promoting vitality and energy through its products.

L’Evate You Mission

In a bid to elevate individual health standards, L’Evate You is committed to offering a daily greens supplement that combines convenience with nutrition. The product serves as an easy-to-consume greens powder packed with superfoods, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Through leveraging the power of greens supplements, the brand endeavors to support your body’s everyday functions and overall health. You can discover the merits of this concentrated blend at the official L’Evate You website and connect with the brand through their active social media profiles.

Key Ingredients of L’Evate You Greens

L’Evate You Greens is formulated with a diverse range of ingredients aimed at providing your body with essential nutrients for optimal gut health. Below, we’re unpacking the specifics:

Superfoods and Antioxidant Blend

Your greens mix is a powerhouse of organic greens such as wheatgrass, organic barley grass powder, alfalfa, and spirulina. Think of each scoop as your personal health booster, teeming with chlorophyll-rich nutrients and purifying properties. Then there’s the Antioxidant Blend, starring heroes like acai, blueberry, green tea, and turmeric. These aren’t just tasty additions; they are packed with compounds that fight oxidative stress to help keep your body in shape.

Vitamins and Minerals

Moving on to what keeps your bodily functions ticking, Vitamins and Minerals serve as the unsung heroes. A variety and concentration of essential nutrients in this blend includes power players like Vitamin C, contributing to immune defense, and iron, crucial for blood health. Found within the nutritious Fruits and Vegetables Blend, everyday staples like apples, pineapples, carrots, and beets are more than just side dishes – they’re your ticket to a daily nutrient feast in a convenient scoop.

In addition to these ingredients, they also offer a healthy Mushroom Blend to help support your immune and digestive system!

Now you’ve got the scoop—literally—on what makes L’Evate You Greens tick. By incorporating these key ingredients into your routine, you’re supporting your body with a spectrum of greens, vitamins, and antioxidants designed to elevate your wellness game.

Benefits Of Daily Greens

Looking for an extra edge in your daily health routine? LEvate You might just be the nudge your body needs. Let’s dive into the specifics of how daily greens can rev up your energy and streamline your digestion.

Energy and Vitality Boost

Your busy lifestyle demands a lot more energy, and sometimes coffee won’t cut it. Enter LEvate You. This greens supplement is packed with ingredients aimed at ramping up your energy and vitality:

  • 30 superfoods to spark lasting energy
  • Nutrient-dense greens that help combat fatigue and boost day-to-day vitality

Customers often mention an uptick in energy levels throughout the day—a welcome shift from the mid-afternoon slump many experience. It’s the blend of natural ingredients that supports sustained energy, not just a quick fix.

Digestive Health Improvements

Digestive woes? Daily greens supplements like LEvate You can offer a helping hand for your digestive system:

  • Elements aimed at improving digestion and metabolism
  • Ingredients that may contribute to reducing inflammation in the digestive tract

Testimonials point to easier digestion and less bloating. The mix in LEvate You targets a healthy gut, making each meal more comfortable and each day lighter.

In addition to these health benefits, LEvate You is a friend to those with dietary restrictions—it’s gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free. Plus, you’re not limited to just one boring flavor; choose from original, chocolate, or cherry to keep things interesting.

Remember, while this supplement can enhance your wellness routine, it’s important to pair it with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Now, are you ready to give your body that extra boost?

Taste and Flavor Profiles

When it comes to daily greens supplements, taste can make or break your experience. Let’s find out how L’Evate You turns the tables with its flavor profiles!

Chocolate Bliss

Indulge in the rich Chocolate Bliss flavor, without the guilt! Perfect for those mornings when you’re craving something sweet but still want to keep it healthy. Here’s the scoop: the chocolate flavor is robust, and it’s not just a faint hint. Imagine enjoying a dose of your daily greens with the same satisfaction as savoring a piece of chocolate cake.

Original Freshness

Next up is Original Freshness, a classic choice for the green smoothie aficionado. It’s all about keeping things simple and pure. The original flavor is refreshing and a fantastic option for those who appreciate the natural taste of a greens blend. It’s like a breath of fresh air in your morning routine, a gentle nod to Mother Nature in your cup.

Tart Cherry Delight

Finally, we have Tart Cherry Delight. If you’re someone who enjoys a zing in their step, this tart cherry flavor will not disappoint. The sweet yet tangy profile can perk up your palate and makes for a very inviting alternative to the usual berry flavors. It’s not just a dance of taste buds but a harmony that’ll have you looking forward to your next drink.

Remember, taste is subjective, but with these descriptions, you’re better equipped to choose the flavor that will tickle your taste buds just right!

Product Formats and Variations

levate you reviews picture

Hey there! If you’re eyeing L’Evate You for a wellness bump, you’ll want to get the scoop on the forms it comes in. Whether you’re a mix-and-sip kind of person or someone who prefers a chewable option, we’ve got the details to help you pick your path to vitality.


Powders are the go-to for a quick blend of nutritious goodness. Let’s say you choose L’Evate You’s powder – you’re looking at a greens powder teeming with 30 superfoods. This isn’t just any powder; it’s been formulated with flavors to tickle your taste buds—think original, chocolate, and cherry. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Just a scoop a day is designed to rev up your energy and support your digestive system.
  • They’ve packed vitamins, like Vitamin A, to give that immune system a friendly nudge.


If you’re not keen on powders, chew on this: Gummies. L’Evate You also brings wellness in the form of easy-to-love Vitality Boost Gummies – Digestive Health.

  • They’re a sweet spot of convenience, especially when you’re on the move.
  • Gummies can be a fun twist to maintaining your digestive health, while still aiming for that vitality kick.

How to Use L’Evate You Greens

Looking to boost your diet with a quick greens fix? L’Evate You Greens offers a blend designed to support wellness, especially as part of an aging-optimization formula. Let’s dive into how you can incorporate them easily into your daily routine.

Mixing Instructions

  • Start by pouring a glass of water or your preferred beverage. Make it about 8 ounces (236 ml), the sweet spot for dilution.
  • Next, add one scoop of L’Evate You Greens powder to the liquid. The scoop comes included in the package, so no need to guess the right amount.
  • Stir the mixture thoroughly until the powder is fully dissolved. No lumps, no fuss! Or, if you’re feeling fancy, blend it for a few seconds for a smooth, frothy texture.

Daily Serving Suggestions

According to the brand, a single daily serving is all you need.

  • Make it a part of your morning routine to kickstart your day with a nutrient boost.
  • Feel free to mix it with cold water for a refreshing drink or blend it with a smoothie if you want to get a bit more creative. Yum!
  • Consistency is key, so try to take your greens at the same time each day to establish a habit. Trust me, your body will thank you!

Remember, while L’Evate You Greens can complement your diet, it’s not a substitute for real fruits and veggies. And if you’re considering a purchase, it’s worth checking out if this product aligns with your wellness goals.

Customer Experiences with L’Evate You

When you’re sifting through the sea of L evate You reviews, the customer opinions range across the spectrum of opinion. Here’s a glimpse into what users are saying about their experiences.

Positive Feedback

Average Rating: ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 4/5 stars
Number of Reviews: Over 500
Positive Review Percentage: 70%

Users celebrating L’Evate You often highlight several areas:

  • Taste: Many find the flavors, especially chocolate and cherry, quite palatable compared to other green supplements.
  • Energy Levels: Some say they experience a noticeable lift in vitality after regular use.
  • Digestive Health: A group of customers report improvements in their digestive system.

A few snapshots of user joy:

  • I feel more awake during the day, and I actually like the chocolate one!
  • Finally, a greens powder that doesn’t make me dread drinking it.

Critical Opinions

Neutral Reviews: 15%
Negative Reviews: 15%

Conversely, here are the common threads woven through less satisfied experiences:

  • Texture: Some users aren’t fans, describing it as gritty.
  • Price: The cost is a sticking point for a number who question the value for money equation.
  • Customer Service: There are occasional service delays or delayed response times.

Personal Experience

So, you’re thinking about giving L’Evate You a try and want to know what it’s really like from someone who’s put it to the test? Let’s dive right in. I was on the hunt for a nutritional boost and decided to see if L’Evate You lived up to its promises. With the goal of upping my nutrient intake, I took the leap and incorporated it into my daily routine.

I’ve been using this supplement for about three months, typically once daily, and it’s become as routine as my morning coffee. Initially, I was curious to see if I’d feel any different; would my energy levels soar, would digestion be a breeze?

Here’s the lowdown:

  • Before: Often tired, occasionally bloated, hoping for a change.
  • During: Taste was a hurdle at first, but it became an acquired one.
  • After: Noticeable uptick in my energy, and the bathroom scale seems friendlier now.

As for my overall health, here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Energy: More consistent through the day, fewer slumps.
  • Digestion: Feeling less bloated, more regular.
  • Weight: A modest, but appreciated, downward trend.
  • Health: Can’t quantify immunity, but I’ve been sailing through cold season.

Challenges? Sure, they existed. The taste took a moment to get used to, and I had to remind myself to stay consistent for the best results. As for satisfaction with L’Evate You and the company, it’s been mostly a thumbs-up. They’ve delivered on time, and the product does what it says on the bag.

Just to show I’m not making this up, I’ve kept a log of how I’ve felt each week and tracked my weight. No dramatic transformations, but the steady progress has been rewarding to watch.

Remember, your mileage may vary, but isn’t it worth finding out how your brain and body responds? If you’re on the fence, consider this a nudge to give it a shot.

Potential Side Effects and Precautions

When considering L’Evate You for your daily nutrition, being mindful of how your body reacts is key. Some may experience mild side effects, while it’s crucial for others to avoid use due to specific allergic sensitivities or interactions with current medications.

Common Adverse Reactions

Your journey to better health should continue to be smooth, but occasionally there might be some bumps. It’s not uncommon to encounter:

  • Fatigue: While designed to boost energy, some might feel the opposite effect initially. Listen to your body’s cues.
  • Digestive Issues: A list of usual suspects includes gas, bloating, and cramps. Sometimes the body needs time to adjust to the influx of new nutrients.
  • Diarrhea: Adding a significant amount of greens can shift your digestive dynamics. If diarrhea occurs, consider starting with a smaller serving and gradually increasing it.
  • Headaches: If you notice a headache after taking L’Evate You, it may be down to a change in your diet or hydration level.

Quick Tips to Manage Digestive Issues:

  • Start with a smaller amount and increase gradually.
  • Ensure adequate hydration.
  • Monitor your reactions and adjust accordingly.

Allergy and Safety Considerations

Curiosity about what goes into a supplement is a sign of a smart consumer. Pay close attention if you have known allergies, especially to wheat, soy, or dairy, as these might be present in L’Evate You.

Allergic Reactions: Out for your well-being, keep an eye out for any signs of an allergic reaction. Symptoms can range from mild to severe, including hives, swelling, or difficulty breathing.

When to Be Cautious:

  • If you’re on medication, like blood thinners or antibiotics, or have a medical condition, especially related to the immune system, review the ingredients with your healthcare provider.
  • Consult your doctor if side effects persist, worsen or if new symptoms arise.

Remember, L’Evate You is not a magic cure – it aims to supplement your diet. And hey, everyone’s different, so results will vary. Moreover, L’Evate You is not designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If you’re considering adding it to your routine, a chat with a healthcare professional is a prudent step to ensure it fits with your health plan.


Hey there! Have you been eyeing up L’Evate You and wondering if it’s the magic greens mix to energize your days? Let’s break it down with some ratings based on what users like you and experts say.

Ingredients★★★★☆Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, these greens score high for their nutrient-rich profile.
Effectiveness★★★☆☆Some users report feeling invigorated, though results may vary.
Safety★★★★★Most feedback suggests it’s safe with rarely any side effects noted.
Value★★★☆☆It’s a bit on the pricey side compared to some other greens supplements.
Customer Satisfaction★★★☆☆Overall, customers give a thumbs up, but it doesn’t rock everyone’s world.

Each star represents countless stories of folks chugging down their daily greens with a smile (or a cringe for the taste, to be fair).

The mix of ingredients packs a punch on paper—just what we need for that health kick! But taste can be a dealbreaker, right? A solid four stars since it’s no easy feat making greens taste like a tropical vacation.

On effectiveness, well, it’s like how you feel after a good workout – mostly awesome, but not always. It’s not a universal elixir, hence the three stars.

Safety’s a biggie, and this greens powder’s as gentle as a kitten. No red flags waving here, but so much energy it’s a golden five.

And value, oh value… we know good health is priceless, but still, that price tag makes us think twice. For the wallet-conscious among us, this is where it gets a modest three stars.

Customer satisfaction’s standing strong. People are digging it, giving props for feeling spruced up. Still, nothing’s perfect, so there’s room for a little grumble, landing us at four stars.

Alternative Options

When considering greens powders, it’s smart to look at all the options to find what suits you best. Let’s compare three popular alternatives to L’Evate You: Amazing Grass Green Superfood, Jocko Discipline GO, and Athletic Greens.

Product NameKey IngredientsAverage ReviewsProsCons
Amazing Grass Green SuperfoodWheat Grass, Spirulina, Spinach4.5/5High in antioxidants, affordableTaste may not appeal to everyone
Jocko Discipline GOKale, Spirulina, Chlorella4.6/5Focus on energy and clarity, good taste optionsHigher price point
Athletic GreensVitamins, Minerals, Superfoods4.7/5Comprehensive ingredients, good tastePremium price, might be a budget stretch

Amazing Grass Green Superfood

Amazing Grass Green Superfood pitches a strong game with its rich blend of wheatgrass, spirulina, and spinach, hitting a homerun with its price. If your wallet feels light but you still want to pack a green punch, this could be your starter choice.

Check out our Amazing Grass Green Superfood Review here!

Buy on Amazon

Jocko Discipline GO

Jocko Discipline GO comes to the table ready to energize your day. It’s all about boosting your get-up-and-go with a tasty twist. For those of you who need an alarm clock in a cup without the caffeine jitters, you might want to give Jocko a salute.

Buy on Amazon

Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens is like the Swiss Army knife of greens powders – it has a bit of everything. It’s on the higher end, but if you’ve got the cash to flash, it could be the top-shelf selection for its wide-ranging benefits.

Now, each sip you take should align with your health ambitions, taste preferences, and the numbers on your bank statement. You’ll notice that all products have their loyal fans, so sifting through customer reviews could help you weigh those pros and cons.

Still on the hunt for the one that’ll make you feel like a million bucks? Well, Amazing Grass is your economical entry point, Jocko will shout a loud “get after it,” and Athletic Greens is the all-in-one you didn’t know you needed—if you don’t mind the price tag. Scan through the table, ponder your goals, and pick what speaks to you. Your greens, your rules.

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L’Evate You shows promise as a supplement, aiming to boost daily nutrient intake with a focus on fruits, vegetables, and vitamins, which research notes is lacking in most adults’ diets. The ingredients are safety-rated at 5.0, aimed at promoting well-being and energy levels.

Customer reviews and responses have been mixed, leading to a 3 overall rating. Many highlight the taste, which scores a 3.5 rating, as a likable feature, suggesting a level of palatability despite the apprehension that can accompany green supplements.

From a personal standpoint, considering my experience and the community feedback, my rating aligns with the consensus, recognizing both the product’s potential and its areas for improvement.

Regarding alternatives, awareness of any possible side effects is crucial, although these are not prominently reported in the case of L’Evate You.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about L’Evate You supplements? Below, we tackle some burning questions you might have about these products, providing you with clear and concise answers.

What are the potential side effects associated with taking L’Evate You supplements?

You might wonder about the side effects while considering any supplement. With L’Evate You, any potential side effects largely depend on individual allergies or sensitivities to its ingredients.

How do users rate the effectiveness of L’Evate You greens powder?

Are people seeing real benefits? According to user reviews, many feel that L’Evate You greens powder supports their overall wellness, although experiences and perceived effectiveness may vary.

Where can one purchase L’Evate You products?

On the lookout for these supplements? L’Evate You products are available for purchase on their official website and may also be found in select stores.

What are L’Evate You supplements’ benefits as reported by consumers?

Why are people choosing L’Evate You? Consumers report benefits such as better digestion, increased energy, memory, and an overall boost in nutrition thanks to the supplement’s blend of vitamins and minerals.

What specific ingredients are used in the formulation of L’Evate You supplements?

Curious about what’s inside? L’Evate You packs a punch with a range of ingredients, like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, a greens blend, and a digestive enzyme and probiotic blend.

How do L’Evate You gummies compare to other forms of the supplement in terms of reviews?

Thinking of trying the gummies? Reviews suggest that L’Evate You gummies are a tasty and convenient alternative to the powder form, garnering positive feedback for their ease of use.

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